parke & ronan

it’s never going to happen but please let the raven cycle series be filmed in parks & rec format. let ronan stare dead-eyed into the camera every time gansey starts talking. let blue go on 25 minute feminist rants that are cut in sporadically throughout the episode. let gansey ramble cheerfully to the camera about glendower until ronan inevitably yells at him to shut up. let the camera zoom in dramatically on adam’s face literally every time he speaks. we deserve this.

Gansey: *is dead*

Adam: why did you kiss Gansey?

Blue: what? i don’t even get…why would…i… i’ve never kissed anyone anywhere. it’s none of your…you have the nerve, the audacity…and how do i know frankly, that you didn’t kiss him. maybe you did. maybe you’re trying to throw me off.

  • Blue: This is my boyfriend Gansey, and this is Gansey's boyfriend Adam. And that's Adam's boyfriend Ronan. And that's Ronan's boyfriend, Noah
  • Maura: Wait sorry what's the situation?
  • Blue: Gansey is gay for Adam but he's straight for me, and he's also gay for Ronan and Ronan is really gay for Adam and Adam is gay for Ronan but straight for me and Noah is a ghost. And I hate Ronan.
  • Ronan: It's not that complicated.

I just stumbled upon this video and………. like……… what?


Ronan Lynch: Oh my god, did you put glitter in the laundry detergent? 

Noah Czerny: Oh yeah, I’m experimenting with some new entrepreneurial ideas. That one’s called- Sparkle Suds. Dress loud. 

Gansey: Will you stop putting glitter in everything? This morning you put glitter in the butter.

Noah Czerny: Disco Dairy. Spread the party. 

Gangsey at an Amusement Park

And Ronan and Adam the little dare devils go on every ride 10x

Adam is reluctant at first but Ronan drags him through the craziness until Adam is honestly having fun

Meanwhile Blue and Gansey honestly hate the idea of a rollercoaster that actually fLipS yOU upSidE DoWN!

But no way are they going to let the other know that so they valiantly suffer through all this horrible motion sickness all day until they both admit they’d have more fun at the water park.

So Adam and Ronan are left alone to their crazy rides

But also they hardcore do dumb couple things like shared cotton candy and the ferries wheel at sunset

And they kiss on the rides that take your picture but don’t pay for the prints- opting to snap pictures of the images onto Adam’s phone

And you guys its lit and they don’t even realize they’ve been there all day until the park announces its closing and they’re all shuffling out

And they meet in the parking lot and just can’t stop smiling the whole drive home