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A Dangerous Game {Chapter 11}

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Chapter 11 of A Dangerous Game

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Series Genre: AU/Smut/Fluff/Angst

Your mouth hung slightly open at the tender sentiment. Could he really mean that? Was it crazy that every part of you wanted to say it back a hundred times over?

“I just needed you to know that. I don’t care how short our time has been together, I feel it with every breath I take. I love you,” he cooed.

Your heart pumped at the speed of light as his stare never wavered from you.

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Casual (Jinyoung) Part 3

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

Word Count: 2480

Warnings: Smut, Bad language


    What the fuck had you done?

    You had to be the dumbest person to ever live.

    You lay in his bed considering all the choices you’d made that lead to this moment. Lying in Park Jinyoung’s bed. Naked. With severe sex hair. But that wasn’t the point.

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Promises (Hades!Jinyoung AU)

Mother, I’ll never wake up from him,
I have already travelled too far. 
My mouth is the color of his mouth
and his arms are no longer his arms;
they’re mute as smoke, as my first white dress,
and the spear of his name, once ferocious, 
dissolves on my tongue.
like sugar, like birdsong, I whisper it:
-Cecilia Woloch

Your fingers traced over the intricately carved and blackened stone that made up the window before you. You gingerly sat upon the plush navy cushions decorating the seat just underneath the sill and sighed, looking down to your fingers folded on your lap. The bedroom held a hallow cold that seemed to cut through you, no matter how many layers you dressed your skin with. 

You missed your mother, a deep longing ached in your heart for her that you had never experienced before. She had tried to rescue you, but you just couldn’t hold on long enough. You were so hungry, desperate for any sustenance to quiet your stomach. What you had considered as such a simple and heartfelt gesture before, you now realized was just a mask to keep you locked away. 

Your fate remained the same for the rest of eternity. Six pomegranate seeds. Six seeds that would symbolize the six months of each year you were left to spend with your husband. 

The world knew him as Hades or Pluto, but you knew him as Jinyoung. God of precious metals, king of darkness, and lord of the underworld. 

You looked up from your hands and finally glanced out of the glass separating you from outside. Jinyoung’s mansion had been erected in a time before you were even thought of, placed directly along the edge of the Asphodel Meadows with a stunning view of Elysium. 

You gazed over countless wandering souls in the distance, but your sight was immediately commanded to look toward your spouse, busy in the front lawn. 

Oh, how you held such distain for him. No matter how handsome or charming he appeared to be, he was a kidnapper, a liar, and a fraud. You had been in his care for two months of your six month sentence, and he would never win your heart. 

You had promised yourself that much. 

You bit your lip, tilting your head as you stared at him. His frame was busy, dressed in casual clothes that weren’t his normal style. He wore dress slacks and a button down of course, but his feet were bare and his sleeves were pushed up to the elbows. His black tie, which was usually stiff against his neck was loosened, and he hurried to the edge of the bramble garden directly beneath your window. 

You stood slightly, attempting to catch his movements as he disappeared. As you searched for him, you jumped, a loud and deep bark echoing across the land. You looked up again to see Cerberus, Jinyoung’s massive, multi-headed dog, bounding across the lawn. Jinyoung reappeared, a wide smile on his attractive face. He reached up, scratching Cerberus underneath his large jaw and shouted something to him that you couldn’t quite make out. As soon as the words had left his mouth, he broke out into a full sprint, running across the yard. Cerberus chased after him, his multiple snake-like tales wagging behind him. 

Cerberus didn’t take long to catch up with JInyoung’s quick strides, eventually overtaking him and pushing him to the ground with a large paw. You gasped as the large dog stood over him, saliva dripping off of his large teeth. You winced just as you thought he was about to take Jinyoung by the throat, but decided to lick him instead. 

“Yah! Cerberus!” Jinyoung chuckled, loud enough to be heard. He pushed at the large dog’s chest as he attempted to lay on top of him. You couldn’t help but smile to yourself at the sight. Surely if a dog as large and hateful as Cerberus could love Jinyoung, maybe you could as well. 

Promises were made to be broken after all. 

You sighed, adjusting the strap to the light blue gown you were wearing. Jinyoung had gifted it to you on your first night in the underworld, hoping it would appease you. He had left it with a small note, “to remind you of the sky.” The effect didn’t necessarily go over as he desired, making you more infuriated than anything. 

You closed your eyes, took a deep breath, and gripped the sterling handle of your bedroom door. You pushed it gently, allowing it to spring open for the first time in weeks, and slowly eased into the hallway. 

Light R&B music drifted down the hall. You couldn’t help but smirk as you walked toward the sound. The hall was much longer than you had anticipated, furrowing your brows as you continued down it for what had to have been more than just a few minutes. Just as you thought you had decided to give up all hope, you finally saw a dim light peaking out from an open doorway. You nodded to yourself, readjusting your skirt one last time as you moved forward. 

The music remained low as you entered the study, greeted by the sight of the back of Jinyoung’s head, pouring over a novel in his right hand. He held a glass of a deep red liquid, you presumed to be ambrosia, in his left. Before you even had a chance to clear your throat, Jinyoung sighed, his back becoming rigid. 

“Hello darling,” he growled. He closed the book and placed his glass on the small table before him. He looked over his shoulder, giving you a kind smile. “It’s about time you came around.”

“Don’t test me…Hades,” you grumbled, your voice stern, you eased around the side of the lounge he was sitting on and sat beside him., keeping at least a two foot barrier of silk between you. 

“Now, now,” Jinyoung cooed. “No need for that…

…I noticed you’re wearing the dress I selected for you.”

“It reminds me of my mother,” you nodded. “Of living things, of the sky.”

Jinyoung bit his lip, nodding to himself. “Your mother can visit whenever she desires, I-”

“She wouldn’t visit this place if you begged,” you sighed. “Because I know I have.”

“Is it too late to send her flowers?” Jinyoung chuckled bitterly. “Curry a bit of favor?”

“Much too late,” you muttered. “You probably should have thought of that after your foray into abduction.” 

He nodded, remaining silent. His eyes slowly lifted, searching your face for any emotion, when your gazes met. It was the first time you had looked at him. Really looked at him. 

He was breathtaking. Dressed in an evening shirt and signature black slacks. His hair was carefully styled, pushed away from his face to better highlight his cheekbones and strong jaw. His focus never left you, his breathing growing shallow as he continued to stare. He looked at you as if you were the night sky, as if you were the only star. 

“I’m sorry,” he said quietly, looking away. “I…I’ve never been the best at expressing myself…”

“No kidding,” you whispered, looking away as well. He was too handsome to look at. If you looked too long it felt as if you were committing a sin. 

He took a deep breath, glaring at you through his lashes. The look was enough to cause a shiver to run down your spine and tie your tongue in knots. 

“I thought…I thought I was going insane,” he whispered. “As soon as my eyes had graced you…you never left my thoughts. No matter how deep I pushed you back…you kept surfacing. I knew you had to be mine.”

You bit your lip, surprised that his words had caused your heart to flutter. This whole situation was unhealthy and you wouldn’t condone it in anyway. 

But maybe, maybe there was something human in this God. Maybe there was something salvageable. 

“I know…I’m asking a lot,” he continued. “I’m not asking you to love me…I would be surprised if you ever could…but I want to make this pleasant for you.”

He reached out slowly, his hand shaking with nerves. He placed it lightly on your knee before looking up to your face again. “Please…let me do something for you.”

You furrowed your brow, unsure if you were even capable of speaking. Steadily you nodded your head. If you had to be here, maybe you could both make the best of it. 

“This doesn’t happen often,” Jinyoung grumbled, opening a black umbrella. 

“Don’t you think you’re being a smidge dramatic,” you sighed, closing your eyes and basking in the sunlight. You were just outside of the Underworld, having travelled the river sticks for countless moments to arrive here. Passing the figures of grief, anxiety, disease, and old age, you were exhausted by the time you had reached the outer gates. The entrance of the underworld lay on the outer bounds of the ocean, but it didn’t take long for Hades to lead you to dry land.

You had missed the warmth of the human world. 

“I have sensitive skin,” he muttered, lifting his elbow for you to grasp. You nodded, tucking your hand over his rolled sleeves. You had realized that this was the first bodily contact you had ever made with the God and you nearly retreated. His skin was cold, similar to marble as your fingers glided along it. He looked to you in surprise as you gripped tightly to him. 

“You’re so warm,” he whispered, blinking slowly. 

“Living has that effect,” you chuckled. He nodded to himself, taking a cautious step onto the beach he had led you to. “Jinyoung?”


“Thank you.”

His eyebrows raised at the two simple words that floated from your lips. He stopped, turning to you in surprise. “What for?”

“For trying,” you nodded. “I know what you did…is completely unjustifiable. But we’re in an non retractable situation at this point…and I’m too selfish to live miserably.”

He nodded along as you spoke, his face easing a bit. “Thank you.”

“Now what are you thanking me for?” you laughed, looking down. Jinyoung’s slender fingers reached up, grasping your chin gently. You nearly shivered from his cold touch, contrasting the sunshine around you. He tilted your head back up, forcing you to look at him. 

“For trying,” he whispered. “Eternity is an awful long time to be alone…but I think I can manage it with you as my wife.”

You let a small smile play across your lips, allowing for your eyes to close. You soon felt a soft pair of lips lightly on top of yours, taking heed as they pressed gently. Jinyoung took great care with you, as if you were made of porcelain. His lips were stiff from years without touch, a cautious wanting behind every movement. You sighed into his mouth just as he pulled away, admittedly too soon for your liking. 

Maybe…just maybe you weren’t hungry that day. 

Maybe…just maybe Jinyoung was the reason that you had decided to stay. 

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