park creek pass

RED: Tell them to pack their stuff, kick their parents’ asses and run away together.
BEBE: That’s not really helpful.
RED: What would you have done if your parents would’ve separated?
BEBE: … Running away to Vegas sounds like a great idea.
RED: Wait- this gives me a great idea.

BEBE: I think I like this idea.
RUBY: … Guys?
BEBE: Well, I’d say that even if you love your parents they have no right to separate you.
BEBE: You can’t just change your sexuality by splitting up a couple. That’s stupid.
RED: And I’d never go for a guy anyway.
RED: I guess… talk to them. They have to understand it and if they don’t fuck them.
RUBY: That’s easy for us Tuckers to say. Everyone thought there was a gay Tucker like ten years ago.
RED: *laughs* And now no Tucker kid is straight.