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“Please take care of yourself, it’s important to do so.” with Jackson 😊


THIS IS REVOLTING. Why can’t these so-called ‘fans’ just leave him alone? They are already interacting with us on so many platforms so why can’t people just let them be and not disturb or invade their personal lives. Do you know how scary it is to be contacted by a stranger? Especially receiving suggestive texts like that? It’s fucking disgusting. Whoever you are, you need to stop. They DO NOT OWE YOU ANYTHING. And they are humans too, let them live their personal lives in peace at least. He literally begged for people to stop texting him. It just fucking breaks my heart that they need to beg for people to stop invading their personal lives. This is downright fucked up & disrespectful. Seriously why can’t we live a day in peace without any drama or fuckery? 

Wait — Im Jaebum

author’s note someone had requested i write some professor!jaebum smut and so here’s it is lmaooOOoo im shit at writing smut it lowkey makes me feel awkward hehehe honestly so im so sorryyy. @sexyyoungjae hope u like it <33 #UNEDITED!

summary Everything is better when it’s against the rules like sleeping with your college professor for example.

warnings smut, strong language, blackmail & angst

word count 3K

Im Jaebum was his own version of temptation; he was inviting, yet so incredibly intimidating. Perhaps, its because he was your Political Science professor and not just some random guy by the bar, but he was both of those things.

It was a simple mistake, one that you swore you wouldn’t allow to happen again.

But here you were, skirt bunched up around your waist with his fingers so dangerously close to where you wanted him.

“Why do you keep doing that?” He grunts as he takes his time teasing the skin between your thighs. You arch against him, when he eases a finger in you. “D-doing what?”

Jaebum rolls his eyes as if the answer was obvious enough. “Why do you keep staring?” You blink at him, still quite dazed by the fact that he had his finger inside of you. “Stare at you? Do you mean in class?” You ask, breathlessly.

“Yeah, it really gets on my nerves.” You fall silent for awhile, trying not to moan loudly when he adds another digit, also because you were quite busy thinking his words over.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t know it bothered you that much.” You mutter against his neck.

Jaebum chuckles softly, teeth nipping at the delicate skin of your exposed collarbone. “Everytime I catch you staring at me with those pretty eyes of yours, I have fight this urge to bend you over my desk and fuck you into next week.”

You flush a bright pink, clearly flustered by his vulgar words.

“You have such a dirty mouth,” You hum softly into his ear.

Jaebum presses you further into the side of his kitchen counter, increasing the pace of his digits until you’re a moaning mess beneath him. “You love it, though.” He grins. “I need to hear you say it, jagiya.”

You huff out a breath. “I love your dirty mouth, professor.” You knew Jaebum hated it when you called him that, it made him feel dirty in a way, but you decided it would be entertaining to just poke fun at him today.

“Yah, don’t call me that.” He pouts.

You roll your eyes and kiss him, “Just fuck me already.”

“How could I say no to that?”

Jaebum is a fierce lover, dominant and giving. He gives you all of him, and asks for all of you in return; he admires the curves of your body, the freckles on your skin and the sweet smell of your arousal.

You almost felt nostalgic as he ploughs into you, filling you to the brim. The first time you had met Jaebum was at a crowded dive bar not far away from campus premises. He was the handsome man by the bar, a Cuba Libre in his hand as his eyes grazed over your figure.

Something about him was so magnetizing, you couldn’t resist nor could he.

You thought Jaebum would just be another notch on your bed post as you walked up to him with that confident smile of yours, and bright eyes. But as you talked to him, you figured he would be more than that.

Jaebum was charming, humorous and not to mention, extremely stunning.

He took you home that night. His apartment was cozy and a little too big for someone to live in it alone.

He kissed you slowly as your clothes dropped to the floor. Teasing your heat with his delicate fingers, reveling in the sounds of your sighs and moans. Jaebum never thought he’d hear something as pleasing as the sound of your voice mewling his name.

Jaebum claimed you everywhere.

He fucked you in his unmade bed, the cotton sheets soft against your back, your chest, your thighs. He fucked you against the cold shower wall afterwards underneath the spray of warm water. And before you left, he had you pinned beneath him on his couch, leaving you dazed and flustered just by the ghost of his lips against your hipbone.

“You have to be loud for me, jagiya.” He hissed.

Your eyes nearly rolled to the back of your head when he snapped his hips harder against your own. You raked your hands down his chest, practically yelling his name for the entire floor to hear it’s not like it will be the first time anyway.

And as your highs approached, the cold marble against the small of your became uncomfortable and the way you curled your toes felt almost painful.

Jaebum groaned loudly when he felt you clench around him. “Jagiya, if you do that again I might just come.”

You chuckled softly and whimpered, “Isn’t that the whole point, Jaebum-oppa?”

“You’re going to be the death of me, I swear.” You kissed him lightly on the lips, stomach tingling.

With one last thrust, you came undone; blinded by white as you arched your back and screamed out his name in euphoria. Jaebum followed suit right after.

And once the silence ensued, you were engulfed by your thoughts.

This fling between you and Jaebum would eventually stop — it was against the rules. You had heard of some universities being open to student-professor relationships, but you were attending one of Seoul’s most prestigious colleges and they were definitely not open to student-professor relationships.

It was frowned upon, and you figured that if you and Jaebum weren’t romantically involved, you would share the same views as well.

“What are you thinking about?” You didn’t notice Jaebum had taken you to his room. His sheets are warm and velvety, overwhelming you in comfort. You snuggled closer to his bare chest, almost purring at the feeling of his skin against yours.

“What if someone found out about us?” You pondered.

Jaebum stilled in your hold. You knew he was worried about it, too. If you two got caught, he’d lose his job and probably his license as well.

Jaebum sighed and nuzzled his nose into your hair. “Just two more years, jagiya.”

Two years — exactly twenty four months, seven hundred thirty days and seventeen thousand five hundred twenty hours. The heart can only hold on for so long.

“But what happens if you can’t wait?” You detested the silence that followed afterwards.

It made you feel naive and insecure.

You were Jaebum’s student for fuck’s sake and he was sleeping with you. What makes you think he’d be interested in keeping you around when he can find someone else, someone more mature than you, who had a job and was ready to settle down.

Why would he settle for a college student, who  had no damn idea where she’d be in the next five years.

“It’s getting late, I should go.”

Jaebum felt pathetic for not saying anything, too busy drowning in his own doubts and worries of not being good enough for you.

Jaebum grew up believing that giving up was never an option, but now he felt like it was the only one he had.

Would it be selfish of him to hold you back from reaching your full potential? You were young, and you had so much ahead of you to experience. You could easily find someone younger, who could give you more. Why settle for a Pol-Sci professor, when you could find someone more appealing, more exciting?

But he was everything you wanted.

And you were everything he wanted, too.

He stared in silence as you got dressed. You hurriedly tugged on your sweater as you searched for your skirt.

“It’s in the kitchen.” Jaebum murmurs.

You blush and nod, scurrying off to fetch your lost clothing. Your skirt was laying in a pile by the counter Jaebum had pressed you against earlier.

You felt something pinch at your fragile heart.

The dizzying feeling of regret started to sink into your bones. It takes control of your senses, blinding you and seizing your entire being.

“Do you want me to walk you out?”

Jaebum appears by the doorway, clad in nothing but a pair of grey sweatpants that hung low on his hips. You’re almost tempted to touch, to get close him, but you pull yourself back as you nod.

“I’ll see you in class tomorrow?” He tries his best to smile genuinely at you, but it just comes off as awkward and forced, which makes your heart sink further into the abyss of your stomach.

You don’t say anything, you just nod. “Okay then, goodnight jagiya.” He leans down to kiss you and your brain starts to go haywire, blaring off alarms and sirens to keep you from leaning in too, but everything about him is too intoxicating to not resist.

The kiss is short, but full of passion as if you’d never get to see him again.

“Goodnight Jaebum,”

He closes the door behind him, leaving you cold and hollow in the empty corridor. You walk with heavy steps, heart hammering and eyes watering.

There’s a creak from behind you, but you don’t look not until you hear a familiar voice calling your name. You peer behind your shoulder, shocked and muddled. “Yugyeom?”

Yugyeom stands just two doors away from you, lips parted and eyebrows raised. “Was that you with Professor Im?” You felt like a deer in headlights, frozen and panicked.

“W-what do you mean?” You just had to stutter.

Yugyeom was in your Philosophy class, and usually attended Jaebum’s classes as well. You weren’t close, just good acquaintances.

Rosy lips curled in a menacing smirk. “So it is you — the mystery girl Im Jaebum is fucking with. What would the school board think of this, hm?”

You were stunned.

“Yugyeom, I can explain —” But he just shakes his head and grins devilishly. “Loads of people are already suspicious of the two of you, you guys aren’t exactly subtle in class. I see the way you look at him, like you’re about to pounce on him — in all honesty, it’s disgusting.”

You wanted to throw up and sob.

Yugyeom was going to tell everyone, he was going to report it to the headmaster and get you expelled and Jaebum fired.

“Yugyeom, I beg of you. Please don’t tell anyone. I’ll do anything you want —” Yugyeom’s ear perked up and that sinister grin of his only grew bigger.


“Anything.” You assured.

The blonde boy eyed you, and nodded. “Alright, meet me by the Physics lab in the old building after class.” You gulped and complied. “Oh, and try not to be late, alright jagiya?” You visibly shuddered at his tone.

Yugyeom watched as you practically ran to the elevator. “I’m going to have fun with you,” He murmured to himself.

Once your last class for the day was over, you practically fell off your chair, whizzing past crowds of students. You hadn’t gotten a wink of sleep last night, no thanks to Kim Yugyeom.

You couldn’t believe he had threatened you.

You always thought of him as a kind soul; always so inviting and nice to everyone he met. But you guess you were wrong.

On your way to the old building, you unfortunately bumped into the one person you dreaded seeing today, and that was Jaebum. You skipped his class this morning. You knew you looked a mess today, eyes always frantic and hair unkempt, and he could easily see right through you. You didn’t want to worry him.

“Yah, slow down.” Jaebum caught you in his arms before you could tumble to the floor. He gazed down at you, concern evident in his eyes. “Jaeb — Professor, I’m kind of in a hurry right now so please, let me go.” Jaebum had never seen you like this before.

Jaebum,” you hissed quietly as you pried his hands away from you. “I need to go.”

His grip loosened, so you took this to your advantage and slipped past him. You banked to the right and into an empty hallway, which led you to a shortcut to the old building.

You checked your watch and frowned, you were running late by five minutes. You prayed Yugyeom was at least patient enough to wait a few more minutes for you, otherwise you were fucked.

“Don’t you look like a mess.” Yugyeom was leaning against one of the walls, arms crossed and gaze dark. He had clearly been waiting awhile.

“Yugyeom, I’m sorry —” He pushed himself off the wall, and took two strides to where you stood, towering above you. “You kept me waiting, jagiya. And I don’t like that.” He was way too close to you, his breah fanning the side of your neck as you inhaled the sickly sweet smell of his perfume.

He brushed a few strands of your hair away from your face, tucking them behind your ear. “You said you’d do anything, right jagiya?”

You swallowed thickly. “Y-yes.”

Your words set a blue flame in Yugyeom’s obsidian eyes. He smirked and leaned in to kiss the corner of your lips. “Come with me, then.”

Though you’re convinced you want Jaebum and only Jaebum, you wonder what Yugyeom’s lips would feel like against your own, what his tongue tasted of.

Jaebum watched from behind a wall as you left with Yugyeom, his arm wrapped firmly around your waist, pulling you close to him.

In all his life, he had never felt so wronged.

If only he knew.

By the time you got to your dorm, Yugyeom had pushed you against the back of the front door, blunt nails digging against the flesh of your hips. “I’ve wanted to fuck you ever since that night in that goddamn frat party.”

You peered up at him, confused.

Frat party, what frat party? You wanted to ask. But you didn’t need to because Yugyeom knew exactly what you were thinking.

“Oh, you don’t remember, jagiya?” He breathes into your ear. “We were in a position similar to the one we’re in now, except I had my hand down your pants — I was so close to getting to bury myself into your tight cunt before you got that fucking phone call.”

You couldn’t recall anything. You had attended quite a hefty amount of frat parties in your two years of college, but you don’t remember getting frisky with Yugyeom.

Yugyeom growled. “Wonder who called you that night? Oh right, I remember! Im fucking Jaebum.” You gulped and squirmed against his grip.

“You left me there, jagiya. I was so fucking hard and you left me for our Pol-Sci professor. Who the fuck does that?” You yelped when he rubbed you through your jeans. “So now, you’re going to pay for that.”

As Yugyeom stripped you off your garments, you couldn’t help but picture Jaebum instead. His soft lips instead of Yugyeom’s. His large hands instead of Yugyeom’s.

“Tell me you want me,” Yugyeom snarls.

You try to bite your tongue, but it’s no use when your own slick heat betrays you. “You don’t want me, jagiya?” His fingers creep to your sex, teasing you slowly and painfully. “Mhmm, you’re practically dripping for me so I beg to differ.”

“Say it.” He orders sternly, gaze boring into your soul. “Fuck — I want you, Yugyeom.” The words taste bitter in your mouth.

Yugyeom fucks you roughly, not caring if he’s going to bruise your flesh, or biting too hard. He’s so much different than Jaebum, and you’re not quite sure if you like it.

It’s exciting, sure. But it’s not breathtaking, nor is it anywhere near loving. Call yourself traditional, but you liked it when Jaebum eased into you slowly, caressed the skin of your behind, kissing you as he buries himself deep inside you.

When it’s all over, and you’re in your bed, you wonder if you could ever face Jaebum again.

“Yugyeom —”

Yugyeom looks at you and frowns. “I won’t tell anyone, I promise.” You nod and fall back against your satin sheets.

“Goodnight,” With that, Yugyeom leaves your dorm.

You curl in your bed, cold and naked.

It’s nearly half past two and you can’t sleep, your heart heavy and mind on the verge of imploding. You grab your phone from the nightstand and dial Jaebum.

He’s probably asleep, you think to yourself. But after the fourth ring, he picks up though he says nothing. You can hear his breathing on the other side of the line, and you speak,


“Why’d you go with Yugyeom?”

Your breath gets caught in your throat. The walls around your heart start to collapse, and suddenly it’s getting harder for you to breathe.

Before you can even explain yourself, he continues.

“I didn’t know he even lived in the same apartment complex as me, hell — I didn’t know we shared the same floor. He came home around midnight, looking all sexed up. Hair a mess, hickies all over —”

“I slept with him.”

Jaebum wants to pretend he doesn’t hear you. He wishes it was all just a joke — no, he wants it to be a dream, some kind of twisted nightmare. But it’s not; this is his reality and it feels like a slap to the face.

He’s silent for a moment and so are you. You’re crying and you hate it. You felt so pathetic, so stupid for allowing this to happen.

“Remember when you asked me if I wasn’t willing to wait?” You nod even if you’re aware he can’t see you.

“I would have told you that I would. I would have waited for you for two years, even more than that. You —” His voice breaks. “every time I look at you, I always find myself thinking that waiting two years for you won’t be that bad after all.”

You suppressed a sob, pressing your hand against your mouth as warm tears started free falling. “What about now?”

It’s a stupid question because you already know the answer, but you just want to hear him say it. “I don’t even know if I want to wait anymore.”

The line goes dead and you’re left there, phone pressed against your ear and tears endlessly streaming down your face.

“Our son has a little girlfriend & our daughter won’t leave Dean alone with Hoody because that’s ‘HER husband’…what is life?!”

REQUESTED:: Daddy Daycare × Jay Park

GOT7 Mafia!AU where s/o tries to leave them and gets kidnapped

based on the request:

I live mafia au’s man 😪😪 so can I have a got7 scenario where they have an arranged marriage and have not shown the s/o any affection because they don’t want to get involved so their s/o tries to leave and gets kidnapped. Angst with a fluff ending please 🙇‍♀️

genre: mafia!au, angst, fluff.

WARNINGS: strong language, some violent themes.

a/n: sorry this took me so long! thank you so much for requestinggg! I have 9+ mafia!au requests and I’ll get to each one of them. This is my first got7 scenario hehe um hOw DiD tHiS gEt sO LoNg lmao I hope you guys enjoy it! x



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“Really?! Now I’m your wife, Jaebum?”, you spit out with your blood boiling at its peak, “I’ve tried to make this work but you’re the one who gives me the cold shoulder every fucking time.”

“Can’t you just listen to me for once in your goddamn life?!”

“See! You just ignored everything I just said!”, you were fed up, “You know what? I’m done with you right now. I need to get away from you.”

You walked out of the bedroom you two shared after you got married thanks to your family’s undying friendship. You can’t believe that your parents arranged your marriage in a family known for all the things you were completely opposite of.

“They are nice people, Y/N. We’ve been friends since we were toddlers. You’ll be happy.”

‘Yay dad! I am so fucking happy!’, you scoffed sarcastically after slamming the Im mansion’s door a little too loud.

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BamBam as a Boyfriend

anon said: can u do a bambam as ur bf if u haven’t already thank u!!

anon said: could you do bambam as a boyfriend please? 💞

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  • he wanted you so desperately
  • he wouldn't take too long to confess to you
  • cause he was sure that he liked you
  • he didn’t fear rejection
  • cause if he was rejected
  • it was okay
  • he’d do anything to win your heart
  • and truly he did
  • send you some flowers anonymously
  • the note said to show up at the park at 1:31am
  • why so specific
  • anyways you went to the park as the note told you too
  • and then he just asked you out
  • “let me take you on just one date”
  • and he did
  • it was a fancy date
  • very expensive


  • he likes to spoil you all the time
  • he’s that rich
  • he’ll introduce you to his family whenever he has the chance to go to Thailand
  • and he’ll serve you at his cafe
  • the fans find out about you accidentally
  • but they’re really supportive of you and bam
  • couple outfits
  • lets you wear his clothes
  • they look better on you than they do on him
  • loves taking you on expensive dates
  • loves taking you on tour
  • btw they’re in Paris right now
  • I can just imagine how romantic it’d be when you guys are in front of the Eiffel tower
  • buys you jewelry each anniversary


  • ok so
  • he loves to show affection toward you
  • he’ll hold back in public though
  • just bc he doesn’t want to get you or him in trouble
  • but he’ll hold your hand
  • and smile at your god awful jokes
  • he likes to pat your head a lot
  • idk
  • why
  • he just does
  • especially when he’s taller
  • loves to squish your cheeks together and kiss you


  • damn
  • he can really turn into a different person when yall fight
  • says a lot of shit that he doesn’t think about
  • regrets it later
  • fights happen pretty often
  • but nonetheless, yall still strong as fuk
  • when you start crying
  • that’s when he knows he fucked up
  • he’ll try hugging you
  • and if you don’t let him hug you
  • he knows he should give you some space
  • apologizes the morning after

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  • ok so
  • me and this fandom love to disagree
  • people think bambam is the kinkiest out of them all
  • which is probably correct
  • but he talks to you about it before ever trying things out with him
  • he doesn't want to push you into anything you’re not comfortable with
  • that being said
  • he loves calling you kitten
  • and dirty talking
  • the sin that escapes his lips
  • wow
  • those hips can make you see stars
  • he’s actually a very passionate lover, rather than kinky.
  • quickies are very often
  • and everywhere
  • when he knows he has time, he’ll take his time
  • he loves seeing you a mess underneath him


  • you’re so lucky to be dating him
  • like i want a man like him
  • he looks at you like he looks at his cats
  • just with so much love
  • wow im sad now
  • ok i gotta start getting ready for a night out on the town! wish me luck
Jinyoung as a Boyfriend

anon said: Hey, I’m a big fan of your Jackson and Mark as boyfriend scenarios. Could you possibly do a Jinyoung Version? ❤

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  • wow okay
  • he didn’t want to believe he had feelings for you
  • he denied it at all costs
  • access denied
  • literally
  • park jinyoung? in love?
  • unrealistic
  • sadly he couldn’t help but fall deeper for you
  • when he was sure
  • he would hang out more with you
  • and flirt a bit
  • and you flirted back
  • he didn’t even confess properly
  • yall just kissed and
  • BOOM
  • yall were on your first date in no time
  • “let me take you out for dinner sometime”


  • a fucking gentleman
  • he may not be able to be by your side 24/7
  • but he calls you all the time
  • leaves you romantic voicemails when you don’t answer
  • asks if you’ve eaten breakfast, lunch, AND dinner
  • compliments the fuck out of you
  • yall go out on coffee dates a lot
  • a lot to the point where he knows your order
  • dating jinyoung means u get to see his stubble sometimes
  • beautiful
  • just yes
  • he loves to joke around with you
  • and bc his acting skills are killer
  • he gets you all the time
  • he loves gossiping about the members
  • or telling you about a book he finished


  • jinyoung ain’t too much into PDA
  • in public and behind closed doors
  • the most he’ll do with you in public is hold your hand
  • he isn’t into skinship that much
  • idk i just don’t see him being a clingy bitch in public
  • occasionally wraps his arm around you
  • when y’all are alone
  • he likes to grip your thighs
  • he’s that bitch
  • he just likes that intimacy when he grabs your thigh.
  • jinyoung will tell you when things are too far when out in public
  • and if you do take it TOO far
  • well you’ll either fight when you get home
  • or fuck.
  • there’s really no guessing tbh


  • okay damn
  • fights with jinyoung are INTENSE
  • and it’s okay when they happen
  • because they make your relationship stronger
  • he knows how to win a fight
  • he never backs down
  • eventually, he’ll run out of steam
  • and tell you to drop the situation
  • he’ll apologize for being so harsh the next morning
  • but seriously
  • these fights happen like every 4 months
  • they’re pretty rare
  • but they can get out of hand

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  • yay i love sin
  • dirty fucking talk all the way
  • loves to dominate you
  • he loves marking you where only he can see
  • spanking
  • lots of spanking
  • I'm not saying he has a daddy kink or anything
  • he doesn't like being called daddy
  • but he loves when you submit to him
  • loves to tie your wrists with his finest ties
  • gets off to you being completely helpless
  • most of the time he’s rough and wild with you
  • the other times is when he’s so romantic
  • like candles
  • roses
  • music in the background to drown out the moans in the room
  • he won’t think he’s doing a good job unless you scream for him


  • aftercare is key
  • he’s not extra
  • but he’ll make sure to clean you up
  • he ends up holding you as you fall asleep
  • overall, a very chill, laid-back relationship
  • the relationship is special though
  • no one’s needs are left unnoticed
  • i ship
  • we love