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REQUEST: he thinks you’re cheating on him with GD but he’s really your brother (maknae line) 💕 • REQUESTS CLOSED 💌

(just doing the maknae line for now but i MAY do the hyungs in the future)


Fetus GTOP feat. Bom’s voice ♥



Haha: There were rumors you were dating G-Dragon previously. How did that come about?

Dara: As a public relations representative, I went to Big Bang’s concert, and we were on the way to our after party. G-Dragon said, ‘It’s just a concept,’ and put his arm around me as we went. I didn’t know that it would make headlines like that.

bts is going to kill the bbma, nct is awfully silent, gd is having a world tour soon, seventeen slowly dragging me into the carat life, jay park is having concerts here and there, seungri is focusing on his record label, minzy with her comebacks, red velvet getting them views, and exo filling up my youtube history

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A rant about kpop fans today: letʻs talk about BTS and BIGBANG

Ok I just need to vent here for a second about the fact that NEW KPOP FANS DONʻT APPRECIATE BIG BANG THE WAY THEY SHOULD BE APPRECIATED

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Me, Not Her | A | .01

Kwon Jiyong | BIGBANG | 1K Words | .01 .02

When you given up, and no matter what you do it’s never good enough.

When you never thought that it could ever get this tough.

That’s when you feel my kind of love.

We Can’t Be Friends

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Summary: The most notorious mafia gang in the city, and you’re at the heart of it…quite literally!

Based off of this request - “All of BB - MADE trailer. All hitmen. U r like a sister to them. All live together in a safe house (love ur cooking/adorable family). U get kidnapped & fucked up badly (ANGST!), they r PISSED. People get fucked up, killed while they save you. Fun ;)”

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8

Part 9

‘Well, it certainly is nice to see you after so long.’

You don’t say anything in response, simply standing with your mouth pressed into a hard line as you put on a defiant face, feeling Daesung twist your wrist slightly to get you to talk but refusing to do so as you stare up at Jinyoung.

'I’d like to personally apologise for the events that lead you here…i’m not heartless- I appreciate that dangerous situations can damage a gentle lady like yourself-’

'Fuck you.’ you hiss quietly, receiving a jab at your ribs from Daesung which makes you lurch forward slightly with a small groan, and you see Jinyoung frown disapprovingly over your shoulder at the man, gesturing for him to let you go and for one of his minions to take over- one stepping forward with warm brown hair, and sharp cheekbones with a jaw line to match.

But Daesung doesn’t let you go.

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