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Author’s Note: big thanks to my homie @heaventide who helped me out with this fic as well as even helping me naming it since i suck at coming up with titles. (this is a lot shorter than i anticipated it to be so plz don’t kill me.)

Request: “Hello! Could you make a cacw: peter parker x reader imagine where Peter likes Michelle (Zendaya) and the reader likes him and she tells him by accident and he doesn’t take it well?”

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“You’re so cute when you’re half asleep like this...”

summary: Visiting Tom and just being cute and tired. FLUFF

A/N: had some trouble finding any Tom Holland imagines lately, hope you like it!

also please feel free to request any marvel/avengers imagines! :)

Security helped you get into the hotel where you were given directions how to get to Tom’s room. You thanked them with a nod of your head and grabbed the hand of your suitcase, walking in the direction of an elevator. After pressing the button to call it you checked your phone for any missed calls or texts while you were on the plane but saw only a few unimportand emails and social media notifications. As the door opened you placed the phone in the back pocket of your jeans and stepped inside, pressing the button with number five on it. The ride to the fifth floor was slow and was accompanied by the soft sounds of a typical elevator music. Walking ahead and then taking the first turn left made you feel slightly nervous, you haven’t seen Tom in a good few months and felt anxious to visit him by surprise. It was getting late so you were hoping he would be in his hotel room, already done with the shooting for the day. You stopped as you saw the number 503 on the door and took a breath. You knocked on the door a couple of times, hoping to see your boyfriend soon. You heard a few laughs and then the door opened was opened by smiley Tom. His eyes widened at the sight of you.

“Wait wh-I thought it was room se-what are you doing here, oh my God!!” His confused expression changed into a very excited one and he quickly pulled you into his arms and hugged tightly, with your head noozled into his neck while lightly standing on your tiptoes. He kissed the top of your head, “I missed you so much, baby.” 

“Hey! Where’s the food?” You heard some shouts coming from the room, “Yeah, where’s my pizza, man?”

“I missed you to, Tommy,” you say with a tired voice and place a kiss on his lips. You let go of him and turned to grab your suitcase but Tom was faster and with his other hand he grabbed yours and walked you inside, closing the door with his foot. 

“That’s not my food,” Anthony made a face before standing up and giving you a hug, “Sup, kid?”

“Nice to see you too, Mackie,” you smiled at him and then hugged Chris and Sebastian that were also in the room. The trio was definitely up to no good and they probably wanted to make Tom take part in their plan.

“Did I interupt something? Were you guys working? I-I can leave if you need me to-”

“It’s alright, don’t worry!” Chris laughed, “We were just discussing some stuff and ordered food.”

“Yeah! We wanted to make your boyfriend go ot with us tonight, have some fun, feel like joining us?” Mackie added. You sat on the couch next to him and after Tom left your suitcase in the other part of the room, he sat beside you. His arm found its way around your waist and he pulled you a little bit closer to him, “I never said I was going out with you guys!” Tom defended himself, now having another big reason not to go out and spend some time with you before you have to leave him.

“Dude, come on!” Sebastian whined  with Anthony following him a second later and Chris shushed them both. “It’s alright, he has his lady here now, let’s just wait for the food and leave them, yeah?” 

It was almost midnight by now, you and Tom were cuddled up on the couch watching a movie on the big TV screen. The both of you were quiet, enjoying each others company and being in each others arms while sharing a few passionte but sweet kisses here and there. The bright screen from the TV made the dark room look lighter and made it feel somehow cosy. 

After the amazing trio left you and Tom alone you changed your clothes to some shorts and a top. Later you felt chilly so you grabbed Tom’s hoodie that was laying on the chair and pulled it over your head to make you feel less cold. 

You turned around in your boyfriend’s arms and placed a kiss on his warm neck before closing your eyes, “Mmm.. you’re warm.”

He laughed gently, giving you a quick peck on the lips, “You’re so cute when you’re half asleep like this…”

“Love you, Tommy. ‘Night.”

“Goodnight, baby. I love you too.”

I don’t usually tell girls I’m half spider (Peter Parker x Reader)

Request: Hi could you do an imagine where the reader is waiting for her ride in pouring rain and a man tries to steal her bag but spider-man comes and helps? And after he helps her she kisses him spidey style? (While he’s upside down) thanks (:

A/N: So I kind of(totally) forgot that I had a tumblr -don’t kill me, please. I was out for the whole day and didn’t remember I was supposed to upload until now, and I have to edit the other two imagines I was planning on uploading today, so I will have them up tomorrow instead. I am extremely sorry and hope you forgive me xx 

The fact that you loved rain didn’t matter -you didn’t like standing on it for fifteen minutes waiting for your mom to pick you up. She had messaged you telling you she’d pick you up, and ten minutes later, she sent you another message saying she was stuck in the traffic; so you were basically the only person standing in the pouring rain, having nowhere to cover from the rain until your mother arrived.
You were looking distractedly at your phone, the screen covered in water, as you had your earbuds in, trying to block out the noise from the cars honking around you. You weren’t paying attention to your surroundings, only wanting to be home and lay in bed wearing your pajamas; so when a man quickly ran past you and took your bag, you didn’t notice until you tripped, your bag still around your shoulder. You shouted and ran behind the man, trying to get your bag back. You knew what you were doing was stupid -he wasn’t going to give it back willingly, and you didn’t even know how to punch. Luckily for you, the man was quickly webbed to the wall, your bag being webbed from his hand and to your chest. You looked up, seeing a blur of red and blue moving through the rain. Squinting your eyes and trying to get a better look, you saw who everyone called Spiderman. You didn’t know much about him -whenever you tried to talk about him with your boyfriend Peter, he would change the topic of the conversation.
Walking closer to where Spiderman was standing, you took your hair out of your face. You saw him in front of you, but he was not standing -he was upside down, his hands tugging at his web in order for him not to fall down.
‘’Uh-I don’t really know what to say. Thank you for getting my bag back’’ you said, almost blushing. You weren’t shy, but it felt weird talking to a masked person who had just helped you and who just happened to be looking at you from upside down.
‘’You are welcome. This is my job’’ he said, shrugging his shoulder a bit. ‘’Do I get payback?’’ he asked, and you could tell he was smirking under the mask. His voice sounded familiar, but it was muffled against the mask, and the rain also made it difficult for you to understand him.
‘’I think you are expecting a kiss, but I have a boyfriend who wouldn’t like it much, so I’m just going to say thank you again’’ you said, laughing a little. Just as you turned around, you felt a web getting stuck at your arm and sending you back to where you had been standing, Spiderman trying to take off his mask without falling down, using only one hand. ‘’Wh-what are you doing?’’ you asked, surprised as to why he would reveal his identity to you.
‘’Can you help me?’’ he asked, his voice still muffled. ‘’I am kind of struggling.’’
You helped him, not really knowing why, curiosity taking the best of you. To your surprise, you saw your boyfriend, a grin on his face. The first thing you did was smack him, earning a groan from him.
‘’Peter Parker! How dare you keep a secret this big from me?’’ you hiss, half mad and half surprised.
He just smiled and blushed, rubbing his neck with his free hand.
‘’Well, you see,’’ he started ‘’when I first flirt with a girl, I don’t usually tell her I am half spider. It usually throws her off.’’
You just laughed and caressed his cheek, your lips getting closer to his. They touched briefly before you pulled apart, a smile on your lips.
‘’It feels weird kissing this way, you know’’ you whispered.
‘’Doing things weirdly is my speciality’’ he whispered back before pressing your lips against his own, his tongue swiftly entering your mouth; his hand on the back of your neck, pressing you closer to him. ‘’I guess I’ll have to fight crime to help you more often’’ he said before laughing, his breath tingling against your mouth.
A sound made you pull apart, your phone screen lightning up with a call from your mother. Picking it up, you smiled at the boy in front of you.
‘’Yeah, mom, I’ll go now, I was just hiding from the rain’’ you said before turning off the call, giving Peter a quick kiss before walking to where you had been standing. ‘’See you later, bug boy!’’ you shouted before running off of his sight, a smile still on his lips.

Condoms- A Peter Parker Imagine

@professionalphangirluniverse(I love her omg): requested:  Hello Lovebug❤️ Please can you write an imagine where Aunt May has left to go shopping or something so Peter and the reader get into a steamy make out session only to be interrupted by a very amused Aunt May who comments ‘make sure to use protection’ as she’s walking away? Love youuuuu


“I’ll be out for a little bit, don’t get into too much trouble!” Aunt May yelled as she walked out the door, turning to look back at Peter and you with a mischievous grin before slamming the door shut. You smirked to yourself, knowing that you had a plan in mind. You and Peter hadn’t been alone in a long time, and it was finally time that you got to show your boyfriend what it meant to have you as a girlfriend.

“Come over here, Peter. I need some assistance in something,” you said, giving him a seductive glance. This went right over his head as he looked over at you in confusion, and moved closer to you to see what was wrong. You grabbed him by the collar of his thrift store flannel he loved and kissed him, pulling him as close to you as you possibly could, craving his touch. He backed off and looked at you with a worried glance. “She won’t be gone forever! I don’t want to get caught!” You shrugged and got up and walked towards his bedroom. You unbuttoned the shirt you were wearing and pushed it down off of one of your shoulders, looking back at him. “Guess I’ll just have to do this by myself,” you said in a playful tone.

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“The Cold”

REQUEST (by @sebstanshitposts):  could I request an imagine where the reader is dating Peter pre CW but she has powers so when he fights w tony it kinda causes a rift between them?? if they’re closed then that’s totally okay!! thank you!! ❤️❤️

NOTE: I’m always open to requests! Thank you for sending one in :) 

By the way, if anyone has sent me a request recently, I’ve received it! I’m in Florida right now so I’m only able to write in my free time, but I promise I’ll get it out to you! I just want it to be the best quality it can be :)

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     You sat in your desk in Chemistry, bored out of your mind. The teacher seemed to have an endless amount of PowerPoint slides, and when you checked the clock, you still had fifty minutes of class left. Sighing, you leaned back, absently watching your other classmates. 

    Your desk was positioned at the back of the class which gave you a clear view of everyone, and most especially your best friend and boyfriend, Peter Parker. He sat in the front which made it easy for him to get your attention in times of need. Times like right now. 

    Glancing at his phone, he coughed loudly to make sure that he had your attention. Subtly, Peter leaned his head on his hand that was closest to you and held up two fingers, then one, and then he tapped his finger on his head four times. So it’s a robbery you thought, smiling as you started to pack up your books. Peter had created an app on his phone that was hooked into the radios of the police. It notified him of when key words were mentioned in recent conversations or 911 calls. Since you’d been playing heroes for the past four months, you’d gotten the communication down to a simple finger tapping. 

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The Biggest Fanboy (Pietro Maximoff Award)


 Peter Parker x Reader
Warnings: None
Notes: Here is the fourth award request (almost halfway through, yay!) After this one I think I might try and write another part to We Start Over and maybe some of my old requests. I just wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you for 3k followers and once again apologise for how little I’ve been posting. I have alot of stuff going on in my life (more mental than anything) and it’s just so mentally exhausting that I don’t have alot left to put into my writing. Anyway thankyou to everyone that has stuck by me and always enjoy!

Being the youngest Avenger definitely had its perks. Such as Tony making you all the tech you could possibly want just to make sure you were safe, and basically having a super soldier bodyguard. However, there was thing that sucked about being the only young member of team. It was incredibly lonely. Sure the rest of the team tried to include you whenever they could, but you were so much younger than them that you didn’t really have all that much in common. That was why when you heard of the spiderboy, you were intent on making him your friend. It would be great to have someone your own age that understood the whole superhero lifestyle, so you’d pretty much begged Tony for his address and decided to drop in on him the first chance you got.

Knocking on the apartment door, you were greeted with a face of a kind looking woman that you assumed to be his aunt. “Hello, Ms Parker. I’m Y/N, a friend of Peter’s.” You smiled innocently at the brunette woman, hoping she believed you. “Oh of course, can’t say Peter’s ever spoken about you before but come on in.” She smiled, opening the door for you to enter. Nodding, you stepped in to the small apartment. “Peter’s room is just upstairs and to the left.” She gestured with a smile. “Thankyou Ms Parker.” You smiled, heading up the small staircase and towards the newest Avenger’s room. Knocking twice you waited for a shout of confirmation that you could enter before pushing open the door.

What was inside was definitely not what you expected. Flickering your eyes over the walls you could see multiple pictures of the team, but the face that seemed to be covering most of the pale blue walls, was yours. “Sorry Aunt May, I’ll come and fix the washing machine in just a…” Peter trailed off eyes latching on to your awed expression. “Wait… you’re not Aunt May…” Peter stuttered. “You’re… you’re…” He gulped, watching as you stepped towards one of his posters, running your fingertips over the image of you in your mission outfit. “I’d introduce myself, but it seems that’s not needed.” You smiled, turning on the nervous looking boy sat at the desk. “Uh… no… I uh…” He stuttered, cheeks flaming red. “Well, for the sake of moving this conversation along…” You grinned, perching on the edge of his bed, “I’m Y/N, one of your new teammates, I just thought that since, y’know we’re the ‘babies’ of the team, that we should get to know each other.” You babbled, eyes still darting around the room. “Uh yeah… hi… I’m Peter.” He replied, standing up and shuffling around slightly before crossing his arms. “I know.” You grinned, patting the space next to you as you pulled your legs up and sat cross legged. “So Peter, when did you become my biggest fanboy?” You chuckled, jabbing him in the side slightly as he sat down. “I wouldn’t say that I was… I’m not…” He babbled, looking adorably flustered. “You know you’re cute when you’re embarrassed.” You smirked, enjoying the pink colouring that came to his cheeks, yeah you two were gonna get on just fine.

Lessons (Part 1)

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader
Words: 2k
Warnings: none
Prompt: “Could I possibly get a Peter Parker X reader? Both Peter and reader are very good students, but Peter wants someone to edit his English papers and reader wants help studying math. Aunt may knows readers parents and they set up a deal (kind of a mutual tutoring thing) not knowing that Peter and reader like each other. Tutoring leads to flirting leads to dating. Sorry if that’s too specific. Your writing is amazing tho!” 

So I’m actually breaking this up into I think 2 parts, this being part one. Sorry if this one is kind of boring! There will be more flirting to come!

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Rocking back on your heels, you stared down at your phone and then up at the door in front of you. This was the third time you had checked the number in the text message to make sure it matched that of the apartment you were standing in front of.

When your parents broached the subject of tutoring someone in English, you were hesitant. Being a relatively shy girl who spent more time in the library at school than the lunch room, you had qualms about spending time with someone you did not know. Until of course they told you that person was Peter Parker.

Of course you knew who Peter was. You knew his favorite class, and what kind of clothes he wore, and how he liked to part his hair; you knew that he liked to salvage old parts of technology that no one would give a second glance to. You knew his eyes were brown and when he smiles, his upper lip disappears. You knew his mannerisms and that sometimes he stutters when he talks. You knew more than you would like to admit to anybody. Not because you had ever spoken to Peter before. These were all your observations. When he walked out of the lunch room while you were walking out of the library, both returning to class. When he came to school late and ran into your shared math class out of breath and hoping no one would notice. You had always noticed Peter. Even if no one else did.

Your small hand knocked quietly against the white-painted wood of the old apartment door. Feeling the weight of your arm drop back to your side, you counted the seconds until a brunette with a sweet smile opened the door.

“Y/N!’ She exclaimed. Presumably, this was Aunt May, a friend of your mother’s from work. She had been the one to bring up the idea of mutual tutoring to your mother. Peter, as brilliant as you knew he was, needed help with English. And you needed serious help in math; your mother was not happy with the D you had received on the last progress report.

“Hi, May? Parker?” you stepped into the small two bedroom apartment.

“Yes, I’m May and this is,” May looked around the small living room and into the kitchen, her forehead wrinkled in confusion. “Peter?” she called out. “He was just here a minute ago. Poor thing, I think he’s nervous. When I told him about you he immediately cleaned his room. I haven’t seen him do that in months.” she rambled.

You heard a loud bang and then a door just off the living room opened up and Peter hesitantly stepped out. “Oh hey, Y/N!” Peter said quickly before giving his aunt a pointed look, as though he had heard everything she said.

“Hi Peter.” You murmured quietly, looking between the two of them while your right hand played idly with the straps on your backpack. It was filled with your English text and the assigned reading, as well as all of your math materials. Fortunately since you were in the same grade as Peter, you were both currently in the middle of reading Moby Dick.

“Is there anything I can get you, Y/N?” May asked sweetly.

You shook your head, “No thank you, Ms. Parker.” you said, trying as hard as you could not to stare at Peter. It was hard but you could see him watching you from the corner of your eye, so you kept your gaze on May. You had promised yourself before coming here that you were not going to make your crush obvious to Peter.

“Please call me May, sweetie!” she insisted while walking towards the kitchen. “Right then,” she looked over her shoulder, “I’ll leave you two to it. I expect both of you to get some work done.” May disappeared into the kitchen.

Your eyes shifted first from your feet, clad in old canvas sneakers, to the wall, to Peter’s face. He was already looking at you, but his eyebrows were drawn close together as if he was pondering something in that moment.

“Hi,” you smiled quickly, nervously, before your eyes darted back to the wall, “So, are we studying in here?” you forced yourself to make eye contact with him.

In truth, seeing his eyes closer than you ever had before was satisfying. They were brown but that was not how you would describe them, had you been writing a book about this boy standing before you. They were dark around the pupil, almost black but they were warm, a dark amber color that extended to the length of the iris. Nerve wracking however, when you realized they were fixed on you.

“What?” he looked confused for a split second before realizing what you were asking. “Y-yeah, yeah, yeah,” Peter’s words flowed together as he motioned towards the couch, “We can just, uh, sit here and um, I’m going to grab my books, um, you can sit right there, I’ll be right back, if that-that’s okay with, y-you.” he said, stepping closer to you. He smiled but his eyes darted between your face and the couch.

This was the Peter that you had often observed only in classes when being called upon by a teacher, even though he hadn’t raised his hand. “Okay,” you couldn’t help but smile at him. You sat on the couch and dropped your bag at your feet. You arranged your book on the coffee table neatly, laying a blue mechanical pencil next to them. Your hands fidgeted with your outfit and your hair.

Peter returned to the living room with his texts in hand, he smiled at you before taking a seat next to you.

Oh. You had figured it would be interesting to work with Peter given your feelings towards him. But you had never been this close to him. Never been able to smell his soap or the laundry detergent that May uses to wash his clothes. The effect his proximity had on you came as a shock to your system.

Peter peered up at you as if he could sense a change in you. You gave him a small smile before forcing yourself to pick up Moby Dick. “So,” you could hear the weakness in your own voice, “do you want to start with Math or English?”

Peter ran a hand through his chestnut colored hair. It was the first time you had ever witnessed him do that and you had to look away. Staring outright was too obvious and the last thing you wanted to do was creep him out. “How about English?” he asked you quietly, his voice always sounded small and amused.

You made eye contact and felt like your heartbeat was betraying you. His eyes were large and warm and all on you. He was swallowing you whole with those eyes. You could hear your heartbeat in your ears, as if you had been running. You mused for a second maybe he could truly hear it. Maybe even May could hear your heart all the way in the kitchen, making dinner.

You shook your head slightly and beamed at him. “Yeah, English.” you affirmed.

The tension you both felt quickly began to dissipate as you studied. Several times through-out you both became side tracked and had fits of laughter. Who would have guessed Peter Parker was going to make you laugh so much, and you would do the same to him? You both gushed about sci-fi movies and superheroes and every other thing you could imagine. May had to yell at you both more than a few times to get back to work.

After transitioning to math your anxiety started to come back. You stared down at the problems in front of you and wanted to cry. It was like trying to read a foreign language. You could feel the wrinkles in your forehead increase the longer you stared at the problems in your math textbook.

You gripped the pencil in your hand tightly, running your thumb nail over the soft white eraser. You could feel Peter’s warmth radiating out of his body and hitting your side. It was calming. But you could also feel his keen eyes on you, watching you stress, watching you over-think the problems, watching you try not to cry. You hoped he couldn’t tell you were trying not to breakdown over these problems. Studying English had gone so well, Peter grasped the concepts you were trying to teach him as if you were the teacher he needed all along.

Peter shifted and his hand brushed up against yours. It was warm and you wished he had kept it there. But as soon as it was there, it was gone just as quick. “Hey,” Peter nudged you with his elbow.

You looked up at him then and noticed what was it? Amusement? Affection? Some kind fondness was present there in his eyes as he looked at you, he smiled as if to confirm whatever it is you thought you saw.

“You’re probably the smartest girl I know, you will get this. We’re just gonna have to have more lessons.” he sounded happy about that prospect.

You dropped your pencil into the textbook and leaned back into the couch, drawing a leg up onto the couch so you could tuck your foot under your thigh. “I’m not the smartest girl you know.” you playfully rolled your eyes.

Peter pretended to contemplate, looking around the room and squinting, he shrugged, “eeeeeeehhh, I beg to differ. But you are the funniest. And I like it when you make funny faces during class when you don’t understand something.” his head dipped down and he avoided your gaze, scoffing at his own words.

“You watch the faces I make in class? I thought you didn’t even know we had the same math class, you sit in front of me!”  He must have been turning around in his seat to peer back at you whenever you weren’t paying attention.

“Uh,” Peter blushed, “I knew” he chuckled, “lets get back to these problems,” he declared, scooting closer to you on the large couch. His thigh was pressed against yours and although it made your stomach flutter, it also calmed you. Something about Peter suddenly made you feel okay. Like you could suck at math and he wouldn’t care because he liked your jokes and you’re really good at reading and comprehension and you liked Star Wars.

Peter quickly had you understanding more than you ever thought possible. Packing your bags up, you could feel his eyes once again on you. You playfully tossed an eraser at him. He caught it quickly, his hands moving faster than you could comprehend. You paused to look up at him.

Rolling the eraser between his index finger and thumb, his eyes met yours. “Hey, Y/N,” he started, his voice sounding more serious than usual. “Do you want to go o-out, somewhere, sometime, like, not to study or anything, I mean to h-hang out, you know?” he sighed, “I had so much fun just joking with you and we could go anywhere, like maybe a museum or um, a park, or just anywhere you want.” he was nervous, you could tell by the way he kept looking everywhere but your eyes. He smiled then when he saw you watching his face. The smile that you loved. When it was so big, his lips thinned out and presented his teeth, eyes crinkling in the corners.

“Did you really have fun?” you giggled, unable to stop yourself. You were giddy with the idea of spending more time with Peter. You didn’t care where he took you as long as you were with him.

“The truth is, I’ve wanted to talk to you for awhile but I never knew what to say. I never know what to say.”

“Yes, the answer is yes. We can go anywhere.” you had dropped your bag back onto the floor, too excited to notice it slip out of your loose grip. Peter’s eyes lit up and you thought for a second you would have said yes to anything he asked just to see him look that happy again.

“G-great! I’ll text you, um, also,” he started to stand up “is it okay if I walk you home?’