park jungsoo

Super Junior Fanservice...

Super Junior members love each other like brothers…

But sometimes things a little crazy on stage

Especially when Siwon’s shirt comes off, and he starts pulling other members
clothes off too.

…And the intimate touching begins O_O

The bromance is activated… and it soars over level 9000

To the point where topless ab licking is acceptable.

And topless pole-dancing of course…

Happy ELF


Imagine being a trainee in SM and a staff touring you around the bulding
  • Staff:And to your right you'll see a bunch of old men who are barely their 30's
  • Staff:who act like 5-12 year olds who like cosplaying as frozen characters
  • Staff:but it's ok
  • Staff:bc their mentally kids
  • Staff:and is still waiting to go through puberty
  • Staff:especially the one that looks like a fish