park kyung

Who would you like to spend Valentine’s Day with?

Bet you thought I forgot! I didn’t.

Kidding I totally did

First things first, NO anon vote or reblog votes can count. 
Just putting that in bold because it happens every time ><;; and I desperately want everyone’s vote to count!

Today you are voting between PO KYUNG BBOMB and JAEHYO only. You can vote clearly below or in our beautiful ask box here

Who would you like to spend Vday with Bees?? My vote goes to Kyung this week. I can’t stand him……..So naturally I want to spend an entire day with him -_-#

-Admin Yunju
(Imma leave this up extra long since I forgot to post it earlier in the day! ><)

captaindrew4 asked:

For some reason I imagine a Valentines date with Kyung waiting for you with flowers in a park with lights hung up everywhere. Something similar to the scene in Boys Over Flowers (or any other Kdrama) where the lead guy is standing in a park with pretty lights hung up all around him. It's kinda corny, but it's also very cute!

ohhh my goooooodddddd you just stabbed me in the feels!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He so would do this! Just to be cheesy and it would be the absolute cutest thing in the entire world!!!!! omg that would be so cute!

-Admin Yunju