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Leverage Meme| Favorite Scenes
↳[1/5] “Let’s go get Sophie.”

Hardison: She is very awful.
Parker: Is she injured? In the head?
Eliot: Seriously man, this is the worst actress I’ve ever seen.
Nate: This is not her stage.

One of the little things I love about Leverage is how people react when Parker does her social-norms-are-for-losers thing and undresses to change in front of the others.

This is a pretty standard scene, right?  Female character changes in presence of male character, male character turns away but then looks back or sneaks looks through a mirror.  Female character either doesn’t notice or tells male character to turn back around.  It is all very funny, laughs all around, haha.

Except that in Leverage they don’t do that.  It happens not infrequently that Parker starts changing in front of Hardison or Eliot or whoever.  But they don’t turn back around to look at her.  They firmly plant themselves facing the other way and keep looking that way.  (Even when it’s already been established that the male in question is attracted to Parker.)  Heck, Hardison turns statues around so they’re not facing Parker.  They genuinely respect her privacy - more than she does, for that matter.

It’s just.  A little thing that’s kind of awesome.

"I bought a plant."

This is Parker thinking maybe, just maybe, she may have found a place. This is a girl who can get into anywhere but fits in nowhere thinking there might be something here worth staying for. She doesn’t really know these people, doesn’t trust them yet, but she can’t shake the feeling that with these almost-strangers with all their jagged edges she may have found the one thing she always wanted but could never steal: a place to belong.

She doesn’t want to jinx it. She spent an entire childhood being told that she doesn’t fit in, that she’s too strange and destructive and damaged to belong anywhere. But they called her, they asked her to come, and when she did she found that there was already a space prepared for her, just waiting for her claim, waiting for her to mark it as hers. Waiting for any indication that she might stay.

So she buys a plant. She doesn’t really know what it does, but she does know what it means. It means I’m here, it means I’m staying, it means I want this place to be mine.

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And 40 Leverage. Thanks!

“Demon!” “No, just damn good contacts.” + Leverage

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               The pub was full of people, and while the voices weren’t loud, they did buzz together, and fill the room. Eliot smiled a bit to himself, listening to the happy voices through the kitchen door as he cleaned up kitchen, and turned things off. It was almost closing time – since it was Halloween, they were closing early - so the people lingering were only drinking, but Eliot wasn’t entirely ready to leave the room, knowing Hardison and Parker were going to try to talk him into doing something for Halloween.

               The door to the kitchen swung open, then, pulling his focus up, and he groaned at the sight of Parker, black cape around her shoulders, hair pulled back, and grinned at him to reveal the fangs in her mouth.


“Yeth!” she replied, grinning, lisping some through the teeth. “Come on, Eliot! Party time!” He sighed, rolling his eyes, but smirked a bit as he finished up, and followed her out.

“Can’t go while people are still…how did they all leave so fast?” he asked, looking around, startled, at the empty pub.

“Oh, they were all eager to party themselves, man,” Hardison told him, coming out from the bar. Parker bounced, spinning to face him, before jumping, and pointing.

“DEMON!” Hardison blinked, glancing at Eliot, and chuckled.

“No, just some damn good contacts,” he replied, as Eliot caught sight of the red ring in his eyes. “Besides, we went over this when you helped me pick out the costume, Parker. I’m Dracula. You’re my vampire bride. And Eliot is Van Helsing,” Hardison grinned, thrusting a bag at the hitter. Eliot’s eyes dropped to the bag, staring at it for a moment, before he looked back up at Hardison, brow quirked.

“Damn it, Hardison, I told you, I wasn’t doin’ this.” Hardison stammered, before motioning to where Parker was bouncing near the door.

“Man, you either put that shit on, or you upset her. Those are the options.” Eliot looked over at Parker, then at Hardison, then down at the bag, before squeezing the handle, and thrusting the bag against his leg.

“Damn it,” he grumbled, ducking into the back, as Hardison smirked, and moved to loop an arm over Parker’s shoulders.

               After a couple minutes, Eliot walked out in black pants, a black shirt, a leather jacket, and a fake crossbow over his shoulder, and paused, looking at the pair by the door.

“It’s not bad, is it, Eliot?” Hardison teased, before squealing and bolting out the door at the sharp grunt from Eliot as he charged after him. Parker clapped, laughing, before clicking off the lights, locking the door, and following them outside.



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Headcanon time: Eliot wears contacts but he doesn't wear glasses very often because of the risk that they could get shattered on his face. Parker and Hardison find his glasses sexy as hell though.


flaily bullet points about The Van Gogh Job:

  • Awww, Parker actually showing kindness to this old man. She’s come such a long way. I love her
  • Eliot smiling and playing with Hardison’s face on the tablet he is sUCH A LITTLE SHIT
  • My headcanon: Eliot pretends to be much worse at tech than he actually is in front of Hardison, because he doesn’t want Hardison to know that he listened to him and learned more about computers
  • “You’ve got 84% LOL” omg Eliot what have you picked up from Hardison even
  • Charlie Lawson is so adorable
  • The actors must have had so much fun in these World War II getups.
  • But seriously, it’s really cute on multiple levels, because presumably Parker is imagining all of this as Charlie narrates it and it’s fucking adorable that she’s projecting herself and Hardison onto Charlie’s story.
  • Aldis Hodge’s French is really good!
  • Omg Nate as the sheriff in this flashback. I can’t even. And Eliot as a soldier! Feels.
  • Ouch. Eliot as the voice of expediency and harsh reality. I can see why Parker might put him in that role in the story.
  • omg Eliot knows every retrieval specialist in town, what the hell
  • Parker crying at Charlie’s story. B’awwwww
  • omg Eliot beating dudes with an organ pipe. A true artist
  • I love Eliot and Hardison’s secret handshake. They’ve done it before, haven’t they? It’s freakin’ adorable
  • Okay but I really loved the narrative of this episode because Charlie’s is a story of racial injustice and by having Hardison play Charlie in the flashbacks the episode implicitly makes the point that Hardison still has to put up with a lot of the same racism that Charlie did back in the forties. And because the flashbacks are all happening in Parker’s mind, it also implies that Parker understands the racism Hardison faces and what Charlie faced are connected. That really warms my heart.

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OT3, 10

not wearing that

“Nuh-uh. Nope. No way.”

“Oh, come on, Hardison!” Parker said, shaking the ridiculous costume in his face. The bells on the shoes and her little red hat jangled obnoxiously. “For me?”

“You do not get to pull the puppy eyes on me, girl! Besides, I don’t see you bothering Eliot with an… elf costume.”

Parker rolled her eyes. “That’s because he’s Santa, duh. And he’s already wearing his outfit. You’re the only one not in the Christmas spirit.”

“I’m in, the Christmas spirit. I got Christmas spirit up the wazoo. What I do not have is elf spirit.” He paused then, registering what she had just said. “Wait. Eliot is in costume.”

“Yup! I want us all to take a picture for a Christmas card.”

“He–willingly? And–and who are we gonna send a Christmas card too, the FBI?”

“No, silly. It’s for Nate and Sophie! And maybe Archie. Well, mostly Sophie. And of course he put it on willingly,” she said, suddenly switching from perky to pouty. “He loves me.”

It’s a challenge. She’s manipulating him. Parker’s never been particularly subtle.

But fuck it, it works.


Sophie smiled down at the picture. Parker was grinning form ear to ear on Eliot’s left knee while Hardison sat, arms crossed, on his right. Eliot and Hardison both looked grumpy. Frowny. But they also looked happier than she’d ever seen them.

“That girl has them wrapped around her pinky,” she muttered to herself with a smile. Her babies were all grown up.

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watching the big bang job and mY FEELINGS

I have not appreciated Christian Kane enough as an actor until this episode because that whole conversation with Moreau you can somehow feel that half of Eliot’s mind is on Hardison slowly drowning in that pool, waiting for him to save himself, you can see it in the way he relaxes ever so slightly when Hardison gets out

and the way Hardison trusts Eliot to be on his side through all of this even though he’s kept such terrible secrets

and “Don’t ask me that, Parker. Because if you ask me, I’m going to tell you.” I CRIED. TUMBLR, YOU ARE WITNESS TO MY TEARS

Holy shit. Eliot using a gun. And killing people. I never thought I would see the day. Though the emotional impact is undermined by his completely ridiculous Matrix antics

PARKER IS IN THE MOOD FOR PRETZELS. Hardison’s face aaaaahhhh!