park soo ha


Hyun-ah is listed on top ten of TV audition program with talented voice and attractive appearance. The reason why she is in this show is to be shown to her mom, Jang-mi, who has been separated for over 10 years. Jang-mi used to be a potential singer long time ago but had to give up her dream due to her responsibility she had to take at that time. They had lived together happily even in poverty until something happened bringing their parting.

There’s this person… She’s almost unbelievably snobby, rude, and doesn’t have an ounce of modesty. But that person began to fight for the truth and began to see people. As I was swimming through darkness, she became my light, and my road. Without that person, I could never have made it here. Because of that person, I learned how precious it is to protect someone. Because of that person, I learned how important it is to listen to other people.