park min woo


Park Chan Wook’s upcoming new film The Handmaid (Agasshi) has wrapped up production at the end of October. Here are two new stills featuring its leading cast (Kim Min Hee, Ha Jung Woo, Kim Tae Ri and Cho Jin Woong). 

The film is based on Sarah Water’s acclaimed novel Fingersmith, and follows a young girl (newcomer Kim Tae Ri) who, raised as a petty thief, later becomes an accomplice to a con man (Ha Jung Woo) who plans to pose as a gentleman suitor to try and marry a wealthy lady (Kim Min Hee) out of her fortune. 

In the novel, things get complicated when the petty thief and the wealthy lady fall in love with each other. While there is no realease date yet, The Handmaid is likely to bow in South Korean cinemas in the second half of 2016.


BOM with the cast - 1st look at all the members of SBS Roommate!

  • BOM (2NE1)
  • Lee Sora (Model)
  • Lee Dong Wook (Actor)
  • Hong Soo Hyun (Actress)
  • Jo Se Ho (Comedian)
  • Nana (After School/Orange Caramel)
  • Song Ga Yeon (Fighter)
  • Chanyeol (EXO/EXO-K)
  • Park Min Woo (Actor)
  • Seo Kang Joon (Actor)