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Dear Hye Jung,
I’m writing this letter in case something happens to me. I can become disabled, or die during the surgery. Even animals don’t abandon their offspring. I wonder what’s wrong with your parents. That’s also your fate, though. At least you got lucky with me. It shouldn’t happen, but if I die, you can keep my savings. It’s now in your name. Study with that money. The people I envy the most are educated women. My back hurts, so I can’t write anymore. 

From Grandma

My Secret Romance Episode 1

Well, HELLO! AND HOT DAMN! I knew from the preview this was the story about two people who had accident-prone meet cute and a steamy one night stand, but I did not expect for them to have such an amazing chemistry from the set go. I ship it, guys. I ship it hard. And I really enjoyed where the storyline is going, how it was written and the acting so far.

So, the story begins when our leading man, a bratty player chaebol, is forced to work at one of Dad’s resorts. Cha Jin-wook comes across as your every kdrama chaebol, you know he has a bad attitude but deep down there’s a heart of gold. Except this time around that golden heart doesn’t seem to be all that hidden, as a matter of fact I believe Jin-wook has no problems showing and expressing his feelings. By the end of the episode, and especially after the epilogue, I could see he’s way more vulnerable and lonely than at first glance. Also, the fact he was willing to share his bad mood and relate with a complete stranger says a lot about him.

Why did he left the bouquet of flowers for Mom and didn’t stay or talk to her? Dad clearly knows his son is not happy at all, but he’s trying to make it better by giving him a purpose and that is inheriting the company. I wonder if that’s what Jin-wook wants. Still, our hero came across like a good and healthy guy who needs to work on himself but has relatable and understandable troubles.

Of course, no story is ever complete without the counterpart: Lee Yoo-mi, who I came to love from the moment she appeared on the screen, is down on her luck and she’s dreading any interaction with her mother. Why? Because Mom used to be an erotic actress and while I understand how it could have been embarrassing for her when she was growing up, as a young independent woman I hope she can work on her relationship with her mother and be a little more understanding.

But Yoo-mi problems go beyond her relationship with her mother since she’s having trouble passing her exams to become a nutritionist and is doing even worse at job hunting. To top it all, she runs into Jin-wook and share embarrassing meet cute, over and over again.

What took me by surprise is that the show took the chance to start the story where it usually ends: by not only getting the main couple together but also sharing feelings and relate to each other. We have what usually takes several episodes to build up from the very beginning. I’m not saying it’s love at first sight, because that’s not how it came across to me, but there’s something brewing there. And of course there’s a physical attraction. Whatever happens next, I hope is as good as that scene at the beach (rawr!) Jin-wook might have kiss her first but it was Yoo-mi who made the decision to go on. I’m really looking forward to see how their relationship progress from now on.

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PS: Secretary Jang is a comedy goldmine.