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#봄처녀_선우정아 뮤직비디오 보셨나요? ‘향수춤’ or ‘봄처녀에 어울리는 춤’을 찍어 올려주세요!
해시태그 #봄처녀_선우정아 꼭 달아주는 센스 발휘! ‘선우정아표 향수’를 드릴거니까요 :D (10분) -기간 : 2015.03.27-2015.04.03 -발표 : 2015.04.07
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ABC’s of cl - Dara

Dara is someone who doesn’t open up fast. But when the relationship between you and her improves, she’s really very affectionate. Also she’s thoughtful and though she doesn’t seem like it at first, she’s also very sweet. She’s also the mood-maker of the group, she makes everyone happy.” - CL