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jimin and 21 please and thankyou !!! <333

#21. best friend’s sibling au
1.2k words ; smut/pwp

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a/n: this is porn and nothing more idk why i did this to myself sobs

Sneaking around your best friend’s back was a bad idea. Sneaking around your best friend’s back with her brother was an even worse idea. You should’ve known since the second you laid your eyes on Park Jimin that you were long gone. His hair had been the color of coffee beans when you first met him. He was like caffeine in a way: dangerous, addicting. He kept you up at night with the sweet temptation of the crescent of his eyes, the seductive curl of his lips.

And, Lord, it had been an even bigger mistake for you to stare at him for a second too long. Because he noticed. And when Park Jimin noticed, you were never going to escape his grasp. He’d have you wrapped around his fingers before you even realized.

“Jiminnie,” you whimpered as his mouth trailed down the expanse of your neck. You were tucked in between his legs on the couch in the living room. His arms had wound around your waist, keeping you in place, as his lips deliciously explored your skin. The television was playing a rerun of some ridiculous horror movie, but you couldn’t be fucked at that moment with the tingles that electrified down your spine as one of his hands stayed on your stomach while the other snaked down between your thighs.

“Baby,” he whispered. “Keep your voice down. You don’t want Jihae hearing us, do you?” He was making it incredibly difficult to keep that promise when his fingers began to rub circles over your clothed heat. The thin fabric of your pajama shorts did nothing to ease the torture. You bit down on your bottom lip, your vision clouded over with lust from his continuous ministrations. It took everything inside of you to stop your whimpers from escaping.

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l’homme de radio (m)

word count: 11182 we’re sorry but also not

a/n: co-written by my mom best friend @yoongguksx! this was honestly so fun so except more from the yoonmin duo ;)))) we literally finished in less than two days and that HAS to be a record somewhere. let me tell you how many times i got so fucked up i couldn’t type. the next part will be posted on rissa’s blog. anticipate.

|| All she wanted to do was pass her classes, run the morning radio station, and get herself together. She never expected to fall for - not one- but two very different boys; shy sweetheart Park Jimin and the flirty pain-in-the-ass Min Yoongi.


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i feel so attacked

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Jung Hoseok appreciation

warning i do say a lot in this so i’m sorry if i’m rambling on but jhope needs appreciation because he’s amazing

honestly he is such a sunshine, he’s so happy and it always makes me happy to see him smile. but we need to remember he’s also human. no matter how down he is, no matter what hardships he’s going through, no matter how tired he is, he still smiles at the camera (i know they all do that but jhope is a sunshine and bts’s mood maker so if he’s down they are probably all down).

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his smile ya’ll. i love it so much. it’s so beautiful, just like him. how could you not smile when he smiles? it’s so addicting, i live for his smile tbh. he is literally a ray of sunshine. like why need the sun when you have jhope smiling tbh. his laugh asdfghjkl its so cute omfg. i love his laugh it’s honestly amazing and it’s just hilarious but hey that’s hoseok for you. he’s so cute and i love him to bits.

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heS SO BLOODY TALENTED PEOPLE STOP SLEEPING ON JHOPE. WE KNEW JIMIN WAS FLEXIBLE JUST YA’LL DID YOU SEE HIM DANCING IN THE COMEBACK TRAILER WIGUHABNWKERIFUH oh my god my- my heart is oh my god. the way his body flows to the music is like seeing heaven tbh. it’s so beautiful and pure fantastic too see him pour his heart out in any dance he does. he just has a way with dancing that makes a jaw drop in admiration. but ya’ll his rapping is fucking amazing and i feel like many people overlook him by dying over sugamon’s raps (not saying everyone does this and i’m not hating on sugamon either) but he has a different voice and flow to namjoon and yoongi idk how to explain but his rap’s are just omfg so amazing. his singiNG. BTS. GIVE. HIM. SINGING. PARTS. PLEASE. i just love how talented this baby is. 

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we all know hes a cutie but sexy jhope is pure death like i cannot. jhope’s a sexy mofo (let the gifs do the explaining :D)

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his forehead omfg please bring forehead hobi back

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CHOKER HOBI SHIT FAM (ft jin looking hot af too)

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sweaty jhope + that stare + that cheeky tongue = got me feeling some kind of way

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jung hoseok is such a cutie pie/dork/hot mofo and he deserves all the love he can get :)

if you’ve read down to here wow good job lol i wrote way to much but this needed to be done for out sunshine. i may do one for other members but idk 



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