Olympus Overdrive:
-The main character Max is black
-PK is agender
-Harper is bigender -Artemis also has no gender
-Aphrodite is not skinny still considered beautiful
-Angus is goth and doesn’t want to be
-Bobby has a hearing disorder and is part Korean
-Eris is insane
-Max is 19 and lives with his mom so he can help her
-Bobby’s best friend is most likely not straight
-Each character has something they must overcome, like courage or self confidence v gR8 t
-There are multiple characters with relationship problems
-Multiple characters are depressed for different reasons

This webcomic is the opposite of a stereotype and is amazing
Go read it!!!


Kdrama Female Characters Suffering From Depression

I like dark and depressed characters, whatever their gender be. I think I’ll like Park Bo Young character in Oh My Ghost. I know some viewers sometimes have a hard time with that kind of role but I find it so nice to have something different from the usual heroine. And since I’m suffering from chronic depressive episodes, I’m always happy to see representation of the disease. Especially when it’s a good representation that doesn’t throw rocks at their characters for being sick or just socially awkard. I particularly related to Park Shin Hye/Go Dok Mi. She made me feel so many things…

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