6 Times K-Drama Actors Unabashedly Adored Their Co-Stars

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1. So Ji Sub and Gong Hyo Jin- “She is so lovable.”

In a promotion interview with SBS’s “One Night of TV Entertainment” for their drama, “Master’s Sun,” So Ji Sub describes what is it is like to work with her. He says: “She is so lovable. When she is acting, she has a unique breathing sound and cute, lovable expressions.”

In the same interview, So Ji Sub describes his surprise at her ability to just approach him when most people are afraid to. “She is very comfortable to be with.”

Gong Hyo Jin also reveals that So Ji Sub got her a fan to use while waiting to film since it is so hot outside. Look at him smiling shyly when she mentions it.

Source: YouTube/SBSNOW

2. Ji Chang Wook and Ha Ji Won- “I am her manager.”

Not only did they work on “Empress Ki” together, but they were also endorsement partners for outdoor brand North Cape. In an interview during a photoshoot for the brand, Ji Chang Wook describes how he just finds himself taking care of her, like he is her manager.

Source: Ji Chang Wook’s Kitchen

3. Hwang Jung Min and Jeon Do Yeon- “Being able to act with you was like a miracle to me.”

In his acceptance speech for the Best Actor Award at the 2005 Blue Dragon Film Awards, Hwang Jung Min couldn’t hold back his emotions and gratefulness as he thanked everyone that he worked with while filming the movie “You Are My Sunshine.” He especially thanked his co-star Jeon Do Yeon, not in the usual obligatory way, but with the heartfelt words, “Being able to act with you was like a miracle to me.”

4. Lee Jong Suk and Park Shin Hye- “I think Park Shin Hye is so pretty!”

In a promotion interview with SBS’s “One Night of TV Entertainment,” Lee Jong Suk is full of compliments about his “Pinocchio” co-star Park Shin Hye, saying their chemistry is good and exclaiming, “I think Park Shin Hye is so pretty!”

Source: YouTube/SBSNOW

Hilariously, though, the lie detector test later showed that he really thinks he is prettier than Park Shin Hye.

Source: YouTube/SBSNOW

Source: YouTube/SBSNOW

5. Lee Jin Wook and Ha Ji Won- “HA. JI. WON.”

Lee Jin Wook was not shy at all about how much he adores Ha Ji Won in an interview for their drama “The Time We Were Not in Love.” He states that she is an impressive actor and is “very lovable and very pretty,” adding, “She is very comfortable to act with.”

His compliments continue, making Ha Ji Won even more shy and Lee Jin Wook even happier.

Source: YouTube/민주화61

Lee Jin Wook is on a roll. When asked why he picked this drama, he states without any hesitation, “Ha Ji Won.” He adds, “She is a trustworthy actress.”

Source: YouTube/민주화61

Ha Ji Won later clarifies that Lee Jin Wook signed on to this drama before she was cast.

Ha Ji Won is asked which actor out of her many co-stars she had the best teamwork with and she replies, “Right now, Lee Jin Wook.” Before the interviewer can even repeat the question to Lee Jin Wook, the actor confidently states, “Ha Ji Won. HA. JI. WON.”

Source: YouTube/민주화61

6. Shin Min Ah and Lee Jun Ki- “I am just happy to be with her.”

Lee Jun Ki was so open about how much he liked Shin Min Ah when they met up before filming their drama “Arang and the Magistrate,” she said to him, “You’re making me uncomfortable.”

Source: YouTube/yuhye park

But that still didn’t stop him from expressing how happy he was to be working with her.