park row bridge


Sept 15, 1950 interior view of BMT Elevated Gate Car 931. This is one of the Brooklyn Bridge unit (BU) cars with the side doors. The side doors are no longer in use and the seating extends over the former doorway. These cars were set up for extra capacity of the Brooklyn Bridge Park Row terminal with side doors to facilitate the crowds at the terminal. The BRT cars were smaller versions of the Brooklyn Bridge RR cars that were 60’ long and 10’ wide. Unfortunately, the Brooklyn Els were built to the same standards as the Manhattan Els and the BB RR cars could not operate past the Sands St terminal in Brooklyn. This may be the only view of the interior of a BRT/BMT bridge unit car. The BMT bridge unit gate cars were probably put out of service after the closing of the Lexington Ave El as there were plenty of the convertible gate cars available. Those of us who rode on the Myrtle Ave El in the gate cars in the in the early 50’s remember the flip-over seats as seen in this photo of BMT Elevated Gate Car 1394.