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T-MAX to end 4-year singing career

One of my first Korean band is disbanding …although, somehow I was waiting for the news…this is still shocking to me.

But I’m going to continue supporting in their future solo/acting careers.

Korean boy band T-MAX has decided to disband after maintaining their singing careers for four years.

A press release from Planet 905 announced on Wednesday that the members decided to go their separate ways and focus on their individual activities such as solo singing careers and acting.

T-MAX made their debut in 2007 with its original members Shin Min-chul, Kim Jun and Park Yun-hwa. Then Park left the group in order to fulfill his mandatory two year military service and Joo Chan-yang and Park Han-bi joined the band in early 2011.

“Shin has established his own record label and has kicked off his music career and Joo will also start his solo singing career,” an official with Planet 905 said in the statement.

He went onto explain that Kim, who is currently serving his mandatory military service as well, Park Yun-hwa and Park Han-bi, will begin their acting careers under the firm.

T-MAX splashed onto the music scene with their single album “Blooming” in 2007 and rose to fame after releasing the hit song “Paradise” for the soundtrack to KBS’ 2009 TV series “Boys Over Flowers.”

The group and several of their songs on the soundtrack including “Say Yes”, “Wish You’re My Love”, “Fight The Bad Feeling” and “Bang Bang Boom” became popular throughout Asia, thanks to the success of “Flowers.”

They also expanded their careers to Japan, Singapore and various other countries in Asia.

Source: Asiae