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some chill lo-fi hip hop and electronic, good for relaxing or studying

01. terio - cherries 02. kaizen - calm. 03. jhfly - hangin 04. change - i beat shit up like tekken 05. overcast - ijstwishuknew 06. bl/zz - shawty 07. cavanaugh - blissful 08. fleece - park 09. junyii - beach daze 10. smuv - morning 11. jewpaidro - cribbo. 12. cavanaugh - garden x quickly 13. [ocean jams] - valentine 14. lungfulls - finite time here 15. ezekey - abstract flowers 

Imagine Telling Archie You're Pregnant

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A/N: Not at all glamorizing teen pregnancy. Wrap it up kids. 

After an hour you called Jughead.

You were sitting on the hood of Archie’s dad’s truck watching your boyfriend pace the perimeter of the Riverdale High parking lot in a daze when Jughead walked up from behind you.

“Hey.“ He greets calmly. His eyes locked on his best friends movements. Archie reached up and ran his hands through his hair in frustration. 

“Thanks for coming Jug.”

He nods. “How long has he been like that?”

“About an hour. But I don’t know what I can say to make him feel better right now.”

“Did you guys get in a fight or something?”

You took a shuddered breath, too afraid to look up at him from playing with your cuticles. The words were still lumped in your throat from telling them to Archie.

“I’m pregnant Jug.”

He didn’t say anything. You were still too afraid to look up and face him. After a little while you felt his hand squeeze your shoulder reassuringly before his body left your side. You bit your nails as you watched Jughead cross the parking lot to where Archie was still pacing, muttering something to himself. Archie seemed surprised at the sudden appearance of his best friend.

You couldn’t hear what they were saying from the truck. But you watched them nervously, feeling your heart drop even lower when Arch’s shaking body was pulled into Jugheads arms. Jughead held his best friend for a while until Archie stopped shaking. Arch stood back and whipped his face. You stood up as they began walking back up across the parking lot towards you. You all had a lot of talking to do. 

South Park with Mekaku City Actors theme kinda thing whatever

I highly doubt they would have artistic talent (maybe butters) to actually manage to even do decent graffiti art so i kinda halfassed it.

okay actual MCA Art will appear i just indulged on their style on SP kids lol