Wanna Bet? (M)

Rich Fuckboy!Jimin x Tutor!reader

Word Count: 2,782

Summary: Working as a private tutor at the most prestigious university in the region, you had to put up with a lot of bratty kids. Though none were as bad as Park Jimin. Just as your luck would have it, you’ve been assigned to be his full-time tutor for the year….great. After many failed attempts to get his grades up, Jimin comes up with a bet to raise his marks. What’s the worst that can happen, right?

Request for Anon - Hope you like it! :)

You were grateful for this job, you really were. Some days, it was just really hard to be grateful. You worked at the wealthiest, all boys university this side of the country. You’re a private tutor, working with a maximum of five students a year. Things have been going well for you, you’re known as the best tutor at the school, so parents are flocking to you to help their precious spoiled brats. Hey, at least the money is decent.

Your whole week, scratch that, year has gone downhill the moment you get a call from the Dean.

“Y/n? Yes, hello. We’re going to need you to take on a student full time at the start of the new school year. I know this is a lot, so the pay will be increased, and you won’t have to take any other students. You will be tutoring five days a week for this student. Can you do it?”

“Um, yes, I don’t see why not…” growing a little curious as to why the dean himself is contacting you, you ask, “who is the student, Sir?”

“Park Jimin.” Shit.

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These reaction gifs are funny. Can I get a BTS reaction of them walking in on their gf while she's jamming out to their songs. Please and thanks ☺

Well thank you first of all~ And sorry for the delay. This one is pretty short.  (Gifs are not mine)


Jin: Oh wow.

You: Jin, oh my god, when did you get here?

Jin: You’re a better dancer than I am, babe.

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Suga: How could I not? *smiles*

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Rap Mon to the other members: *gif* Isn’t she so cute? 

You: OH! H-hai guys…

Bts: Hi (Y/N).

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Jhope: What did I miss?

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Jimin: (Y/N) what the heck are you doing?

You: Dancing.

Jimin: But why are you doing Jungkook’s part and not mine?

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You:  (∪ ◡ ∪)

Taehyung: Why are you so cute?

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*finds you dancing in the practice room*

Jungkook: I wanna record this so bad.

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If you guys wanna ask me questions, ask me. I’m bored and I want company~

Requests are Open. (yayyyyy)


This is some Devil Wears Prada shit…..

Someone please write a fic of fab dream team vmin storming the fashion world, and being totally done with their younger childhood friend (Jeongguk obviously) whose wardrobe consists of white t’s and timberlands.

Guk, this is a fucking Vogue high fashion event, you can’t just wear that!” Jimin scoffs in absolute horror, Taehyung giving Jeongguk a weak smile of sympathy (but roasting him with Jimin afterwards)

bonus points for taekook entering in the story somewhere - ya gotta

(note: I’m sorry I don’t know the origins of this gif, if you know - msg me and I’ll add credit)