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Tree Lighting - Peter Parker

25 Days of Fics Day 12!
A day late! But who’s surprised

Peter was tapping his pen on the table, waiting for you to respond. You grabbed his hand, making him stop. 

“Peter. Please.”

“Have you made up your mind yet?”

“Since you asked me two minutes ago? No. It’s going to be really, really busy.”

“But we’ll have a really, really great view,” he said, scooting closer to you on the cafeteria table. “Come on.”

“Fine,” you said with a sigh. He smiled and laughed before leaning in to kiss your cheek.

“Great. So I’ll see you tonight?”

“Yes. Now go to class before your late.” You grabbed onto his sleeve, pulling him down to kiss your lips.

“I love you,” he said under his breath.

“You too. Now go!” He smiled and took off for the hallway. Your best friend was sitting on the other end of the table, looking like she could vomit. “What?”

“You guys are gross. But cute. What’s happening tonight?” 

“We’re going to the tree lighting.”

“Good luck with that. That thing is going to be packed.”

“Peter thinks he can get us a good view,” you said with a smirk. You were one of the only ones who knew that Peter was the Spiderman. 

“Good luck with that,” she responded. 

That night, after donning your thickest winter coat, a pair of gloves, a hat, and a scarf, you left your house. You began walking down the street towards Peter’s apartment. About halfway there, you felt something sticky on your waist and were suddenly pulled into an alleyway. 

“Peter!” you said when you finally saw him. “What the hell? Someone could have seen you!”

“But they didn’t,” he said, grabbing your hand to help you up. He kissed you when he wrapped his arm around your waist. “Let’s go.” You nodded. He kept a firm grip on your waist as he shot his arm up into the air. The webbing that came out from his hand attached onto the rooftop, and suddenly you were sliding up towards the top. Peter helped you sit on the rooftop, giving you time to climb up. 

“This is a pretty lame view,” you said, looking out on the city. You could see the tree in Rockefeller Center, but just the teeny, tiny tip of it. Peter laughed, coming up behind you and kissing your cheek. He wrapped his arm around your waist before flying off again. 

This time, you weren’t prepared, and had to wrap your arms around his neck to keep yourself balanced. He swung over to another roof, running onto the landing. You took a minute to catch your breath before flying off again. Over and over, Peter swung through out New York City, landing on different buildings. 

Soon, you were finally on a rooftop near enough to Rockefeller Center. Peter stopped and loosened his grip from your waist. He sat down on the edge of the building, and so did you. 

“Pretty great view, right,” he said, knocking his shoulder against yours.

“The best.” He smiled as you leaned onto his shoulder. The group around the tree was already huge, and there was still an hour until the lighting began. The scarf around Peter’s neck was warm and soft, compared to the bitter cold wind of the night. For a while, the two of you just sat in silence, staying snuggled up. However, as the time went on, it got colder and colder. When you shivered for the fourth time, Peter laughed.

“What?” you asked, looking up at him. He shook his head.

“Nothing. Hold on one second. I’ll warm you up.” He moved his arm from your shoulder, making you instantly colder. He stood up and slung a web out across the street.

“Where are you goin-” You didn’t get a chance to finish your sentence before Peter flew off of the building. You sighed, watching him go as long as you could. Once he was out of sight, though, you didn’t have anything to keep you occupied. You kept your arms tight around you, and eventually music started playing from the stage in front of the tree. Peter still wasn’t back yet, and you were starting to worry that he would miss the lighting. However, just as you were thinking about calling him or looking for him, he climbed up the side of the wall.

“There you are.”

“You look worried,” he said, still not coming up completely. 

“Maybe I was. I’m a little more worried about the fact that you’re just chilling on the side of the building. Come up here.” He laughed, and before climbing up, he procured two hot coffees. Your eyes lit up as you reached for one. “I love you,” you said, leaning over to kiss him.

“I love you, too. Did I miss anything?”

“No, it’s just about to start.” He nodded and wrapped his arm back around your shoulder. You rested against his chest, taking a sip of your coffee. The hot liquid immediately warmed you and you smiled. 

A few minutes later, people began talking down on the platform. You were so high up that you couldn’t hear exactly what they were saying, just some mumbling. Some celebrity you had never heard of was performing a song and you looked over at Peter. He smiled and kissed you, pulling you in close by your scarf.

Peter kissed you deeply, holding you close. The warmth of the his lips were the only things that were keeping you from freezing at the moment. You ran your fingers through his curly locks and when you opened your eyes, the tree was already lit up.

“Oh shit,” Peter said, wiping his mouth a little. “We missed the lighting.” You laughed and shook your head.

“We just missed the build up. The stupid celebrities and the people chanting. I like our countdown more.” He smiled and leaned in, kissing you again.

“Me too.” You rested your head against his shoulder, looking at the newly lit up tree. The colors were so bright, even from here. 

“Thank you,” you said, looking back at him.

“You’re welcome. Merry Christmas.”

“Merry Christmas,” you said with a smile before looking back at the tree again.

25 - Kai Parker

[Can you do a cute fluffy oneshot with Kai where they cuddle and fall asleep by a fire? Thank you!]


“I hate winter.” Kai complains for the hundredth time this hour. I roll my eyes.

“You’ve said.” I say. “Kai, it’s just snow.”

Kai looks at the ground with a frown. “I’m cold, Y/N.”

I shrug. “You chose not to wrap up warm enough.”

“I did.” He replies, his teeth chattering. Kai decided to wear a light hoodie instead a coat.

“No you didn’t.” I say, kissing his cheek. “Besides you’re a witch, can’t you just make yourself warm.”

“I’m a siphoner.” He reminds me, I nod.

“Sorry, I forgot.” Kissing his cheek, I hold his hands. “Do you want to go home now?”

Kai nods. We went out to do some shopping for Christmas which is coming up soon. “Please.”

“You’re adorable.” I comment. “But stupid.” I say, pointing to his poor dress choice.

Kai frowns and I mimic it, kissing his blue lips. “Let’s go.” He says, his hands still holding mine.


“Kai, you’ve been there for nearly two hours.” I say, sitting beside him.

Kai nods. “I don’t care, it’s cold outside.”

I laugh and kiss his cheek. “How are you like this during winter?”

“I was locked in a prison world for eighteen years and it was always summer. I completely forgot about the other seasons.”

I hum and rest my head on his shoulder. I met Kai in the prison world when Bonnie and I ‘died’. Instantly, I couldn’t help myself but fall for him.

After we all got out of the prison world, Kai and I decided to keep this relationship. I don’t care what the others think of him, I love Kai Parker.

“What are you thinking about, Y/N?” His voice sends me from my thoughts and I look up at him.

“Just how we met.” I say, the heat from the fireplace warming me up as well as him.

Kai smiles, i love his smile, he sits me on his lap with his arms around me. “I remember that, you punched me.”

I can’t help but laugh. “In my defence, you were the one who decided to sneak up on me while I was coming out of the shower.”

“Guilty.” He says, kissing my cheek. I smile.

“How are you feeling now?” I ask, turning around to face him.

“Warm.” He replies and I laugh.

“Are you serious?”


“Well that’s what you get for wearing all these layer.” I say, lifting his turtle neck to reveal his shirt and vest top underneath.

Kai rolls his eyes, taking off the turtle neck. “Better?” I ask, my arms around his neck.

“A little.”

“Well, why don’t you take off another layer?”

Kai raises his eyebrows. “Y/N, do you want me to just get naked?”

I blush, hiding my face in his neck and Kai laughs. “You’re so cute.” He complements and I blush deeper, lifting my head up. “And beautiful.”

“Kai, stop.” I say, embarrassed and he smiles, running his hand through his hand through my hair.

“Why?” He asks, confused. Kai is literally the cutest boyfriend ever. I’m not if he’s ever had a girlfriend and he’s can be awkward at times and it’s just adorable.

“You’re making me blush.” I say, he nods and smiles. “You’re too cute.”

His cheeks go a little red and I smile, leaning in to kiss him. My arms around his neck as he holds my waist, kissing me back.

“I love you Y/N.” Kai tells me, when the kiss ends. I smile. “I really do.”

“I love you too, Kai.” I say, leaning in to kiss him.


[End of this imagine, apologises it so short and more imagines will be up soon.]


The Adventures of Fawn Diaz and Peter Parker–Chapter 25

The next day, Peter was more chirpy than usual. It was probably because of what happened the night before. Need I remind you?

Fawn kissed him. Only, he was Spider-Man. Not Peter. So she had no idea it was him.

Peter was still happy though. When he sauntered into the kitchen, May was suspicious. He was usually exhausted and begging for coffee. But he was standing upright, a smile on his face. Granted, he still had his pajamas on, but he was still happy.

“Did you have a good night’s sleep? Or did something happen?” May smiled.

“Just a good night’s sleep,” Peter sat down and sighed happily.

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone so happy about getting a good night’s sleep,” May giggled.

“It’s been awhile since I got a good 9 hours,” Peter lied. The truth was that he was actually dying of sleep deprivation.

“Huh. Well, I’m happy for you. I’d like to see you like this everyday so, please get to bed on time tonight…and the rest of the nights,” May said as she left the kitchen, setting down a mug of coffee for Peter on the table in front of him.

He smiled and started drinking it and thought about what he was going to do, other than his homework. He thought about calling Ned over, but he already told Ned what happened last night, when it happened, and he was sure Ned didn’t want to hear it again, because that was all Peter could talk about.

Then he thought about Harry, and how he wanted Peter to come visit the “New and improved Oscorp”.

Maybe I should go. It won’t hurt.” Peter thought.

After Peter finished his homework, he told May he was going out and he would be back in time for bed. He decided to Spider-Man his way instead of taking 3 different trains.

He swung towards the Oscorp tower near Mr. Stark’s own building. He took his suit off and put on his clothes in an alley, stuffing the suit in a backpack he brought along. He came out discreetly and went into the Oscorp building. Harry was waiting in the lobby for him, considering Peter had texted him and said he was coming.

“Pete! Hey man, glad you could make it!” Harry greeted him with a bro-hug. Peter returned the gesture.

“Me too. You gonna show me around?” Peter smiled.

“Sure thing, dude. Let’s go,” Harry waved Peter towards him and they started their trek through the science building.

“I have to be back by 10 pm.”

“Relax, Parker, it’s not like I’m gonna keep you here so we can experiment on you. It’s just a tour.”

“And lastly, here is the lab where my dad has been working on some…black goop…” Harry sighed, not really knowing what he was showing Peter.

“Cool. Do you know what it is?” Peter walked towards the large glass container where the ‘black goop’ was held.

“Uh, no. Sorry, Pete.” Harry scratched his neck embarrassingly.

As Peter got closer, he found that there was nothing in the container.

“Harry there’s nothing in here,” Pete turned to Harry and pointed towards the container.

“It’s dark in here, and it’s black. You probably can’t see it. And you’re not wearing your glasses, man. Of course you can’t see it. Now, come on. It’s almost 10.” Harry started leaving.

“But Harry–!” Peter started. The door closed, and Peter was alone. He sighed and turned back to the container, and there it was.

The ‘black goop’. Right on the glass, making a spider shape. Startled, Peter tripped and fell backwards on his bum. The goop moved around the glass, as if it were alive. Peter was incredibly confused.

“What…are you?” He breathed out as he stood up. He approached the container once again, putting his hand on the glass and the goop formed into the shape of his hand.

“Interesting. You’re alive. What did Mr. Osborn make?” Peter asked. He read a tag on the glass: “VENOM SYMBIOTE

Suddenly, the symbiote made itself into a sharp pointy object and cracked the glass. Peter stepped back before he could he get scratched by the glass. However, the symbiote followed him and attached itself onto his hand.

“Hey! Get off!” Peter shook his hand vigorously, attempting to get the venom symbiote off. It didn’t budge. It hastily inched up his arm and stopped at the base of his neck. Then, Peter felt…different. He closed his eyes and saw blackness, what he always saw when he closed his eyes.

Peter…” a voice hissed in his head.

“HOLY SHIT!” his internal self, Mind Peter, shouted in surprise.

Do not be afraid…I will only help you. Give you power…give you…confidence….

“Considering your title is ‘Venom’, I think I’ll pass.”

You don’t want power? The power to defeat your enemies? Do you not want to have confidence? The confidence to talk to girls? To…Liz?

Peter was intrigued. But the fact that this, thing, this symbiote, knew his wishes and desires, alarmed him. But the offer sounded promising, so why not?

“….I guess. But just until I score a date with Liz. And then, you have to go.”

If you say so.” and the Venom took over Peter. His previously bright blue sweater turned a dark navy, and his blue jeans turned black. Peter’s hair was matted down and his soft brown eyes turned darker (if that was even possible).

Peter opened his eyes and he immediately felt the effects of the Venom take-over. He felt much stronger, confident.

He looked at his hands and opened and closed them. He turned them over, then balled them into fists.

“Wow,” he said.

“Pete! Dude where are you?” Harry’s voice sounded out.

“Shit.” Peter cursed under his breath. The Venom retracted itself from Peter and slipped into his backpack. Peter felt like his normal self again, everything returned to its natural color and style.

“The security cameras!” Peter whispered. He didn’t have time. He would have to come back later and erase the film.

Peter ran to the lab door and opened it quickly. He closed it behind him and turned around, finding Harry standing with his hands in his pockets and a suspicious look on his face.

“It’s 10:20. You said–”

“I know what I said. Sorry, I was just curious, you know me.” Peter said. “Hey do you know if there are any–I don’t know–security cameras? In that lab?”

Harry raised an eyebrow, “No, why? Did you steal something, man?”

“No, no. I was just wondering how the scientists look at the data they collect through video, but I guess they don’t do that here.” Peter said, lying through his teeth.

“Oh. Well, no. No security cameras. You should get going. May won’t be happy,” Harry said.

“Yeah…I should. Thanks for the tour Harry. You’re the man,” Peter bro-hugged Harry suddenly and rushed towards the elevator. He got in and when the doors closed, he sighed.

When he got outside, he went back to the alley to change. As he unzipped the bag, the venom latched itself on Peter again. It took the shape of his suit, except it was entirely black. Even the spider symbol was a bit different too.

Forget the other suit…this one suits you better.

“Sorry, but I’m wearing my suit home.” Peter said as he reached for the red and blue suit Mr. Stark gave him. He pulled it out and the Venom crawled off Peter and onto the suit, changing its colors to black and silver.

“Seriously? You better not ruin this, I can’t get it dry cleaned.” Peter said as he changed into the suit in the biting cold weather. When he put it on, his body warmed up.

Whatever you want, Peter.

“Now that’s what I like to hear.”

And with that, Peter swung home…a changed man.

A/n oh dear, this isn’t good. We all know Venom’s intentions. Let’s hope that Peter is okay and doesn’t fall prey to Venom. I hope you guys liked this! Stay tuned.

-Lina 🦋

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maple’s fancasts: peter parker fc suggestions

  • lu han (25) age range – 17 - 24
  • alberto rosende (23) age range – 18 - 24
  • chris o’neal (22) age range – 16 - 22
  • tyler posey (24) age range – 18 - 25
  • andre kim (19) age range – 14 - 19
  • jahmil french (25) age range – 15 - 22
  • daniel padilla (21) age range – 16 - 21
  • nam joohyuk (22) age range – 17 - 23

Peter Parker x Reader

Summary:  Can I get 25. I don’t want to be your friend with Peter parker

Prompt: 25.  “I don’t want to be your friend.”


Peter breathed in heavily, as he knocked on your bedroom door. 

Did he really want to do this?

What if you didn’t feel the same way?

But he didn’t have time to turn around as you opened your bedroom door and pulled him in with a smile on your face.

You both just chilled, watching movies, and talking about anything for a little before he decided now was the time.

“(Y/N) can we talk?” He asked you fingers fidgeting.

“We’re already talking silly.” You laughed as you turned your whole body to face him.

“ I know, I mean I have something important to talk to you about, and I don’t know how you’ll react.” He said nervously looking at you.

“You’ve already told me you’re spider-man, so I don’t know anything that could be any more important.” You joked.

You stopped laughing as you noticed Peter wasn’t laughing with you. You scooted closer and grabbed his hand.

“Peter…you’re scaring me.” You whispered since you both were so close to each other.

“Oh! No you don’t need to be scared…it’s just um” He swallowed thickly. “I don’t want to be your friend.” He said nervously.

“What?” You asked looking at him with confused eyes.

Peter’s eyes widened as he realized how that sounded.

“NO! No that’s not what I meant, I meant it like I want to be more than friends, I want to be your boyfriend.” Peter said quickly holding your hands tighter.

You stayed frozen for a while, scaring him.

“Look, I’m sorry-” He was cut off by you tackling him onto your bed giving him a big hug and kisses all over his face, causing you both to laugh.

“I would love for you to be my boyfriend.” You said to him smiling down at him as he wrapped his arms around your waist.