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Got7 on Running Man ~ Preview

Dear followers, I know everyone is been wondering about Youngjae’s instagram whether his account got hacked or he purposely changed his username and delete his posts. There is no clarification yet from Youngjae but whatever decision made by Youngjae regarding his instagram (like change his username and delete posts) I hope everyone will respect his decision and accept it with open heart. Don’t crowd other members’ IG asking about Youngjae’s IG. Think positively and keep support Choi Youngjae~

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arranged // part eight


blurb: your brother comes to visit you unexpectedly 

word count: 7,052

warning: smuttttt

a/n: IT’S UP. OKAY, I just need to mention that this is a fast forward of about three months. uM, I hope there aren’t so many typos, I read over some parts but I was eager to give your guys a chapter soo. ALSO I want to thank my butternut, @jaebunnies who wrote the blow job in the beginning. She made this chapter, very, very steamy. oh my ggawd. And I’ve noticed that my chapters are getting so long, hopefully the next chapter won’t be so lengthy. BUT yes, i hope you enjoy! 

part 1  part 2  part 3  part 4  part 5  part 6  part 7 

You awake to the lovely sounds of bird chirping and the snug warmth of your spouse. You groan softly adjusting your position before your eyes flicker open to see you’re nose to nose with your husband. Jackson’s eyes are wide open and he has this stupid smile across his face. You gasp and jerk your head back, not expecting him to be so close to you.

“You’re so beautiful when you’re sleeping,” he coos, pulling your closer and nudging his nose against yours. You find it strange as you’re unaware of how long he’s been staring at you with that goofy smile. You pull away from him slightly to get a view of his face,

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Jackson as your best friend

Hey! Thanks for the request and I hope you like it! <3


- Inviting himself into your house just because he felt that spending 24/7 with each other aint enough

- He’d try sass you but you’ll end up sitting there for ages sassing each other ‘til the other one gives up

- Being able to talk to each other about anything and your conversations would get real deep and personal… too deep… just… be prepared

- He’d be hyper and loud constantly and it would get to annoying but you wouldn’t like it to be any other way with him

- Play fighting… all… the… time… Sometimes it would get on the other members’ nerves that bad that they’d kick you out of the dorm until you’ve stopped

- Every time you hear that random, high pitches, crazy laugh, be prepared for anything he may be up too… He’s too mischievous and needs to be watched carefully 

- Playing games together would be like a life-death situation… Let’s just say things get really competitive and there is some physical fighting during gaming

- Him being a huge gentleman and letting you stay in his bed at the dorm when you’re with he boys and you fall asleep through a movie night, then he’d jump in with you when he’s ready for bed, and wouldn’t do anything apart from some friendly cuddling and stealing all the blanket off you so you have to get the spare one… aka… Mark’s

- Speaking of Mark… You’ll have to third wheel when Markson are together no matter what, you wouldn’t be able to separate Jackson from Mark’s ass… Literally

- Having the most fun best friend ever, he’d do anything for you, anything and wouldn’t even let you do stupid things alone… never 


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When You’re Drunk (GOT7)

“can you do a got7 reaction to you being drunk?? i don’t mind whether it’s in front of the members or not! thank you!!”

(gif credit to the original owners)

In front of the other members, he would have none of it. He’d whisk you away and make sure you wouldn’t get anymore in drunk. He’d be a little embarrassed and would get you away from the others like a true dad. If it were just you two, he wouldn’t be so red in the face. He’d just take you home and stay with you to make sure you’re okay. He’d act grumpy with you because he doesn’t like to see you drunk, but he wouldn’t be mad (just worried)  

“Aish (Y/N), again?”

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(bb what are you doing?)

He’d know that you couldn’t help how you were when you were drunk so wouldn’t be as embarrassed. He would sigh, laugh a little and take you home. He’d make sure the other members didn’t encourage you to push yourself to drink much more. His top priority would be to make sure you’re safe and well. He would giggle a little at your silliness.

“Come on (Y/N), let’s get you home.”

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Jinyoung Imagine - Soulmates? (Part 3)

A/N - Here’s part 3 for my Jinyoung series. There’ll be two more parts after this one so look forward to those! Keep sending in your requests everyone~

Part 1 | Part 2

As you drove, you couldn’t help but feel more and more nervous about taking him to such a precious place. Even though you were soulmates, it was scary taking someone you barely knew to a place that held such importance. Once you arrived and parked the car, he looked at you with confusion all over his face.
“We’re at the park?”
“Yes. But we’re not quite at our destination yet. Follow me,” you said, jumping out of the car excitedly, despite your nerves. You took his hand and guided him to the secluded area. His hand felt warm and it seemed to fit yours perfectly. You smiled at the comforting sensation it gave you, hoping he’d feel it too.

Jinyoung had so many thoughts rushing through his head about you. He didn’t want to believe in all this soulmate stuff but couldn’t help but love the feeling of your hand in his. He couldn’t help but want to spend time with you. The feeling was so new and strange he didn’t know how to react apart from to pretend like it wasn’t there. It was impossible to be in love with a total and complete stranger, wasn’t it? His thoughts were interrupted by you telling him to close his eyes. Reluctantly, he did as you said and let you lead him into wherever it was you were taking him. You whispered the words, “Open them,” and he was met with the beautiful little alcove. The sun glistened down, warming the area nicely and a gorgeous array of flowers was scattered across the grass. It looked like it was straight out of a fairytale.
“I never knew this place existed,” he said in amazement.
“I used to come down here with my siblings when I was younger. They told me all of these magical stories about it,” you said as you sat down on the grass, Jinyoung joining you. “They would tell me that fairies built it and sprinkled it with magic. They told me to only share it with special people as the magic was only limited. This is the place where they each took their soulmates when they found them I know you don’t believe in all that soulmate stuff but I thought if i showed you this then maybe it’d help to change your mind.” 

You smiled blissfully, reminiscing the memories that took place here.
“Thank you,” Jinyoung said quietly.
“Thank you for bringing me here. We only just met yet you’re so willing to share this beautiful place with me. It means a lot.” You blushed at his comment and said, “I honestly don’t know how I’m going to make you believe but I just want you to know that if you still don’t believe we are soulmates after these three days are up then I’ll leave and I won’t bother you again.”
“You wouldn’t try and convince me?”
“Of course not. We agreed on three days. I couldn’t just try for longer, it wouldn’t be fair on you.”
“Oh…okay,” he said, looking down at the floor. ‘She’d be willing to give up for me?’ He thought to himself, amazed by how selfless you were. Especially to someone you had just met who had been rude to you as soon as you mentioned the word ‘soulmates’.

You leaned back, lying down on the grass and let out a contented sigh. Everything felt so right in that moment and you hated the thought of having to leave. Jinyoung lay down beside you, your bodies close together. You could feel yourself wanting to edge closer to him, but refrained from doing so. As far as you knew, he wasn’t any closer to believing in soulmates or that you were his. As you lay there, you couldn’t help but wonder why you were able to see in colour but he couldn’t. Surely the soulmate bond would have changed his vision too unless it only worked if the person believe. Questions darted through your mind as you tried to think of the answers. Because of your distracted mind, you didn’t hear Jinyoung speak.
“(Y/N)? Are you listening or are you off with the fairies?” He teasingly asked, making you giggle.
“Sorry, I was just daydreaming,” you said as you picked up your phone to look at the time. “It’s getting late, I should probably head home. Do you want my number so we can meet up tomorrow or something?”
“Actually, I was going to ask if you wanted to go for dinner but you were too busy daydreaming to hear me. We don’t have to go if you have other plans but I was just wondering if you wanted to…” His voice was shaky and he seemed nervous.
“I’d love to, Jinyoung. Do you have anywhere in mind?”
“Actually I do, and this time I’ll be the one keeping our destination a secret.” You giggled as you stood up, offering your hand to help Jinyoung up.
“Let’s go.”

Two hours later…

Jinyoung had taken you to a beautiful restaurant not too far from where you lived and you had loved it so much. Spending the whole day with him had been amazing and you didn’t want the night to end. He had been so different at dinner than he was earlier in the day; he smiled so brightly whenever you spoke and he asked questions about you as if he wanted to know every single detail about you. It was like he wanted to soak up every single bit of you and never get rid of it. What you didn’t know was that his vision had begun to change. The world wasn’t totally in colour but whenever he looked in your eyes, he could see the different tones in them. It was like a gateway into your soul just through your beautifully coloured eyes. He couldn’t imagine himself being so lost in anyone’s eyes but yours. In just one day he had already begun to lose a huge part of him that he now realised he hated. He was cynical and rude. He was ignorant to the emotions of those around him. But now that part of him was beginning to fade away and he could feel himself slowly falling. He could himself beginning to believe in what you had known since you laid eyes on him.