Strong Woman Do Bong Soon Episode 01

Color me impressed. Don’t get me wrong, I was always going to watch this kdrama. I mean, come on! Tall and smoldering Park Hyungsik (on his first lead role) crushing on adorable, tiny badass Park Bo-young, who at the same time has a crush on hard-ass cop Ji-soo? Did the PD and writer inception-ed me? Because this sure feels like a dream come true.

Not only the leads, but also the rest of the cast is amazing. Full of promising new talents like An Woo Yeon, who we saw on last year’s Jealousy Incarnate, and then the veterans: Shim Hye-jin! Yoo Jae-myung! Kim Won-hae! Lim Won-hae! And so many more who have a rich and successful film careers.

So, yeah, this show has all the ingredients to be awesome and so far episode one is everything and more. And Strong Woman Do Bong-soon is the show I didn’t know I needed in my life.

Starting with Do Bong-soon. I love that she’s a sassy, strong willed badass, who doesn’t let her powers cripple her or make her an introvert. She doesn’t feel superior either, she’s really just trying to do her best and in the meantime earn some money to do her own thing.

I love her little family unit. Bro seems like a good person who cares for her and has her back, while Mom and Dad have a hilarious dynamic.

sidetone: do we know why Bong-soon and her brother were kidnapped when they were kids? Is it important for the story? Or is it a colorful anecdote as to how she came to realize her powers?

The story about the curse makes me think that there are rules to her power, what would it mean for her to do this new job? She’s doing something good, protecting someone, but who or what determinate when she’s doing something selfish? In contrast and comparison, it was crystal clear why her mother lost her powers.

On the other hand, CEO Min-hyuk has given us glimpses of a not so happy family life, especially in regards with his father but I love that despite being a chaebol, he’s his own man. It seems like he made his fortune by himself and even it’s a name and example among his peers, who all seem to adore him by the way they greet him when he enters the building. I love this: that our leading man is a generally good and decent person, who speaks his mind properly. (It’s almost refreshing to find a chaebol lead who isn’t in a way violent and entitled, but with a secret heart of gold. Enough!)

So, who is threatening him? A competitor? Maybe. Is there more to the story? Probably, but that’s what we need to find out. This is where Bong-soon enters.

The chemistry between Bong-soon and Min-hyuk is amazing. Full disclosure: I was already shipping them by watching the promos alone, but now that I have seen them together I love them even more. Min-hyuk is so impressed with her all the freaking time and who can blame him? While Bong-soon is yet to be impressed, even when he’s a CEO she respects because she likes his company. They have an easy banter and I just hope the show knows what is doing, so they can use this easy-going and honest chemistry well.

As for our second lead, Kook-doo, he reminds me a little of Detective Lee Jae-han from tvN’s Signal: uncompromising and honest, actively searching for the truth all the time. He even goes out of the way to help Bong-soon, which means he cares for his friends, sadly just not in the way she wishes to. Bong-soon’s crush on Kook-doo is adorable and I wonder if he truly doesn’t know about her feelings since they are pretty obvious to anyone whose watching.

BUT THERE’S A TWIST! Because not all is romance and comedy in the show, although I found myself laughing out loud more than once, there’s also a murder mystery upon us. Is it related to the threats Min-hyuk is receiving or just a way to bring our three leads together in the quest to find the truth? And who was the person following Bong-soon?

For a first episode, I think the PD and writer set the story very well and I’m really looking forward to what will happen next!

  • Eun Jae: looks like a cinnamon roll, could actually kill you
  • Ye Eun: looks like a cinnamon roll, is actually a cinnamon roll
  • Jin Myung: looks like she could kill you, is actually a cinnamon roll
  • Yi Na: looks like she could kill you, could actually kill you
  • Ji Won: wants to be a sinnamon roll

[casting news] - Kim Ji Won & Park Seo Joon are confirmed for the lead roles in the kdrama ‘Third Rate My Way.’ (◠﹏◠❀) 

Jiwon is to play the role of Choi Aera, a department store clerk who dreams of being an announcer and Seojoon is going to play an office worker who becomes a UFC fighter.  The drama is currently set to premiere in May on KBS.