park dates

you know what i realized. maybe i’m a leslie knope. maybe i won’t meet my ben wyatt for like another ten years.

you want to know why? because if i met him now, he’d be the mayor of fucking ice town and i can’t handle that shit.

but when i meet him, he’ll be ben. he’ll be sweet and kind and geeky and have a slammin’ booty. it’s a long way away, but that’s okay.

dating park jimin.

- lots of softness

- his favorite hobby is playing with your hair

- and who am i kidding you’d do the same thing honestly

- you guys always have popcorn fights on movie night

- and you guys always grumble when you realize you have to clean it up 

- lots of days out shopping and just walking together tbh

- “do these pants make my butt look big?”

- “jimin, what do you think

- tiny little slight smirks from him literally all the time

- and when you get a more apparent, devious smirk u kno what’s up


- sex

- really passionate idk he’s just a passionate lover and he’d be down for treating you 24/7 BUT he can also be rough if u askin for that

- king of the thigh riding kink (or any riding tbh)

- honestly y’all will be at dinner with the group or some shit and he’d just be openly

- “hey babe, can you ride me when we get home?”

- jungkook’s choking on his drink

- taehyung is giggling a lil

- yoongi is so unamused

- jin leaves


- you two would wear matching couple shit and yoongi would beg for you to “stop being annoying cute little shits”

- jimin would come back with BAGS of clothes like on the daily for both you and him

- you’ll just be cooking some ramen and shit and bam

- like this panting, grunting man comes through the door carrying 80 bags on both his arms

- he just throws them down and you’re like ‘oh’

- “babe i got you some stuff”

- and before you know it, he’s trying everything on

- yes, even your clothes

- jimin occasionally gets you some lingerie/boxers

- yes, he tries those on too

- one time he got a fucking elmo shirt

- “do you like this one?”

- “jimin wtf take that off”

- *offended gasp*

- def an animal person! very soft and fluffy with animals, but prefers kitties a lil more

- will take you to cat cafes

- names all the cats after you

- “that one’s name is prince(ss)”

- “shut up”

- and also

- you got a spray bottle

- every time jimin does something remotely sexy

- *spray* “stop it”

- he’d want to hold your hand a LOT

- he takes you out on dates all the time and somehow every time it ends with him telling you how much you mean to him and him crying just a lil

- in the end, no matter how much the group may make fun of you, they all support you guys wholeheartedly

- and secretly jin shops for wedding shit for you guys

- lots of falling asleep on the couch after a movie or tv marathon and you wake up and he’s just smiling at you 

- “good morning, sleepy”

- sings romantic songs to you when you’re sad that him and jungkook worked on writing

- amazing bf stan jimin


Happy 101st birthday, National Park Service! 

For the last century, the National Park Service has protected America’s Best Idea, ensuring current and future generations can experience the country’s natural, cultural and historic treasures. Established 44 years before the National Park Service, Yellowstone was the world’s first national park and sparked a worldwide movement to protect special places.