I remember when you five debuted and everyone went hysteric over the fact there was finally a girl group in the industry in which all could sing with extended vocal ranges that weren’t limited to high pitch (not dissing other ggs but this was just refreshing to see).  

Kim Boa- you proved to listeners that you are freaking worthy of your position as a vocal coach of many successful groups in the industry.

Kim Bohyung- you proved constantly that powerhouses can exist in k-pop 

Park Narae and Yang Jiwon- you two proved that being tied down to girl group visual roles isn’t simply enough and earned the titles of vocal beauties

Park Sihyun, my bias- you proved to listeners that rappers can make equally amazing vocalists. 

You girls had so so so much potential and I thought to myself just one more push- one more push and they’ll make it; they’ll finally deserve the recognition they deserve.

But no, unfortunately it never happened because disbandment news have arrived five years too early.

I am just enraged that these girls have started underappreciated and ended underappreciated. Year after freaking year us supporters have said “these girls are underrated” hoping for the day we wouldn’t have to say that anymore and instead replaced by “finally, finally our girls have made it”. 

I remember when MAMAMOO debuted afterwards and everyone said “yay, we have SPICA AND MAMAMOO that are vocal powerhouses” and I’m so happy that MAMAMOO are climbing in success and recognition, 

but why, why is SPICA not? is it the songs, the concepts, the management, the people? it’s probably all of those factors combined and I’m just wondering what if they were in a different company, what if they had a different concept, what if people didn’t f**king sleep on them? 

Where would they be?
Unfortunately that will forever remain a question. 

Thank you SPICA for blessing us with immense talent over the past five years- it breaks me that you five are parting ways but nonetheless I’ll support your future endeavors.


[NO CUT] Minor A: The Way You Love Me 

  • Eun Jae: looks like a cinnamon roll, could actually kill you
  • Ye Eun: looks like a cinnamon roll, is actually a cinnamon roll
  • Jin Myung: looks like she could kill you, is actually a cinnamon roll
  • Yi Na: looks like she could kill you, could actually kill you
  • Ji Won: wants to be a sinnamon roll