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My Favorite Songs from 2016 (Playlist)

Hey all! I have once again carefully crafted a playlist of my favorite songs of the year! Lots of good stuff to fill your ears, and maybe some gems that might have passed you by!

I think I would have to say Your Best American Girl by Mitski was my favorite song, and my favorite album was probably Hitch by The Joy Formidable. It’s a close race this year, though!

Here are my favorite 50 on Spotify!

Here are my favorite 10 on Spotify!

And here’s the whole list for browsing, and nodding at, and going “hmm”, or whatever:

Hades Pleads – Parker Millsap

Magic – Gungor

Born Again Teen – Lucius

Katchi (feat. Leon Bridges) – Nick Waterhouse, Leon Bridges

Awoo (feat. Betta Lemme) – Sofi Tukker, Betta Lemme

Cheap Thrills – Sia

Conqueror – AURORA

Wheat – Wilderado

Ways to Fake It – CRX

Loudspeaker – MUNA

Crying in the Sunshine – Miniature Tigers

Brazil – Declan McKenna

Hurt Like Hell – The Heydaze

Shake This Feeling – Switchfoot

Way Down We Go – Kaleo

Swings And Waterslides – Viola Beach

Classic Masher – Pixies

Strange – LP

Cleopatra – The Lumineers

Anywhere – Passenger

White Flag – Joseph

Heart Is Black – Escondido

Whatever – The Beths

Anything – Catfish and the Bottlemen

Thank God For Girls – Weezer

So Alive – The Goo Goo Dolls

Laugh About It – Paper Route

I’ll Be Around – The Growlers

Stop Desire – Tegan and Sara

Diamonds and Gold – The Gray Havens

I Hope – Har Mar Superstar

Lowlife – That Poppy

Heathens – Twenty One Pilots

OBLIVIUS – The Strokes

Paracetamol – Declan McKenna

Your Best American Girl – Mitski

Ophelia – The Lumineers

Spirits – The Strumbellas

Kiss the Night – Gungor

Victorious – Wolfmother

Liana – The Joy Formidable

House On Fire – Sia

Youth Without Love – Har Mar Superstar

All Day All Night – River Whyless

Rest In Peace – Yellowcard

Shadows of the Dawn – The Gray Havens

Titus Was Born – Young the Giant

While My Guitar Gently Weeps – Regina Spektor

Half The World Away – AURORA

Endless Bummer – Weezer



My Favorite song of 2014 is “Volunteers of America” by The Both

I think. I mean it’s definitely up there. Catfunk did a great top 5 so I’m gonna bite his style and do one too. I’ve always resisted Ted Leo for some reason but add in Aimee Mann and it really works for me. Bonus: Susanna Hoffs is in the video.“VOA” is #1 with a bullet but here’s the remaining 4 in no particular order:

Big Krit “Mt Olympus”  Krizzle has a chip on his shoulder. He’s not mad at Kendrick Lamar, he’s mad at you for thinking he gives a flying fuck. “I ain’t drawn to all this propaganda. Rap shit bout real as Santa.”  

Hurray For The Riff Raff “I Know It’s Wrong (But That’s Alright)”  As unlikely as it sounds, a gay Puerto Rican girl from the Bronx and her transgender fiddle player took alt-country by storm in 2014. The whole album, Small Town Heroes is really good. 

Sturgill Simpson “Living the Dream” When I got Simpson's Metamodern Sounds in Country Music it took me days to get past track 3. I listened to it over and over again. Sample lyric: “Your mama’s gonna wash it all away and she thinks mercy’s overrated.” The video link is to a great live performance on Conan but the record is even better. It has this punchy little organ flourish that sounds like a snarling cat.

Parker Milsap “Old Time Religion” Milsap is a talented lyricist but his voice is why I love this song. Ann Powers of NPR called it his “rubber-band tenor.” Milsap draws draws from his Pentecostal upbringing in Oklahoma on several songs on his self-titled album.

***Honorable mention:

I really liked Future’s “Benz Friendz” especially Andre 3000’s verse about how he drives a 1994 Land Cruiser because it’s dependable.

also Future’s “Move That Dope” it’s a fun song and Pharrell actually talks about his funny hat, or “Gandalf hat” as he refers to it. I don’t think Pharrell has seen Lord of the Rings. Everybody knows that’s a park ranger hat.For some reason he’s standing in tree pose for most of the video. 

I loved the “Flawless” remix that Beyonce put out in 2014 featuring Nicki Minaj. I said “ooooooo” out loud the first time I heard the line “Of course sometimes shit go down when there’s a billion dollars on the elevator” but I can’t place the song on my list because of the Minaj line, “Like MJ doctor they killin me, Propofol, I know they hope I fall.” Terrible. I don’t mean I’m offended by the reference, I mean I’m offended by how bad it is.