park shi hoo

I think there’s a double standard when it comes to sexual assault cases. Lovelyz’s Jisoo was involved in a sexual assault case when Lovelyz first debuted and when it was (thankfully) revealed that all of the evidence was a complete lie and that the person who accused her of sexual assault was revealed to be some random adult man, people who originally accused her of being a rapist changed their tunes and switched into siding with her. Now if a male idol or actor gets involved in a sexual assault case, even if their innocence is proven in court and with evidence that side with them, they will always have people who strongly believe that they or their company paid off the victim to keep quiet and won’t consider the evidence proving their innocence. Take Park Shi Hoo’s case, for example. I literally know absolutely nothing about the guy or what he does for a living, but people are comparing Yoochun’s current unresolved case to PSH’s case, and from what I know, PSH was eventually found innocent, yet despite even an article where the victim’s friend revealed that her friend had allegedly been lying all along, there are still people who believe that PSH really did rape/assault a woman.