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Spring Cleaning: Chanyeol Scenario

A/N: Happy hump day!! This was a request for Chanyeol smut. I hope you enjoy!!

“Baby can you hand me that towel? I requested. Today was the day we were doing some much needed spring cleaning, and I was up to my elbows in soapy dish water.

Chanyeol walked over and held the towel out for me, helping me dry my arms and hands. I then took the towel from him and wiped the sweat from my brow.

It was unfavorably hot today, and normally I would have just pushed cleaning back to a different day, but today was his last day off for a while and we desperately needed to get things done.

“Let’s take a quick break. I need to change out of these wet clothes anyhow” I sighed. Chanyeol nodded and grabbed a drink of water while I quickly changed into shorts and a tank top.

Ten minutes had passed and I was cool and ready to work again. We cleaned most of the house and all that was left was the kitchen/dining room area and the living room. I continued working on the kitchen while he started on the living room.

I leaned over to clean the dining room table when I heard Chanyeol clear his throat from behind me.

He was sitting on the couch absentmindedly cleaning the coffee table in the living room, but when I looked back he was staring at me, mouth opened slightly. It took me a split second to realize what he was doing, and it made my cheeks flush pink.

He was staring straight at my ass, which I now realized was more visible in these shorts than I had originally thought, and when I bent over they rode up a bit, revealing my black lace underwear.

I looked back at him with a smirk and bent down just a bit more, giving him a much better view. Giggling, I wiggled my hips in his direction as I watched his ears turn red. Once he realized what I was doing he shook his head and finally responded.

“You need to stop doing that so we can get this finished” He ordered.

I probably would’ve stopped, but seeing him react to me like this turned me on.

The way he was dressed didn’t help matters either. He looked so hot in his thin black tank top, muscles glistening with a thin layer of sweat. I imagined biting the collarbones that protruded underneath the thin fabric of his shirt while he moaned my name.

“Oh yeah, what if I don’t?” I quip, making direct eye contact and leaning my ass towards him a bit more.

“If you don’t stop, I’m going to come over there and fuck you so hard you’re not going to be able to walk for the rest of the day.” His voice a low growl.

I didn’t say another word. Instead, I sauntered over to the opposite side of the table, giving Chanyeol a better view. I leaned down, reaching across the table and giving him full view down my shirt.

I heard his breath hitch in his throat and I couldn’t help but smirk. I raised my head to look at him and gasped, grabbing my shirt as if I wasn’t trying to tease him on purpose.

He quickly stood up and made his way over to me, stopping directly behind me and grabbing my hips harshly.

“What did I just fucking say to you a minute ago? He groaned as he pushed his hips into me.

“Hm, something about… actually you know what, I don’t remember. Care to refresh my memory?” I asked innocently.

I tried turning around but Chanyeol had me pinned hard against the table. He thrusted his hips into me once more as a moan escaped my lips.

“I told you, if you kept fucking teasing me, I was going to fuck you so hard you wouldn’t be able to walk for the rest of the day.” He answered, winding a hand in my hair and pulling my head back lightly to meet him. His teeth grazed the side of my neck before he bit down, leaving a mark.

“Do you remember now?” He asked, his mouth moving from my neck to ghost against my ear. I tried to respond, but all that escaped my mouth was a soft whimper.

“That’s what I thought”, he smirked.

Before I could say another word, he released his grip on my hair and spun me around, pushing me back against the table. He cupped my face and kissed me hard, leaving me breathless.

He quickly lifted me up onto the dining room table and discarded of my tank and bra. His mouth found the soft spot on my neck and he began kissing his way down my body.

My breath hitched in my throat and I let out a low moan as he took one of my nipples into his mouth, swirling his tongue around it. He repeated the process with the other nipple, gently biting it before moving down the rest of my torso.

Slowly, he licked along my waist band before unbuttoning my shorts and pushing them off my body, along with my underwear. His mouth hovered over my center, teasing me before he inserted a long thick finger into me.

“You’re so wet for me already baby. You see what happens when you don’t listen?” He breathes, his hot breath fanning over my core.

Before I could answer, he sucked my clit into his mouth before inserting a second finger into me. He began pumping at a rapid pace, bringing me closer to my high. My hands reached for his hair and tugged gently causing him to moan into me.

His moan was all it took to push me over the edge, my orgasm rippling through me as Chanyeol continues pumping into me. Moments later he stood and removed his fingers from me, licking them clean.

“God you taste so fucking good baby.” He growled. He quickly stripped and picked me up and I wrapped my legs around him as he carried me to the living room.

He sat on the couch, pulling me on top of him and lining himself up with my center. He grabbed my hips and pushed me down onto him. He quickly started thrusting up into me, giving me no time to adjust.

“Fuck Chanyeol!” I exclaim as he continues fucking up into me.

My hands found his hair once again and I moaned into his ear before biting his ear lobe. He groaned loudly and his grip on my hips tightened. I knew that there would be bruises tomorrow, but at this point I didn’t care.

He pulled me down roughly as he quickened his pace, my second orgasm rapidly building. I kissed him hard, sucking and biting his bottom lip. His thrusts started to slow and I knew he was close.

I broke the kiss and tugged on his hair, gently drawing his head back so I could access his neck. I nibbled and sucked on the spot just below his ear and he sucked in a breath before letting out one of the most beautiful moans I’ve ever heard escape his lips.

His hips snapped up into me a few more times before we both reached our highs. We stayed in that position for a few minutes, just touching and enjoying each other’s company.

okay so jimin collabing with yoongi on tony montana…

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(what i like to think happened) 

 yoongi: yeah i chose jimin for the collab cause he was the best fit and he’s really talented 


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(what probably happened) 

 yoongi: idk i just figured jimin likes saying tony 


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me on a daily basis :,))

lovely-lo  asked:

¡Buenos días!/¡Buenas noshes! (No sé cómo está el tiempo en México) Yo tengo problema con la diferencia entre el Pretérito Indefinido, el Pretérito Imperfecto y el Pretérito Perfecto. ¿Puede explicar me? ¡Muchas gracias para la atención!✨

¡Hola, lovely-lo!

Sure, let’s see one by one and the differences:

Used for:

  • finished actions (focus on the action)
  • period of time, exact time
  • consecutive actions in the past
  • interrupting actions


  • Anoche dormí muy bien. (Last night I slept really good).
    **This action is completely finished.
  • Terminé mi tarea a las 7:00. (I finished my homework at 7:00)
    **Completely finished + exact time.
  • Viví en la ciudad por 10 años. (I lived in the city for 10 years)
    **Finished action + period of time.
  • Mi amiga estudió en España. (My friend studied in Spain)
    **She finished studying.
  • Él trabajó en esa empresa desde 1990 hasta el 2015. (He worked in that company from 1990 until 2015.
    **Finished action + exact period of time
  • Ayer me bañé, me vestí y salí con mis amigos. (Yesterday I took a shower, I got dressed and I went out with my friends).
    **Consecutive actions in the past.
  • La semana pasada fui a la playa con mi familia, nadamos, comimos mariscos y nos divertimos mucho. (Last week I went to the beach with my family, we swam, we ate seafood and we had fun).
    **Consecutive actions in the past. (For “nosotros”, the present and the past conjugations are the same).
  • Ayer me desperté a las 8:00, pero me levanté hasta las 9:00. (Yesterday I woke up at 8:00, but I got up until 9:00).
    **Consecutive actions in the past + exact time.

interrupting actions with pretérito imperfecto. ⇊

Used for:

  • past habits, skills
  • finished actions (focus on time)
  • describing people, animals or places in the past
  • time with past habits
  • unfinished actions


  • Cuando era niña me gustaba pintar. (When I was a kid I liked to paint).
    **Describing the person + past habit.
  • Antes podía correr muy rápido, pero ahora ya no. (I used to run very fast, but not anymore).
    **Past skill.
  • Mi abuela era una mujer muy guapa. (My grandmother was a very beautiful woman).
    **Describing a person.
  • El parque estaba muy limpio, hacía buen tiempo y habían muchos animales pequeños que comían frutas de los árboles. (The park was very clean, the weather was good and there were many small animals that were eating fruits from the trees).
    **Describing a place, weather, animals.

We can also use [imperfecto] + [period of time] if we are talking about past habits.

  • Iba a la escuela de lunes a viernes. (I used to go to school from Monday to Friday)
    **Past habit + period of time
  • Antes practicaba 3 horas al día. (I used to practice 3 hours a day)
    **Past habit + exact time
  • Visitaba a mis abuelos todos los veranos. (I used to visit my grandparents every Summer).
    **Past habit + time/season


  • Vivía en la ciudad por 10 años. (X)
  • Él trabajaba en esa empresa desde 1990 hasta el 2015. (X)

Unfinished actions: [pretérito imperfecto] + [pretérito indefinido]

We use the pretérito imperfecto to talk about the unfinished action.
We use the pretérito indefinido to talk about the action that interrupted the first one.

  • Estaba caminando por la calle cuando comenzó a llover. (I was walking down the street when it started to rain)
    estaba: imperfecto
    comenzó: indefinido

  • Estaba viendo una película pero me quedé dormido. (I was watching a movie but I fell asleep)
    estaba: imperfecto
    me quedé: indefinido **quedarse dormido: to fall asleep

  • Antes trabajaba en esa tienda pero encontré un trabajo mejor. (I used to work in that store but I found a better job).
    trabajaba: imperfecto
    encontré: indefinido

  • Antes sabía muchas palabras en español pero ya olvidé muchas. (I used to know many words in Spanish but I forgot many of them).
    sabía: imperfecto
    olvidé: indefinido

[pretérito indefinido] + [pretérito imperfecto]

Past action + describing in the past

  • Fui a tu casa pero no estabas. (I went to your house but you were not there)
  • Fui al banco pero estaba cerrado. (I went to the bank but it was closed).
  • Compré esta bolsa cuando estaba en oferta. (I bought this bag when it was on sale).
  • Llegué temprano pero no había nadie. (I arrived early but there was nobody there).

pretérito indefinido =  (focus on the action)
pretérito imperfecto = (focus on time)

  • ¿Qué hiciste? - What did you do? (focus on the action)
  • ¿Qué hacías? - What did you do? (focus on time)

Another way to translate these questions:

  • ¿Qué hiciste? - What have you done?
  • ¿Qué hacías? - What were you doing?
    *The first question focus on what you did, and the second one focus on how you spent your time.

  • Vi una película. - I watched a movie. (focus on the action)
  • Veía una película. - I watched a movie (focus on time)
    *The second sentence can be translate as “I was watching a movie”

estuve vs. estaba (estar)

Estuve and estaba can be interchangeable many times, for example:

Él estuvo trabajando. - He was working (focus on the action)
Él estaba trabajando. -  He was working (focus on time)
These two sentences have almost the same meaning. “Estuve trabajando” emphasizes
what he was doing, and “estaba trabajando” emphasizes how he was spending his time.

Estuve muy ocupada. - I was very busy. (focus on the adjective “ocupada”)
Estaba muy ocupada. - I was very busy (focus on time)
These two sentences are also very similar. But “estuve muy ocupada” emphasizes the fact of being busy and “estaba muy ocupada” emphasizes the time when she was busy.

Most of the times people don’t see these subtle differences, so both sentences can be synonyms.

Just as one of our previous rules, we don’t use the imperfecto with exact time.

fue vs. era (ser)

This follows the same logic:

fue, pretérito indefinido =  (focus on the person)
era, pretérito imperfecto = (focus on time)

Whenever we read a biography of someone, we always see “fue” because the important thing is their profession. For example:

  • Octavio Paz fue un escritor. - Octavio Paz was a writer.
  • Marie Curie fue una científica. - Marie Curie was a scientist.
  • Galileo Galilei fue un astrónomo. - Galileo Galilei was an astronomer.

If we use “era” the sentence is correct, but it feels like it is minimizing the importance of their job.

But we can use “era” when the important thing is how people spent their time. For example:

  • Cuando Octavio Paz era niño vivía en los Estados Unidos. - When Octavio Paz was a child he lived in the United States.
  • Marie Curie trabajaba con su esposo. - Marie Curie worked with her husband.
  • Galileo Galilei tenía muchos enemigos. - Galileo Galilei had many enemies.

Used for:

  • Recent past (finished actions) connected to the present.
  • Experiences.


  • He comprado un carro nuevo. - I’ve bought a new car. (I bought a car recently and is still there).
  • He estudiado todas mis notas. - I’ve studied all my notes. (I studied all my notes that I have until now).
  • Él ha tenido tiempo suficiente para pensar. - He has had enough time to think. (until now)
  • Mi amiga me ha dado un regalo. - My friend has given me a present. (and I still have it here).
  • Hemos tenido un buen fin de semana. - We have had a nice weekend. (until now, until the last second).
  • He viajado a Perú muchas veces. - I’ve traveled to Perú many times.
  • He estado en Bolivia sólo una vez. - I’ve been to Bolivia just once.
  • Ella ha nadado con delfines. - She has swum with dolphins.
  • Él nunca ha bebido alcohol en su vida. - He has never drunk alcohol in his life.
  • ¿Has visto esta película? - Have you seen this movie?
  • ¿Has tocado a un elefante? - Have you touched an elephant?
  • ¿Alguna vez has pensado en casarte? - Have you ever thought about getting married?

[pretérito perfecto] + [time]

  • He estado trabajando todo el día. - I’ve been working all day.
  • He estado estudiando 2 horas al día. - I’ve been studying 2 hours a day.
  • He estado leyendo libros en español desde hace tres meses. - I’ve been reading books in Spanish since 3 months ago. 

I think that’s all. I tried to cover everything I could, but if you still have questions feel free to ask me again. :) 
I hope this was useful!

Cleaning (M)

Park Jinyoung (Got7) x Reader

Word Count: 2,090

Genre: Smut

“Jinyoung, I am not cleaning my room tonight. I will do it tomorrow like I said. Now let’s go pick a movie to watch before you ruin the night,” you bargained.

Jinyoung cocked his head, an eyebrow raised and a smirk graced his lips, “Are you going against my word,” he asked.

“No. I am not. I-,” you tried to refute.

“Because is seems like you are, baby,” he said, his eyes bore into yours and you knew you were in for it.

“Wow, this place is a mess,” Jinyoung chastised.

The both of you were currently standing in the doorway of your bedroom, which, you could admit, was a true disaster zone. Clothes were strewn over every surface, zero amount of the floor is visible, and you swore that there was a desk underneath all of your stuff. If Jinyoung hated one thing, it would be untidiness. He could not stand it, and you knew it. That is why you tried your hardest to prevent him from walking into your room. You knew he would freak out, and give you another lecture about how you should keep things clean. It irritated you to no end, and you did not want to have to deal with that tonight.

“I know it is. But, I had so much work to do for school and I was working more hours at the shop, so I haven’t had the time to clean,” you said hoping that he would give a break just this once because you much rather spend the night cuddling with your boyfriend than picking up your room. And, Jinyoung will absolutely make you spend the night hours cleaning up the mess that you created. Even if that meant he had to help you.

Jinyoung’s gaze shifted from the floor to you, and then said, “We are cleaning this tonight.”

“Come on. I promise to clean it all up tomorrow. Can we just relax for tonight?” you begged.

Jinyoung shook his head, and you sighed. You wish he would leave it be. It was not like he is your parent. Not even your own mother would nag you this much about the cleanliness of your room. He can be insufferable sometimes.

“I will even help you,” Jinyoung offered, as if this made the situation any better.

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SN: From the Economist comes “Parkageddon”. The concept seems so simple but so few cities in North America seem to be onboard. Size is not a distinguishing factor here, all population centers should be aware of the impact that parking has on their environment from both a health and aesthetic standpoint. Cities should be designed for communities to gather not as Walmart parking lots.

How not to create traffic jams, pollution and urban sprawl; Don’t let people park for free

…parking influences the way cities look, and how people travel around them, more powerfully than almost anything else. Many cities try to make themselves more appealing by building cycle paths and tram lines or by erecting swaggering buildings by famous architects. If they do not also change their parking policies, such efforts amount to little more than window-dressing. There is a one-word answer to why the streets of Los Angeles look so different from those of London, and why neither city resembles Tokyo: parking.

For as long as there have been cars, there has been a need to store them when they are not moving—which, these days, is about 95% of the time. The parking problem in the US can be loosely traced to 1923, when Columbus, Ohio began to insist that builders of flats create parking spaces for the people who would live in them. “Parking minimums”, as these are known, gradually spread across America. Now, as the number of cars on the world’s roads continues to grow, they are spreading around the world.

The harm caused begins with the obvious fact that parking takes up a lot of room. A typical space is 12-15 square metres; add the necessary access lanes and the space per car roughly doubles.

The more spread out and car-oriented a city, as a result of enormous car parks, the less appealing walking and cycling become. Besides, if you know you can park free wherever you go, why not drive? The ever-growing supply of free parking in America is one reason why investments in public transport have coaxed so few people out of cars, says David King of Arizona State University. In 1990, 73% of Americans got to work by driving alone, according to the census. In 2014, after a ballyhooed urban revival and many expensive tram and rapid-bus projects, 76% drove.

Free parking is not, of course, really free. The costs of building the car parks, as well as cleaning, lighting, repairing and securing them, are passed on to the people who use the buildings to which they are attached. Restaurant meals and cinema tickets are more pricey; flats are more expensive; office workers are presumably paid less. Everybody pays, whether or not they drive. And that has an unfortunate distributional effect, because young people drive a little less than the middle-aged and the poor drive less than the rich. In America, 17% of blacks and 12% of Hispanics who lived in big cities usually took public transport to work in 2013, whereas 7% of whites did. Free parking represents a subsidy for older people that is paid disproportionately by the young and a subsidy for the wealthy that is paid by the poor.

A few crowded American cities, including San Francisco, have watered down their parking minimums. One shrinking city (Buffalo, in New York state) has abolished them entirely. But most of the country seems to be stuck with a hugely costly and damaging solution to the parking problem. And the American approach to parking is spreading to some of the world’s fastest-growing cities.

SN: Click through to the article for more examples and proposed solutions. It’s worth the read.

I need some advice y'all

Ok tako hell manager again ! Sorry it’s really long the short story version at bottom. (TLDR?)

So normal I’m just an opening manager, I barely work with any cashiers and I’m usually off Sundays. Lately, I’ve been working Sundays (nbd , right? ) im only 20. Been a manager since I was 18, so I usually am pretty chill with my cashiers since they’re close in age to me so I get it.

But, this one girl let’s call her A is so disrespectful, does not do her job and when asked she refuses.

The other day, I put her on drive thru because I knew she wasn’t going to clean the lobby. So, with my job you HAVE to say certain things to customers, ex; is everything on your screen correct?.. A refuses to say half the stuff she’s supposed to. I repeatedly ask her “A, remember to ask if the order is correct please” all day long. She wouldn’t. She kept messing up orders because she was on her phone. I would be on the line making food and she’d start washing her hands and putting gloves on saying “Ima wrap stuff for you” ?? I’d tell her no, I need you in drive thru now.

So it finally got almost time for her to go it was like 4:15-4:30 she was off at 5.I said “hey before you go can you please take care of the lobby and do the boxes for me?” She did it, no problem. She still had time left on her shift so I asked if she could go clean the parking lot.

Me: Hey, one more thing could you go clean the parking lot for me?

A: there isn’t any trash out there.

Me: um.. yes. There is. *points at all the trash in parking lot* could you please?

A: I just did all that stuff and now you want me to go outside and clean in the cold? My nose is running.

Me: yeah all that stuff you did, was your job. So yes, can you please go sweep for me?

I start to close out her register and doing other things, I notice she’s STILL not outside sweeping. You know where she is? ON THE LINE. MAKING FOOD. she isn’t even ALLOWED to do that! She’s a cashier! I was getting kinda annoyed at this point. I said “a, please go outside and sweep for me please.”

She finally does it. It’s 4:55. I said “ok thank you for today. You can go ahead and clock out.

a; it’s not 5 yet?

M; um.. it’s 4:55 you’re finished everything I need you to clock out please.

A: no, Im getting my hours. I’m not clocking out.

We bickered back & forth for a bit and I just gave up. She stood there for 5 minutes waiting for two THEN clocked out. As soon as she left I changed her timeclock to 4:55 because she didn’t do anything for 5 mins.

Before I even started working with her, my store manager warned me she doesn’t like doing her job.

Should I have written her up for being disrespectful all day? Was I too nice? Do I need to be stricter?

I don’t want to be a mean manager, I know I’m not at work to make friends, but I don’t want to be THAT manager ya know? Cause I used to be a cashier, I know how it is.

-cashier wasn’t doing job, very disrespectful all day and basically stole company time.. I didn’t write her up but I should have.