park slide

Day Ninety-Three

-At 12:58, I clocked in. At 1:00, I passed several other cashiers on my way to the front end. At 1:01, I took a register at the far side. At 1:04, I turned around. At 1:05, I was entirely alone.

-An elderly man bought a travel-sized stick of deodorant. I thought to myself that it would not last long. I looked at the man and realized that he might not either. This may have been his intention all along.

-Today, there are children everywhere. These are the only guests I actively welcome to my lane. These are the ones I’m here for.

-A soccer mom stood at the end of my lane, sternly staring me down without a word. This is a nightmare crossing over into the real world and I am in no way alright with this.

-Hundreds of unidentifiable birds swarmed the parking lot, circling, slowly sliding closer and closer to the door, readying to mount their attack and begin phase one.

-I saw a child, curled up, hiding under a couple’s cart. I hope that it is theirs. Otherwise, everyone is in for a surprise tonight.

-I told a woman her change. The woman told me she loves me. Neither of us spoke again. I am okay with this.


mustdotravels Slide Rock State park is a state park of Arizona, USA, taking its name from a natural water formed by the slippery bed of Oak Creek. The park is located in Oak Creek Canyon 7 miles (11 km) north of Sedona.