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Bts Reactions:BTS taking cate of you at the beach or pool but end up getting sunburned (fun)

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Honey, is very warm in Madrid and I was thinking of BTS reactions with s/o where they care so much that they forget things for themselves like they always bother s/o to put sunscreen but the boys end up getting sunburnt, etc.. What do you think, material for a reaction??

Very specific but here you go


Jin and You were laying at the beach, relaxing in the sun. You were lying down when you felt something on your back. You look back and see Jin rubbing more sun screen on your back.

Y/N-“Jin this is the 4th time you have put sunscreen on my back. I’m fine.”

Jin-Because I love you, and I need you to be safe

Y/N- Jin? Did you put on sunscreen?


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Y/N-Jin your back! It is so red
You jump up and quickly grab a towel and throw it on his back
Jin-“Y/N OUCH!”
Y/N-“Jin let’s just go home, you are all burnt.”
Jin-*Trys to get up but winces* Let just relax here, can you please get me ice cream.“
Y/N-"Yes baby "You kiss his forehead and touch his back and walk away
Jin-"well this sucks.”

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Grabbing the Sunscreen, You started to put some on my legs. Bending down in front of Hoseok , He started to wolf whistle making you blush.


You-*Turn around and slap his forehead*Shut up Hoseok

Hoseok-“Let’s go to the water love”.*Jumps up and hugs you from behind*

You-Okay love*You grab his hand and walk to the water, kissing him*

Hoseok-“I love you ”

You-*After 20 mins in the sun , you notice his red arms* Baby did you put on sunscreen"

Hoseok-“No why, I feel fine baby. I told you not to worry ”

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You-“Umm you are all burnt”
Hoseok-*Looks at his shoulders and smirks* I look cool
You-“You look like a tomato”
Hoseok-*Walks away but pulls you with him* At least you look fine
You-“Well i listened to you and put sunscreen.”
Hoseok -“Your ass distracted me.”
You laugh and start to pack  up the stuff and look at a dramatic Hoseok lying on the towel, pretending to die
Hoseok-“I’M MELTING!”* you are jimin*

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Rap Monster

Namjoon always nagged you when you two went to the beach. He was always rubbing Sunscreen all over you even your face.

You-“YAH stop , I can’t be all white in the face”

Namjoon smirks at you and winks , kissing you quickly.

Namjoon-“Well I can , but not on the beach”.

You-“I’m leaving ”*You smack his chest and run to the water

Namjoon -“Wait for me!”*Runs after you and twirls you around

You-“Namjoon Your sunscreen”

Namjoon-“I’m beautiful dark or light , I don’t need it”

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After arriving home, Namjoon takes off his shorts ,Leading to you wincing.
You quickly look at him and pout. You kiss his cheek as he looks confused
Namjoon-“What?It is cold in here”
You-“I’m not laughing at you babe. I’m laughing at the sunburnt you recieved.You have a farmer tan”
Namjoon-“Damn It, I thought i would get it in tonight”
You-“It is gunna be a no from me dawg.Not with that Tan”

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You and Yoongi were at the pool, relaxing in the sun. All the Boys went to the beach , but your man doesn’t do the beach. You look at him and start to rub his back with sunscreen

Yoongi-“Don’t worry about me baby  , Go in the pool”

You huffed and looked at him,“You said I need to take care of you.”

Yoongi-“Yeah but that is when I am needy , but now go enjoy the pool baby, I’ll be right there”

You-“I hope you get burnt butthole”

Yoongi-I still love you

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Yoongi fell asleep on the pool chair ,letting you swim in the pool by yourself.After getting tired, you climb out to see a red yoongi. You felt bad so you shook him and kissed him to wake up.
You-“Baby wake up”
Yoongi smiles and kisses you back , He turns on his back and wincing
Yoongi-“Ah fuck”
You-“I think we should just go, i’ll run a bath for you”*You help him up and he holds on to your back"
Yoong-“It is so smooth, I am such a good boyfriend making sure you were safe. I wish i felt the same love”
He acts dramatic making you roll your eyes

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You and Jimin finally arrive to beach , to see him get all happy makes you so excited. You two walk to meet his family , When his family invites him to a volleyball game. As you put your stuff down by his mom , You grabbed his sunscreen and rubbed it on his back.

He smiles and kisses you but grabs his hat and start to walk away.

You-“Honey you need sunscreen.”

Jimin-“Babe I am young, I am going to go play.”

You-“I’m young too, but I couldn’t leave without putting some”

Jimin winks at you and runs to the volleyball game.

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Jimin mom-“He is going to get burn.”
You-*sit by here and hand her a drink*“ You are so right, ma'am . But he never listens to me. When we get home, he is going to say he is peeling and want to the doctor.”
Jim Mom-“He is your problem now, good luck.”
*you two laugh looking at your man, Playing and rolling in the sand*
You and Jimin said bye to everyone, and once you got in the car he wined
jimin-“Baby i need to go the doctor. I am peeling.”
You-“Jimin, I told you tha-”
Jimin-“I know i was wrong but i am dying”
You-“We are going home and you will sleep and i will rub aloe on you”
Jimin-“Yes love, you are the smartest person on earth. I bow to you”

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Taehyung wanted to go the hotel pool and meet all of bts there . You grabbed all of the supplies but before you left , he stopped you at the door.

Tae-“Excuse me , Your sunscreen”

You-“Excuse me sir, I am not 2 . I don’t need it”

Tae-“Excuse me,I am your man so turn around”

You huff and turn around. Tae rubs sunscreen all over your back and kisses your shoulder .

Tae-“Okay let’s go baby”

You smile and hold onto his hand , swinging and hugging until you reach the pool.

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You and Yoongi, Jin and Namjoon went to the pool lounge chairs and took naps. Tae and the boys were playing every game you can think about. After hours in the pool , Tae sits on your butt ,waking you up.
You-*Groan and look up at a red face tae"Baby your face
Tae-“Baby I know i am hot but -”
Jin-“No dumbass you are sun burnt”
Tae-“Okay first rude. Second, ouch! Baby help me”
You-“You look like deadpool baby , it is okay "You kiss him and he smirks. You start packing up and Tae looks at jin.
Tae-"She said i look like deadpool so ha!”
Jin-“Deadpool was burned dumbass”

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You and jungkook were at the beach , relaxing and enjoying the breeze. Jungkook grabs sunscreen and starts to rub in on your shoulder.You smile at him and winked. Once he was done, You kiss him and bring him down to you. He smiles and kisses you and gets up.

You-“Wait i have to put some on you”

Jungkook-“oppa doesn’t need it , I am strong”. You roll your eyes and your stubborn man as he runs to bury taehyung in the sand.

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After 2 hours in the beach, You see Jungkook walking to you slowly. You smile but when he comes closer , you see his chest red.
You-“Ah Jungkook I told you ”
You quickly grab the sunrelief cream and stand up and help him lay down.
Jungkook-“I feel like bacon”
You giggle and start to rub cream but he yells Jungkook-“NO NO ! I am going the car”. He gets up and start to the walk to the car. When you meet him there he is looking at the car shocked.
You walk to the seat and look at him confused.
You-“Why are you so shocked?”
Jungkook-“I just realized that we left tae”

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In Need Of A Man

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» You think you need a man but Taehyung wants to prove you that he’s all you need.
» Taehyung x OC 
» 9.5k words
» Warning: Smut.

With her mouth hanging open, Jaehee couldn’t believe what was happening. The air was coldly brushing against her cheeks where her phone wasn’t.  “What have you said? “ She repeated, almost yelling. Her sudden change of tone attracted the gaze of many other people in the skatepark. Most of them being her group of friends.

She was sitting on the bench facing the skate ramps where the boys were enjoying their evening but suddenly raised, which made Jungkook wake up in shock as he was sleeping on her laps before she raised. “ W-What ? I didn’t do it.” The young boy said out of the blue but Jaehee was long gone as she walked to the fences surrounding the park. She grabbed a part of it to play with her fingers.

“ I heard right, dummy, I mean why? “ Jaehee repeated once again.  “You promised me, girl. “ She said pissed off. She sighed and nodded. “ I know, I know. “ She clarified as the other person on the line seemed to have replied to her already. “ Well, I’ll see what I can do, but I don’t come, it will be your fault.  “ She said fakely angry. She ended up giggling at the last reply of the person before closing her phone. One of the boys stopped skating and walked closer.

The man took support on his skateboard. “ What’s wrong JaeJae? “ He asked and the girl turned around to look at the man. She sighed and put the phone back in her pocket.

“ Nothing. It’s just Hani. She choked for the homecoming ball.” She said crossing her arms over her chest. The boy smirked and pulled her closer by putting an arm around her shoulder. He dragged her closer to the rest of the group who, simultaneously to her call, had stopped and gathered all together to see what was happening.

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