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jonghyun / minho’s phone conversation!
translation by: @sullaem

park ji yoon: is taemin-ssi the member you’re most comfortable talking to?
jonghyun: taeminnie, minho…, but now that i think about it, all the members openly talk about everything under the sun with each other, so i think we all feel comfortable (talking).
park ji yoon: then i guess they wouldn’t be surprised to get a phone call from you out of the blue.
jonghyun: well, i’m not sure…, there isn’t a single member that i (usually) call to begin with, so.. between the four of them, i don’t normally talk to any of them on the phone. so if were to suddenly call one of them, all four of them would be surprised.
park ji yoon: ah. then shall we try calling right now?
jonghyun: right now? should we? hang on, do i even have their numbers…? (laughs) hang on a second.
park ji yoon: there are those types of relationships! where because you’re so close, you never call each other.
jonghyun: every day - because we see each other every day. hang on, i’m calling one of them right now.
park ji yoon: ok. now, we shall see who it is..
jonghyun: you’ll know when you hear their voice. ah, yes. the caller ring is …
park ji yoon: the caller ring is very …
jonghyun: it’s pop. i’ll have to ask him when he picks up. oh, i know this song!
minho: hello?
jonghyun: hello?
minho: yeah~.
jonghyun: i’m on broadcast, so don’t swear!
minho: okay.
jonghyun: (laughs) i’m on broadcast. right now, i’m at …
minho: what are you filming?
jonghyun: huh? i’m on radio.
minho: what radio?
jonghyun: park ji yoon-ssi is beside me, so say hello to her.
park ji yoon: hello~! this is announcer park ji yoon!
jonghyun: i’m on park jiyoon’s music plaza.
minho: ah~ .
jonghyun: please say hello.
minho: (sweetly) hello~.
jonghyun: did you see him suddenly becoming good-natured? suddenly he’s like, “hello~~”.
park ji yoon: his voice suddenly became gentle, when he’d been like, “what? what?” before.
jonghyun: he’s so, like this - can you hear okay, everyone?
minho: can you hear me ok?
park ji yoon: yes, we can hear you well. please introduce yourself, though i think i know who you are.
minho: yes, hello, i’m shinee’s minho. it’s nice to meet you.
park ji yoon: oh~ it’s nice to meet you. (minho laughs)
park ji yoon: but i hear you usually don’t speak on the phone very much. because you see each other face to face so often.
minho: that’s right, we don’t call very often. when i saw the call coming in i knew it was for broadcast right away.
jonghyun: (laughs) i must have been too obvious.
park ji yoon: of course~. you can tell everything with just one look, between all of you.
minho: that’s right, usually this hyung only calls me at night. (jonghyun laughs)
park ji yoon: (laughs) if he calls you at night, what is it for?
 ♢ minho: well, let’s see…, i’ll leave that up to your imagination.
 ♢ jonghyun: (laughs) yah, what am i supposed to do if you say it like that?!
park ji yoon: ah, yes~ (listener) says (minho) is indeed a broadcaster. (another listener) says, “it’s minho!” another listener says you sound refreshing.
minho: ah, thank you.
park ji yoon: each song on jonghyun-ssi’s album is so good, right? what’s minho-ssi’s personal recommendation?
minho: for me, uhh.. on the album, of course i like the title track most - but i like the song “dress up” the most.
park ji yoon: “dress up!” what would the reason be?
minho: first off, when i listen to it, i get excited and flooded with happiness. automatically. that’s why it’s my favourite song.
park ji yoon: ah, is that so? then, what were you doing just now?
minho: oh, i’m filming my drama right now. i’m on standby.
park ji yoon: oh, yes~. what’s your role on the drama?
minho: ah, i’m a hwaran. (ie: flower knight)
jonghyun: keu~~! hwarang! this friend who looks like this is a hwarang. (minho laughs)
park ji yoon: ah, really, it makes me want to appoint and raise a hwarang myself. minho-ssi, you must be busy filming your drama, so thank you for picking up the phone.
minho: ah, i was on standby (so it’s ok), since it’s lunch time..
jonghyun: please eat well.
minho: yes, okay.
park ji yoon: yes, please eat well, and i hope your drama hits it big.
minho: yes. please give lots of love for jonghyunnie hyung’s “she is”.
park ji yoon: ah, he sensibly doesn’t forget to cheer for him, either. thank you!
minho: thank you!
jonghyun: minho-yah, i’ll call you again. thanks.
minho: okay~. let’s ca -…
jonghyun: (hangs up) hanging up! (laughs)
park ji yoon: hanging up~. hanging up when they’re still talking~.
jonghyun: hanging up!


In a good drama can not miss those hugs that say it all………

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