Dancing On Webs - Peter Parker x Reader

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Fandom- Marvel 

Character- Peter Parker / Spiderman {Includes the Avengers}

Word Counter- 602 Words {Whoops} 

Warning- Mentions of Depression & Self Harm 

Drabble Friday - i absolutely loved ur one with the arm painting, and was wondering ifu could write one where the avengers find out u self harm, they try to help but fail, then peter (spiderman ) comes along and actually helps

Based on Painting Flowers. 

You sat on the sofa and watched the Avengers crowd round you. 

They were trying to help you, but you knew it wouldn’t work. 

They let you paint their arms in flowers and butterflies and whatever else you wanted to, and you let them paint yours. 

But it all ended too quickly. 

You opened the drawer beside your bed and looked at the small knife inside, you told the others it was for protection, and you promised you would never, ever use it again. You took it out and stared at it for awhile. You were about to draw the first line onto your skin when you heard the tap on the glass of your window. 

You look up and see Peter outside, he’s all dressed up in his Spiderman costume. 

The knife slips out of your hand and you kick it under the bed, trying to hide your plan and you walk to the window and open it enough for him to climb inside. 

“What were you doing with that knife?” He asks and you look at him with a raised eyebrow. 

“What knife?” You ask and he shoots out a web and you see the knife fly up into his hand. 

“This one,” He says and you look down, “I thought you promised you wouldn’t do this anymore,” 

“I just can’t Peter,” You say and you watch him pull off the mask. 

“Turn away just a second,” He says and you turn your back. 

You wait a few moments and he pulls you round into his arms. 

“You need to stop,” He says and you see he’s changed into some jeans and a t-shirt with some trainers. You look at the backpack slunge on the floor and suddenly you’re being pulled out the window and you grip him tightly as he pulls you up to the roof using his webs. 

“Peter you scared me!” You huff and he smirks before sitting on the edge of the tower, overlooking New York as the sun begins to rise. 

You sit down beside him and rest your head on his shoulder. 

“We should dance,” Peter says and you laugh. 

“Shut up Peter,” You say and he puts his arm round you. 

“C’mon, please?” He asks and you watch him stand up and he offers his hand. 

You take it and he stands you up. 

He begins to spin you round on the edge of the building, the danger of it all never crosses your mind, but your body fills with joy as he pulls you closer and he leans over to kiss you. You meet him halfway and push your lips up onto his, grabbing his t-shirt as the wind blows towards you both. 

He pulls back and you both return to your seats on the edge of the tower. 

“How about you show me your painting skills?” He asks, taking a smaller brush and a pot of your paint out of his back pocket and you smile. 

You twist the lid off and dip the brush into it. 

You paint a pretty flower on his wrist and he smiles, returning the favour. 

“I love you,” He says and you laugh. 

“Shut up,” You say and he grabs your hand. 

“I love you more than anything and I want you to stop this,” He says, pointing at your scars. 

“I love you too Peter…I promise,” You say and he looks into your eyes. 

“Good, because I loved our little dance,” He says and you smile. 

“Next time, I want to dance on webs,” You laugh and he pulls your lips onto his. 

The Vampire Diaries Preferences: How you meet

Damon:         You and Matt have been friends since you were kids. And around eighth or ninth grade, your family moved away and you haven’t seen him since. But now you finally convinced your parents to let you move back there with your aunt. Once you got everything situated with your room, you headed down to the Grill, where Matt worked, to surprise him by saying that you’re going to finish your Junior and Senior year in Mystic Falls.                  

         “Hey, Donovan!” you called from your table. Matt turned to where he heard his name being called out. His face fell into shock when he saw you.

        "(y/n),“ he let out a surprised and relieved laugh.

        "Miss me?” you smiled as you hugged him.

        "I can’t believe you’re here,“ he smiled. "Are you visiting?” You shook your head.

        "Nope. I’m living here now. For good.“ His grin grew wider.

        "Hey, busboy, who’s your friend?” a man with dark hair and icy blue eyes asked as he stood next to Matt and eyed you. For some reason unknown to you, Matt developed a panicked expression and was quick to rush you out of the Grill.

        "No one,“ he curt to the man. "Come on, (y/n), I’m sure everyone’s going to be excited to see that you’re back.”

Stefan:         School dances weren’t really your thing. But of course, with Caroline being Caroline, you had to go. It was a 60’s or 70’s dance or something. I don’t know, I can’t keep track. Although Caroline made you go, you sure as hell didn’t dress for it. You were just in your normal clothes. Partly because you just wanted to piss Caroline off, and partly because you thought that this entire thing was stupid.

        "(y/n),“ Caroline whined as she tugged your arm, "go dance, mingle- do something!” You rolled your eyes and sighed.

        "Care, I told you, socializing isn’t really my expertise.“

        "Well, luckily for you, it’s mine,” she smiled as she dragged you by the arm. She took you over by the food and punch where some people were and dropped your in font of a random guy. “(y/n), meet Stefan. Stefan, meet (y/n),” she motioned. “You’re both socially awkward. Now you have something to bond over!” she said cheerfully before she walked off.

        "Uh, sorry about that. She’s… overly optimistic,“ you said to Stefan. He chuckled.

        "I can see that.”

Jeremy:         You have known Jeremy since kindergarten. Both of you hit it off right away; the two of you causing trouble mostly, but having a good time doing it! You two were pretty much inseparable growing up, and nothing has really changed since then. Neither of you can remember a time when you weren’t with the other or when you weren’t there for each other.

        "Hey, Jer!“ you called as you ran down the halls of your school, bumping into people as you ran to catch up Jeremy. He chuckled, amused, as he stopped so you could catch up to him easier. "Found you,” you remarked, slightly out of breath.

        "What’s going on, (y/n)?“ he laughed as both of you started walking to class.

        "What do you say; Marvel movie marathon tonight at your house?” He smiled.

        "Sounds like a plan.“

Klaus:         You, along with all your other friends, were at the school dance. Looking out for any sign of Klaus, this supposedly all powerful, thousand year old vampire that can be a serious threat to Mystic Falls. But so far, there was no sign of him or anything suspicious.

        "Hey, Rick,” Damon approached Alaric, “did you find anything else on this ‘Klaus’ guy?”

        "Hmm? Oh, right,“ Alaric shook his head. "No, not yet.” Damon groaned.

        "See, we don’t even know if he’s real. This could all be a trick into scaring us,“ Damon remarked, slightly irritated. Rick shrugged.

        "I don’t know. But I’d keep my eyes peeled. He seems pretty scary.” Damon scoffed.

        "Yeah. For a thousand year old.“ Rick rolled his eyes. Then his eyes suddenly averted to you once you walked by.

        "Who is that?” he asked breathlessly. Damon looked between him and you.

        "Who, (y/n)? Rick, she’s in your history class, remember? Along with Elena and  Caroline and Stefan. She’s also helping us with Klaus? Any of this ringing any bells?“

        "Oh, uh, yeah. I just-” he finally ripped his gaze off you and went to Damon, “just thought she was someone else, I suppose.”

Kol:         Honestly, if regular everyday vampire drama wasn’t enough, now the “original” vampires had to come into the picture. Apparently, they’re ten times as powerful as every other vampire, like Damon and Stefan. And with you being a human, you know what that means- stay as far away from them as humanly possible.

        "Stunning, isn’t she?“ Klaus pointed Caroline out to his brother, Kol, as he held onto his drink and leaned onto the counter at the Grill.

        "I have my eyes on something else, brother,” Kol stated as you walked in. Elena, Caroline and Bonnie wanted you all to meet at the Grill. So you drove down there. You then walked over to the table where Caroline was sitting, still waiting for Elena and Bonnie.

        "(y/n), help,“ she murmured to you.

        "What? With what?” you asked.

        "Klaus is staring,“ she motioned toward two guys. One looking at Caroline, and the other at you.

        "Wait… are those the originals?” you asked hesitantly. She nodded.

        "Hello, Darling. May I buy you a drink,“ the one who was staring at you suddenly appeared.

        "Uh, no, I’m fine. Thank you,” you replied politely as possible. He nodded as a smile formed.

        "How rude of me; I’m Kol.“

Enzo:         Damon and Elena finally got out of that Augustine lock up. You’re just sitting at the Salvatore house waiting for someone to come and give you an update on whatever’s currently happening. You wish that you could go and check stuff out with everyone else, but Damon, your best friend, won’t let you– well, as long as you’re human he won’t.

        You heard the front door open and you sighed gratefully.

        "Finally!” you exclaimed as you shot up from your spot on the couch and went over to the front door. “What took you so lo–who’s this?” you asked once you saw that Damon brought home an extra person. The man smirked once you came to view.

        "Don’t you have anything better to do than wait around for me?“ Damon said smugly.

        "Honestly, no. No, I don’t,” you shrugged.

        "Well, it’s a good thing I showed up. I’m loads of fun,“ he said enthusiastically. "Enzo,” he introduced himself. “And you are?”

        "(y/n),“ you replied.

        "Well, (y/n),” he started as he grabbed your hand and kissed the front of it, “it’s a pleasure to meet you.”

Kai:         Damon escaped the 1994 prison world, thank god. But unfortunately, Bonnie didn’t make it out. Even when they tried to rescue her, Liv took Elena and Damon out too soon. So now, apparently, there’s a semi-witch sociopath running around back on earth. Yay…

        "Damon?“ you called once you arrived where Alaric and Damon trapped Kai. You saw that there was a guy, around your age, tied to a tree as Damon threw rocks harshly at the back of the tree. You were guessing that the guy tied to the tree was Kai. His current face expression looked like he was mentally stabbing someone, but then when you walked by, his eyes lit up.

        ”(y/n), what are you doing here? Human girls are off limits in the presence of witch doctor psychopaths!“  Damon exclaimed.                  "Damon, calm down. He’s tied to a tree. So far as I can see, I’m safe and sound.”

        "You’re new,“ he stated, slight smile tugging on each end of his lips.

        "Not really. You’re the new one. And psychotic, I hear”

        "Ooh. Miss doll face has a bit of a snarky side, I see,“ he teased.