park pass

  • US Colleges: *forces you to pay tens of thousands of dollars into your education plus the additional thousands of dollars on textbooks, parking passes, housing, and every little fee tacked on*
  • US Colleges: Congratulations on graduating. Thank you for pouring money into our school for years, if you'd like to get your diploma please pay another $100 dollars.


Super Craig: Okay let me break down everybody’s love lives for you. At least my personal view on them. First off don’t listen to Kenny. He might deny it, but he’s totally crushing on Butters. He’s so pan it hurts. If he were older he’d probably try to sleep with anybody that had a heartbeat.

Mysterion: HEY I HAVE STANDARDS! I wouldn’t just go after RANDOM people…

Super Craig: Okay then over here we got Clyde. He’s totally tit obsessed, worse than Mysterion probably. I’d say he’s probably the straightest one in the group. 

Mosquito: go away

Super Craig: As far as I know though, he doesn’t have a girlfriend. I think he’s still fruitlessly chasing after a raisin’s girl. Poor sucker.

Super Craig: Then we got the lonely hearts club over here.

Human Kite: HEY!

Super Craig: Neither of these poor bastards can seem to hold onto a girlfriend to save their lives.

Toolshed: Just because we’re off and on doesn’t mean I can’t hold on to Wendy! We’ll get back together!

Human Kite: Dude, let it go. She’s not right for you.

Toolshed: But I…but..

Super Craig: So anyway loser 1 is pining after a girl out of his league and out of his reading level, and loser 2 has such a horrible unlucky streak with girls that I think he might actually have been cursed. I mean, 0 for 5? Rough.

Human Kite: Just because it’s true doesn’t mean you should say it! What a dick…

Super Craig: Then there’s these guys. Jimmy…well Jimmy is also probably straight, I caught him looking up prostitutes again. I told him it’s illegal and probably morally wrong, but then he just made a joke about prostitution so I don’t think he cares.

Super Craig: Timmy is…okay Timmy is a big question mark. He doesn’t say much, or show much interest in people in general beyond friendships, so I dunno, maybe he’s not into relationships?

Super Craig: Scott is definitely aro-ace. He hasn’t said he was or anything, but I mean, he just definitely is. I can tell.

Super Craig: Wendy is…I’m pretty sure she’s Bi. To be honest I think she’s also maybe genderfluid, which is confusing for Stan, but I mean, she also seemed a little distracted by a raisin’s girl last time we had to drag Clyde out of the restaurant, so, she’s probably bi.

Super Craig: Then there’s Token. Poor guy, he’s all hung up on NIchole. I feel kinda bad for him, I was pretty upset for those three days where me and Tweek were fighting, and Token’s been single for like, over a month. Must suck

Super Craig: So yeah, that about sums up everybody’s love lives.


television meme [13/15] comedies
parks and recreation: what up, big t! stop. this must be the lovely donna. enchanté. listen beautiful, let’s cut the bull, alright? you want this. i definitely want this. t.h. wants this. let’s seal this devil’s threeway right here, right now. step one: we buy into this club. step two: we roll over to the club, either in your mercedes-benz or my pre-owned acura legend. step three: i dagger you on the dancefloor. just bounce, bounce, bounce, bounce, bounce, now all the ladies sayin’, bounce, bounce, bounce, bounce, bounce. what do you say, sexy?

min yoongi probably.....
  • Yoongi: finally my hair doesn't match our albums anymore
  • Jimin: guys check it out i dyed my hair pink now i look like the right version!
  • Yoongi: *already reaching for the blue dye* wow what a coincidence

Fall has arrived at Glacier National Park, and it’s stunning. Crushing clouds and rain greeted Nate Luebbe at Glacier, but as he crested Logan Pass he was treated to one of the most spectacular alpenglow sunsets we’ve seen. “The sun shot golden fingers between jagged peaks and illuminated the clouds from below, and I couldn’t help but admire the timing. Montana was welcoming me home.” Photo courtesy of Nate Luebbe.


Did I spent the weekend making these instead of my final projects? Yes.

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