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FULL NAME: Parker Ruby Halliwell
ALIAS: Parker Allen
AFFILIANCE: The Rebellion 
AGE: 17
SPECIES: cupid-witch
STATUS: alive 


Parker was born in a natural birth in the Halliwell Manor during a chaotic time when all magical beings had no powers and the mortal world gained the ability to use magic. Her uncle Leo, acted as her mother’s midwife. Due to the fact Parker’s parents had no magic at the time of her birth, Parker born with magical genes but without any magic. Being the middle child is hard for any family, but Parker’s lack of magic didn’t help. It always made her feel useless, and angry that she couldn’t help her family more. She tried her hand at learning hand to hand combat but was unable to truly get the hang of it like her mother had. However she did find a passion for electronics, building things up and down, finding out how they work, it was something she became great at. 

Eventually Parker put her creative skills into creating potions and the results shocked her. Finally it was something she was successful and actually good at, something that could help her family protect themselves. She thought things would turn around. However it was around that time that Wyatt changed, and with his power the world soon followed.

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“Damn…” The murmur left her lips the moment she set eyes on the demon. Parker had been tracking them down for over a week now, she was offered help however she’d always denied it. this was something she had to do herself. However what she hadn’t expected was for the demon to have a human child so close to them. A hostage. Plus the innocents all around the park, there was a man particularly close by them but she doubted he noticed the extremity of what was happening. Then, she braced her arm back and threw the potion. She aimed so it wouldn’t hit the demon, but shock him enough so she could grab the little girl away from him. Okay, so maybe that would get some attention, but it was worth it in order to save the girls life. “You—” The demon sputtered angrily. “Halliwell!!” Parker had to resist an eye roll. How original. 

charmed: the next generation

parker alyssa halliwell
phoebe halliwell and cooper smith halliwell 
dob: 05/13/2009
heritage: witch/cupid hybrid; part of the power of three squared
powers: beaming, philopathy, telepathy, invisibility
nicknames/aliases: bluebird, birdie
traits: shy; nurturing; dedicated; friendly; practical 
portrayed by: abigail breslin

I still can’t believe I have almost 500 of you amazing people. I decided to do this follow forever early, because I am just boiling over with immense love for all of you. You have made this the best expiernce ever. You have loved my Tyler, and been so accepting of Tylia. I was nerveous making her such a big part of my blog at first, wondering if people would be accepting of her. But you guys have just made me so damn happy. sldfkja I can’t even explain how happy you all are. I fangirl when I see you on my dash, or replies, or memes in my ask, or anything. I don’t know what I did to deserve all of you

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I am so fuckin’ happy that we finally have threads. I have wanted to RP with you for so long, and then you volunteered for the mob verse. AND YOU ARE BLOWING MY MIND GIRL. Like I am as excited for this thread as I am for Richelle Mead’s new books (which is alot). You inspire me as a writer. When I read you’re thread, I read it as a book. Like can you write a book please? And send it to me, and I can stay up forever reading it? Okay, okay.

The rest of you amazing and wonderful little munchkins that make me smile every damn day.

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