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Hey guys,

So as some of you might know I am writing Peter Parker short novel. I have had the idea of this book in my head for so long and I am so happy to finally start writing it, there is just on problem, I really suck at editing my own stuff. That is why I need your help!


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I’ll then go through your responses and choose the person I think is best suited to be the co-editor.



Fan cast for A Court of Thornes and Roses trilogy.

Logan Browning as Feyre Archeron

Kat Graham as Nesta Archeron

Jessica Parker Kennedy as Elaine Archeron

Toni Mahfud as Rhysand

Justin Baldoni as Cassian

Lewis Tan as Azriel

Summer Bishil as Mor

Emil Andersson as Tamlin

Avan Jogia as Lucien

Rila Fukushima as Amren

To be continued…

Bobbed Hair’s 20 different authors. Each wrote a chapter and the next author had to build on the story… i’d love to find the book! 

(The film starred Marie Prevost and featured Louise Fazenda as well. A copy exists, but is not available to the public.)

  • George Agnew Chamberlain - Novelist
  • George Barr McCutcheon - Novelist
  • Robert Gordon Anderson - Short story writer
  • George P. Putnam - Publisher of the novel
  • Alexander Woollcott - Critic and essayist (The Man Who Came to Dinner)
  • Meade Minnigerode - Co-writer of “The Whiffenpoof Song”
  • John V. A. Weaver - Poet
  • Kermit Roosevelt - Theodore Roosevelt’s son
  • Dorothy Parker - Poet / Story writer / Dramatist
  • Louis Bromfield - Novelist
  • Gerald Mygatt - Journalist
  • Carolyn Wells - Comic poet / Mystery writer
  • Rube Goldberg - Cartoonist
  • Bernice Brown - Journalist
  • Wallace Irwin - Novelist
  • Frank Craven - Playwright / Actor
  • H. C. Witwer - Comic novelist
  • Elsie Janis - Vaudeville star / Author
  • Edward Streeter - Author (Father of the Bride)
  • Sophie Kerr - Novelist

So this is a PSA for people like me who love Leverage and had no idea there were tie in novels.

There are Leverage tie-in novels!!

I came across them on Amazon and purchased them for less than £6 each. No e-book versions as far as I can see. And I haven’t actually read them yet, so I can’t vouch for the quality of the characterisation or plots, but I’m an cautiously optimistic.

Maybe someone out there already has them and can let us know??

anonymous asked:

Who's chris oak?

 Chris Parker Oak is someone who, for all intents and purposes, is nobody of importance xD He’s Marianne’s assistant, and you can find his name in the email he sends her, and he shows up in her good end epilogue too:

He’s an otome MC, don’t begrudge him his lack of eyes

Chrisbella was a joke. Someone asked who would look after Beruthiel should Marianne die and @arcelllis said he’s the man who took her in. I just wanted an excuse for Belle to look after the cat!

It, like all crack pairings, did not stay that way :;(∩´﹏`∩);:

I…have a lot of Chris headcanons to fill in the blanks xD

There are times that it’s hard to eat with MJ, because I don’t want to look away from those riveting green eyes. There are other times where she has me laughing so hard I can’t force food down. There are still other times when realizing that I’m sitting there with -pardon the cliché- the love of my life ties up my guts up in knots the way it did when we first started going out, or when I first realized that she really did love me and I wasn’t imagining it.
—  Peter in Spider-Man: Requiem

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