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Hi 💖could you do 42 + 80 with jungkook please ?



PROMPTS: “If I die I’m going to come back and haunt you” + “You’re going to get us expelled”


We parked our car outside of Kim Taehyung’s house, using a tree across the street co hide the car. I turned my head to face jungkook after turning on the ignition and took in a breath. I was kind of getting cold-feet about all of this. Jungkook is my best friend so obiviously I would do anything to help him but this seemed a bit extreme. Taehyung is a known jock and prankster on into our school so it was no surprise to me that he saw it fit to do a little bit of upperclassmen hazing on Jungkook now that he was on the football team. It was however infuriating to Jungkook. He hadn’t stopped plotting revenge since he called me shrieking about the entire situation. He hadn’t even really explicitly told me what Taehyund did.

“Are you sure you want to do this?” I ask him , pulling the most “I’m serious” look my face can do. Jungkook nods his head and says, “Yes. For the last time, this is happening.”

Jungkook unbuckles his seatbelt in the passenger seat and reaches behind to grab the small black bag he had brought with him when I picked him up. “With or without you,” he adds, getting out of the car and closing the door as gently as he can.

I groan and look at the time. It’s almost 2am. Jungkook owe me big time, I think to myself. I quickly get out of the car and sprint over to him, crouching in the bush in front of Taehyung’s house. “I’m your ride or die, remember?” and he chuckles lightly. “But if we die, I swear to God I’m coming back to haunt you.” I add and he shakes his head.

Jungkook points to the second story window with a small balcony and says, “That’s the asshole’s room. Here’s the gameplan. I hoist you up on my shoulder and you hop on the lower roof on top of the doorstep and then you pull me up and from there we just hop onto his balcony.”

I look at Jungkook with the most dumbfounded expression and for a moment appreciate who animatedly stupid my best friend is. “Was Taehyung’s prank so severe that it cause you to lose all of your brain cells?” I ask, blinking inquisitively. I then smack Jungkook upside the head and whisperingly exclaim, “WE ARE NOT DOING THAT!”

“THEN HOW DO WE GET IN?” He whispers back. I sigh. “I can’t think of anything that wouldn’t land us in jail for breaking and entering. Why can’t we just tee-pee his house like normal people and not remove his hair with nair?”

“Because he deserves this.” Jungkook says gruffly, getting up and walking onto their lawn. “What are you doing?!” I exclaim throwing my hands in the air.

Jungkook smirks at me, “Ride or die right?”

I silently groan and sprint up after him. We reach the doorstep and just as ill-planned, Jungkook hoists me up on his shoulders. He complains a bit saying I’m heavy which earns him a flick to the forehead. I’ve never considered myself a person with a lot of upper body strength but today I impressed by pulling myself up on the small roof landing along with jungkook.

It was scary hopping onto the balcony even though there wasn’t much of a jump. Jungkook jumped first and hed his arms out once he reached the other side to comfort me into knowing he would never let me fall.

Once we were on the balcony, it was easy to get into Taehyung’s room; the window was already open.

We tiptoed inside onto his white carpet our shoes were sure to leave grass-stains on tomorrow.

We adjusting to the darkness of the room, I eventually was able to make out the shape on the bed Jungkook approached, holding out a bottle of Nair.

I moved closer along with Jungkook. “Does the school get involved with this kind of stuff? You’re going to get us expelled.” i whisper and Jungkook shushes me.

I see Taehyung now. His hair is messy and his body is sprawled on the bed. Taking in his body, I can see that he sleeps shirtless. Even in the very dim lighting I can see his tanned glistening skin.

“Gross. Stop ogling him.” Jungkook whispers shoving me a bit.

I blush. “I never notice how hot he was.” I say and Jungkook rolls his eyes. “Let’s see if you like him without eyebrows,” He mumbles.

He taked a slob of nair cream and is about to brush it on Taehyung’s face when I stop him. “Jungkook, no.”

Jungkook whips around and says, “What is it Y/N?!”

“You can’t do this. I don’t know what he did or said but you can’t just take his eyebrows off. This is wrong and you’re a good person Jungkook. What kind of friend would I be if I let you go through with this?” Jungkook sighs, letting his hand drop.

“You couldn’t have given me this speech like ten minutes ago?” He laughs lightly and so do I.

I give Jungkook a hug and rub his back, a weight off my chest lifted.

“WHAT THE FUCK?!” We hear Taehyung roar and we whip around in the opposite direction so he doesn’t see our faces. Jungkook grabs my hand and we race out of the bedroom through the front door. Taehyung grabs my foot when I’m jumping off the balcony but jungkook catches me and we roll onto the roof landing still struggling to cover our faces. “WHO THE HELL ARE YOU? I’M CALLING THE POLICE!”

Jungkook and I sprint to my car once we land on the ground and I unlock the car. We hop in and just as we pull of the street, I see Taehyung running onto his lawn in just his briefs.

It’s minutes until either one of us say anything as we sit in my car parked inside my garage. Finally Jungkook breaks the silence and says, “Good thing we used those fake plates.” And then he’s laughing hysterically. Either because the situation is funny to him or because it’s the only real reaction we have in the moment, His laugh is contagious I can’t help laughing either. The next morning I wake up lying on Jungkook chest still in the car. I feel a tingling on my face and feel for my missing eyebrow, I see that Jungkook’s hand still had some of the Nair cream.



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The Years Keep On Turning

I’m late, but oh well. Life happened and it was shitty, so I wrote this to cheer myself up and I hope it works for some of you as well. It’s not betad, so the copious mistakes are all mine. A birthday vignette in honor of our beloved muse, Katniss Everdeen. May she never be without her toastbabies, her dandelion in the spring, and plenty of delicious food. RATED M for smut.


She plays in the meadow, twirling and leaping, pretending to have wings like a bird so she can fly. Her father needs only a word, though, to draw her from play and into their chores. The flying girl doesn’t view the chores with distaste at all. She rather enjoys them, especially the moments of free time they get to savor the woods. Like today.

“Come down from that tree, Hummingbird,” the girl’s father calls up to her, his hands cupped around his mouth to amplify the sound. She grins and flips so she’s hanging from the branch by her knees, completely missing her father’s gasp of fear and the handful of running steps he makes towards the base of the tree before her giggle stops him.

“Your Mama’s waiting with your birthday surprise,” he admonishes, the fear of a moment ago making his voice harsher than intended. The girl sobers, hearing the subtle difference, and swings her feet over her head to the branch below before scurrying down the trunk and landing with a soft crunch of leaves, next to her father.

“I’m sorry, Papa,” she whispers, her expression contrite.

“It’s okay, Katniss,” the father says, picking up the girl’s game bag and handing it to her. “But we should get going.”

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Can’t even explain how incredible yesterday was. But here’s a photo from the day walking around looking for where we parked our car near the beach. It feels like a dream now. This will definitely be a photo I look back to later in life and remember this amazing girl and day- I’ve not been this happy in probably a year or more. Not sure if I’ll be happy about it or sad though. Anyway, life has a way of reminding you about “why?” When you really need it.

We’ve all learned from documentaries and mediocre animated features that penguins congregate in absurd numbers when it’s time to get their egg on. We also know, from that time we left our car parked under a tree over the weekend, that birds can produce an equally absurd amount of shit. Well, turns out that when these two forces of nature team up, it can produce a feculent stain on the landscape that’s actually visible from space.

The penguins actually found a way to make that wanton crapulence work for them, though. Their incessant turd production helps to melt the surrounding snow so that the ground is suitable for nesting. It’s not just the direct contact that does it – the contrast of brown-on-white absorbs heat from the sun faster than the surrounding snow. They seem to have it down to something of a science, too, as you can see sort of a pattern forming in this bit of time-lapse filthiness.

he 6 Most Insane Pooping Strategies Dreamt Up By Evolution

AU - Nikki crashes Roman and Brie’s European tour promo to tell them some bad news.

Brie - What are you doing?

Nikki - Okay, so like.. Dean and I were parking our rental car - He was driving-

*Dean off screen* - Liar! She totally was driving. 

Nikki -Shuuuuut Up. Anyway.. we sorta.. kinda… well. We crashed into yours.

Brie - Are you serious Nicole?

Nikki - It was totally Dean’s fault.

Roman - Yeeeaaah…. I can believe that.

This is White Male Entitlement...

We were parked at the Hospital parking lot, and this white guy was staring at us. He was parked next to our car. He made us feel really uncomfortable. He came out of his car while talking on the phone. Opened the trunk of his car and pulled out starter cables. He knocked on our hood signaling to open it. Confused my mom opened the hood. Then he opened his hood and clipped the ends of the starters on his battery. My mom got out the car. Without a word he clipped the other ends to our battery, and started his car quickly. Then he pulled off his starter cables, and left us standing there in shock. This is white male entitlement. He never asked us for help. Never talked to us. Just demanded the use of our car. Seriously, at no point in our interaction did he ask us to use our car or help him. He just took. He truly believed he was entitled to our car, and the use of our property. He felt so entitled he didn’t say a word to us. Just the expectation that we would do as he said. We felt so outrage. We just stood there in shock. Neither my mother and I could believe the gall of this white man.
After a moment my mother looked at me and said, “ Does he think he owns us?”
I replied, “ Yes. Yes he does.”


“Where time is transformed into space.”

National Museum of the Philippines has free admission again, and this time it is permanently free! I have to ease off my camera roll and these photos have been rotting in my phone. I was a kid when my first visit and I cannot believe myself that I had let my chance to see the art gallery slip away. We did not enter the main gate for the visitors because we had to park our car the other way.

This is the last part of my National Museum thread. This section mostly contains the galleries in fourth floors which, as far I can remember, is the Filipinos and their Rich Cultural Heritage (Kinahinatnan).

Other than the current degree I am pursuing right now and Asian Studies, I would really love to be a history major. History has a way of reanimating bones into life, eh? and in some ways we can trace back our roots or meet people we never met. As George Owell have mentioned, “The most effective way to destroy people is to deny and obliterate their own understanding of their history.”

I was very enthusiastic when I was talking about our own history to my siblings but my brother cut me off because he keeps on bitching about his knees – he really was just hungry. My sister appreciated my enthusiasm though, I think.

National Museum of the Philippines

May 7, 2016

(2/7) “They finally got Avi breathing through a tube. The anesthesiologist cried when she saw him alive again. She said it was the scariest moment of her career. That night we parked our car in a 24-hour garage. We didn’t move it for five weeks. We slept head-to-toe on the bench in his room. I stared at those monitors non-stop. They told us Avi had Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. The tumor was too big to remove so he began 25 months of chemo. Everything went wrong. Complication after complication. The ‘worst case scenario’ happened so many times that we began to expect it. He had over thirty surgeries. They completely removed his esophagus. He couldn’t eat for nineteen months. And he couldn’t talk for seven months– not a whisper.”


“It was a classic American high school, prom king and queen and shit like that,” he says. “And I did what everyone did, which was smoke and drink and climb radio towers. We did doughnuts in the parking lots in our shitty cars. And everyone seemed to be pregnant.” Typically, Adam went one step further – he started his own Fight Club, inspired by the movie, behind a marquee that locals would rent for their weddings.

Nate Saves You Imagine (Requested)

Nate POV

I had the longest day ever in the studio putting the finishing touches on the album I had been working on for the past several months. All I wanted to do was cuddle with my baby and relax, maybe order some takeout. I turned the car onto our street and parked the car in our driveway next to Y/N’s car. I had texted her an hour ago asking if I should bring home dinner, but she never responded. My guesses were either that she ate already or didn’t check her phone. I headed into our home and called for Y/N but there was no answer.

I headed down to our bedroom where I found Y/N tied to a chair, her mouth gagged and blood spurting from her nose and forehead. I began to open my mouth to say something, when she shook her head. Whoever did this to her had to be in the bathroom connected to our room. I quietly crept to the kitchen where I texted Sammy really quick to call 911 and send them to our home, then I grabbed the sharpest and longest knife that I could find, which I tucked under the elastic band of my briefs.

I crept back to our bedroom where Y/N was still sitting tied up, but now with a man pointing a gun at her head. “Well, well looks like your price charming is here to save the day, it’s about time .” the strange man said with an evil glare.

I put my hands up “Look man, you don’t have to do this. She’s a innocent girl, take me instead.” I said nervously as Y/N shook her head furiously. I looked in her eyes, which were full of horror. I nodded, which was my way to tell her everything would be alright. I had no intentions of dying right in front of her. I had a plan, that I hoped would somehow work.

“If that’s how you want it to be, it’s always the guy sacrificing himself for the girl.” the man said as he began to turn from Y/N to me. I took this as the perfect opportunity, I whipped out the hidden kitchen knife and stabbed the first body part I could, which was his stomach.

‘Ah you fucking stabbed me.“ the guy screamed as he dropped the gun. I quickly picked up the gun and untied Y/N. The man was losing consciousness as his bled onto our bathroom floor. I could hear the sirens outside and knew this would all be over soon.

I finally took the gag piece out of Y/N’s mouth as she jumped into my arms. I never wanted to let her go. The cops bursted into the house and got the intruder and checked out Y/N’s injuries, which luckily weren’t that severe.

I still held onto Y/N, realizing how close I could have been from losing her forever. "It’s all over now baby.” I whispered in her ear. I could hear her sniffling “He said he was a repair man, I’m so sorry.” she said into my shirt. “Shhh don’t worry baby, it’s okay now.” I said consoling her and kissing her forehead.

I was so thankful for this nightmare to be over and to have Y/N safe and alive in my arms.

Dear Future Wife...#544

We’re walking back to our cars and I almost trip over nothing. It just rained and the sky is still flashing beautiful streaks of lightning…and I blame the wet asphalt. As we walk in between our two parked cars, you laugh and turn around to wrap your arms around me. You’re saying something sarcastically mean, but your hug is warm and I can feel your laugh all over. And you tell me when you’re free next week and I won’t let go of your hand as you walk away and you feel like what home is supposed to feel.

((I was at Denver Comic Con on Saturday and I was really excited to meet Jhonen Vasquez and get the Invader ZIM preview book dealie. I underestimated the line and I got there 10 minutes before Jhonen was supposed to show. The line was outrageously long and Jhonen was only going to be there for an hour and even if I waited, I doubt I’d get to him in time. I was very sad about that but then me and my friend got lost trying to find out where we parked our car, and a little in front of us I think I see the man… IT”S FUCKING JHONEN FRIGHT IN FRONT OF ME WHAT ARE THE FUCKING ODDS!?!?!?? THIS WAS A DREAM COME TRUE!!!!!!!! I was hesitant to go up to him but I got the guts too and he was SUPER NICE and he liked my drawing and I got him to sign it!!! He started signing on the bottom but I asked if he could do it up top really big so that’s why there is an extra J there, I am not erasing that. I can’t believe I met one of my greatest hero’s in a circumstance like this!!!!!!!!!!! I should have gotten a picture with him but I didn’t want to take up too much of his time and stuff, I was already so happy with the signature!!!! THANK YOU JHONEN))

so HERE I AM just fckin enjoying jurassic world staring Chris Pratt™ aka crisp rat and then the movie ends……….and im like aight DAMN that was good movie!!! so then my mom and i we go back to the parking garage to get our car…,..,,,,ONLY ITS NOT THERE….,,,….,
so im FUckin channeling my inner JURASSIC SURVIVOR runnin up and down the parking garage and i looked through like 4 floors and it wasn’t there…..@ fuck this!!!!!! and LITTLE did i know that there was an elevator. and i just. didn’t use it.
SO NOW my Mom™ is yellin g at me and im like WYD…..,,,.//
and so my white girl brain sUDDENLY TURNS FUCKING ON and i think “(chorus:) starbucks has free wifi…x3” and so im like MOM IM GONNA GO TO starbuck S and she’s like “this is not the time, isabel” and so by then im already Outtie 500 and i HAUL ASS to starbucks and i THINK i almost got hit by a car. i do not know. update later. and so im in starbucks and still in JURASSIC SURVIVER MODE im like “WHat is the wifi password?” because i am NICE and not an ASSKNUCKLE to employees and so im texting my dad like “FATHER™ THE CAR IS STOLEN…..THIS IS MY GOODBYE” “ALSO: please pick us up” AND THEN IM OUTTIE 501 and whoosh
im back at the parking garage and my mom is makin her way downtown (down the parking garage) walkin fast and im homebound!!! naNANANAA NA NA NA NANANAANA NAAA…,.. and she’s like “hey DWEEB i found the CAR” and i was…..,,..flabbergasted….,..fuckin….,,…. WOAH and the car was MOVED A FLOOR DOWN…,.we had the key remember this!!!! AND IT WAS MOVED!!!! i don’t. know. i do not kn ow. but Chris Pratt™ was fine as hell and really that’s the moral of the story


Such a great run!! We woke up earrrllyyyy so it was nice and cool. Mentally I felt incredible I could have run forever. I began to feel the miles physically the last 5 or so but still felt really great.

We parked our car at a trail and ran 4 out and back in 1 direction then refilled our camelbaks and did 4 out and back in the other direction. Breaking it up like that was a huge help! Plus having cold water the whole time was necessary!

Now I have the whole day ahead of me!