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If These Are Not Mentioned Then I Don't Understand

Ok so I see alot of EXO-L’s talking about EXO’s best songs but let just end this all now because if this isn’t your list then I don’t understand.

(It’s a long list but oh well and in no particular order here is the most amazing list in my opinion).


1. Baby Don’t Cry(my favorite EXO song ever).
2. Heart Attack(if this isn’t in your list then I don’t understand you).
5. Christmas Day(No Words)
6. Miracles In December(Chen…..That’s All I Got😭).
7. My Lady(D.O’s VOCALS THOUGH!!!!).
8. Lady Luck(Magic).
9. Love Me Right(D.O, Baekhyun and Kai😭).
10. Transformer(Chanyeol and Kai……🔫⚰).
11. El Dorado(Baekhyun……).
12. She’s Dreaming(#AppreciateSuho2K17).
13. What If……(Baekhyun……..).
14. Stronger(All Just All Of Them😭).
15. One And Only(Dead).
16. Thunder(KAI NIGGA KAI!!!!😭).
17. What Is love(Absolutely No Words Just Know Baekhyun And Kyungsoo Are Legends).
18. Run(Kai And Kyungsoo’s harmonization I CAN’T!!!!).
19. Peter Pan(LIFE!!!!).
20. Heaven(BAEKHYUN’s VOCALS!!!!).
21. LOTTO(Appreciate The Auto-Tune).
22. Sing For You(Beautiful).
23. Unfair(Suho’s Part Is My Favorite😭).
24. Lightsaber(This Song Saved My Soul).
25. My Answer(SUHO!!!!).
26. Black Pear(D.O!!!!).

And Some Bonus Songs:.
1. Curtain(#AppreciateKimJumyeon2K17!! CAUSE MY BOY SLAYED THE GODS!!!! He closed SM station like a B-O-S-S ok BOSS!!).

2. Tell Me What Is Love(Kyungsoo Slayed Everyone #AppreciateKyungsoo2K17!!).


HAHAHHA…don’t even think about it Sehun (∩▂∩)


Description: Sometimes true love turns out to be one-sided.

Genre: Angst

Pairing: Byun Baekhyun x reader

Word Count: 1,522

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I didn’t have any tears left. All I could do was look at the dusty brown rug that lay on the old, dirty floor. At first I wanted to know why it hadn’t been cleaned but I remembered three things. One, I lived alone. Two, I was the only one who is here to clean it. And three, I had been so preoccupied with Baekhyun to care about anything else.

I’d spent the last few days crying until my sides ached and my whole body shook. Baekhyun had used me. He didn’t love me, he didn’t care about me, he didn’t want me. He never had. He sought out for something to keep his sober mind mindlessly spinning. I was caught like a fly in his web of lies. I listened to him when he told me I was the only thing he needed, the only thing he needed to stay alive and to keep fighting his battles, his demons. I stood beside him through everything. I was there through the good, happy, smiley days where Baek was a goof ball and practically everything made him a giggling mess. I was there through the depressing, painful, soul-wrenching days where he couldn’t stop crying or catch his breath because everything had hit his heart so hard. I was also there for everything in between. I picked my phone off the floor. Nothing. Absolutely nothing. I laughed bitterly. Of course I wouldn’t get anything back from him. With one swift motion, I unlocked my phone, and went straight to the messages.

I clicked on my last conversation I’d had. It had been over two weeks since Baekhyun and I talked. I scrolled to the start of the end and read it over again like I’ve forced myself to do repeatedly the last few days.

“I can’t.”

“You can’t do what babe?”

“This. Us. I’m done.”

“What do you mean?”

“I don’t want you anymore. I never did.”

“Why’d you stay so long, why’d you get my hopes up, why’d you let me to fall in love with you?”

“You kept my head whirling so I didn’t think about anything else. You never had anything better to do anyway. You didn’t have a life. You didn’t have anyone waiting for you or wishing to steal you away from me. Besides, if I had actually loved you, eventually I would have came to my senses and left. You’re not the type that someone stays around for. They’d be a fool to actually care about you.”


“I’m sorry that I lead you on though. That was never my intention.”

“You don’t need me anymore, so don’t lie to me.”

One part of that conversation kept repeating in my head, and had since I first read it. “You’re not the type that someone stays around for.” Out of everything he had said, that hurt the worst. That was the one thing that had truly stabbed me in the heart. What was wrong with me? He told me that no one should love me. What makes me that awful? No one’s perfect, but what was so bad about me? I couldn’t wrap my head around it. Finding out that Baekhyun was using me brought all of my insecurities to light. Everything I had ever worried about with giving my heart to someone, to Baekhyun, had come true. He lied to me. He used me. He played me. He never loved me. I wasn’t important to him. I never meant anything.

He wasted two years of my life. I pushed everyone I loved most away to be with him. I’d pretty much changed every aspect of my life for him, to help him and make sure he got better. And now that he was better, he was gone. I was left behind in the dust, now broken and useless.

In the midst of my thoughts I heard a knock at the door. I didn’t dare move to get it though. I wasn’t in the mood to talk to or see anyone. “Y/n?” The voice of my best friend, Seulgi, seeped through the door. “Can we talk? I heard about…” Her voice drifted so I wasn’t able to hear the last part, although I was certain I didn’t necessarily want to.

I yearned to talk to her, I always went to her no matter what it was about. But right now I just couldn’t. I was still too emotionally unstable to talk about everything without breaking down. So instead of going to the door or answering in anyway, I stayed exactly where I was, not moving a muscle. She was persistent though, she always was. She kept knocking for the better part of thirty minutes. “I know it all hurts, I do, but it can’t get better if you don’t let someone in.” Was the last thing she said as she gave up and left. I had never been one to keep my emotions to myself. I needed to tell someone what was wrong, whether it was simply I had stubbed my toe or more seriously I wasn’t too fond of the way someone was treating me. I was always telling someone my problems. But with this, with Baekhyun, I just couldn’t do it yet. Even thinking his name sealed my mouth shut.

I sat in the same place I was all day, but about ten minutes later I heard another knock at the door. Guilt settled in the pit of my stomach. Seulgi didn’t know for sure if I was here or not, and considering since I hadn’t talked to anyone the last two weeks, she might be worried sick. I slowly pushed myself off the floor. I moped over to the door. She didn’t cease her knocking like she had done earlier, she continued until she heard me unlocking the door. “Listen Seulgi, I really just want to be alone.” I said, while swinging the door open. However I wasn’t met with the sight of my short, sweet best friend.

Instead it was Baekhyun. His usually bouncing, well-groomed mop of red hair was a rat’s nest. He wore the same outfit I last saw him in, the day before the texts. The once clean white shirt was a dingy gray, stains and dirt blotches littered the shirt. There was a rip in the left knee that I don’t quite remember being there before. He’d never been a fan of ripped jeans. Bruises and contusions of all sizes lay scattered about what I could see of his arms. He stood there breathing heavy which was ironic seeing as how  I could feel my throat beginning to close up and breathing was becoming a chore. My hands grew clammy at the thick tension. Neither of us spoke, me because I suddenly forgot what words were and him because he was probably waiting for me to speak first. I always did when I was with him. But we weren’t together anymore, so I refused. I could tell the silence was becoming uncomfortable for Baekhyun. He began fidgeting uneasily, unconsciously tapping his fingers on his upper thigh. He always did that when he couldn’t stand being in a certain specific situation. Stop analyzing him. I sighed softly, probably not loud enough for Baekhyun to hear. It means nothing now.

Baekhyun was the first one to crack.

“I didn’t mean a word of what I said.”  “Of course you didn’t.” I scoffed. “I was in a bad place, I need you more than you’ll ever know. I fucked up, bad. I know, but I can’t live without you. You’ve got to me believe me babygirl.” The once sweet term of endearment slid off his tongue so easily. It was mainly ever used to convince me to believe whatever lie Baekhyun was trying to pass right over my head. Sitting here now, I had the slight urge to hear him out. The slight urge. I raised a hand up, stopping him before he said anymore.

“Don’t call me that.”

“I’m sorry.” Yet another lie that slipped past his lips like butter.

I couldn’t bear looking into the eyes of the very person that had made and broken me with a few simple words. “Baekhyun, I need you to leave. You don’t live here. We’re not together anymore. You have no business being here.” All I could see was the determination in his eyes. I had no doubt that he was probably gonna stand here, all night if he had to, til’ I let him in. I was too stubborn to give into him so easily.

He was playing me like game at this point, I could feel it. He knew me better than I knew myself. He knew exactly how much strength it was taking me not to  succumb under his intense gaze.

“Goodbye Baekhyun.”

I shut the door, attempting to keep my sanity a little while longer. I didn’t know if he was still at the door or not, probably though knowing how much he loves to keep his act up, but by the time I reached my seat in front of the couch, a fresh wave of tears had surfaced.

Here Comes a Thought {chanbaek fanfic}

AAAHHHHHHH so much fluff! I feel like such a girl, but… I had watched this compilation of EXO’s death scenes on YouTube this morning in class (never made it past Baekhyun’s scene- why are those videos even a thing?!?!), and as I rested my head on the desk to watch the clouds, I got this idea. I really wanted to jot it down and get it out of my system, sooooo here you go! 🌺

Please forgive me for all the gooey corniness! I tried to make it sound as plausible as possible, and I really hope you can genuinely imagine the boys having this conversation (though, secretly, I kind of just hope they never really do discuss this because they both already know that they’re going to be together forever… but whatevs!) I hope this one-shot gives you some joy today, and happy reading! 🌹☁️☄️

               Chanyeol silently watched grey clouds cover the sky, his cheek resting on a desk in his studio as he stared out at the birds rotating around each other. He should’ve been working. He had an itch to write new songs, focus every bit of his energy and thought on his music. But he couldn’t.

               Why? Because Baekhyun was going to have a wife, he thought. Maybe not today, maybe not this year, maybe not for the next five years, but it was going to happen someday.

               Chanyeol hated how his mind jumped to these things. One minute, he was watching Baekhyun’s drama, his death scene approaching, and as his character falls to the ground, crying ‘my wife’ over the actress, the younger boy’s thoughts went into the future. What if he did use those words one day, but not as part of a script? What will happen when he falls in love, gets married, and has someone to call his wife? Baekhyun was going to have a wife, and then where would Chanyeol be?

               The CHANBAEK signs that fans so often bring to their concerts – those will all be meaningless. The fanart of the two of them, back to back against a surface of stars in the galaxy will make no sense, and the fanfictions will all be completely cynical.

               He closed his eyes, his brows furrowed as he tried to kick the thoughts out, but every time he pressed a note on his keyboard, every time he pulled out a music sheet, every time he turned on a track list, Baekhyun’s voice calling out to his wife rang in his ears.

               He knew it was ridiculous to be so upset over the inevitable, but every time Baekhyun held his hand during a concert, every time the two were found staring at each other while filming a variety show, every time they chose to take the seats closest to each other in a van ride- Chanyeol would always think that maybe there was something between them.

               But he had to grow up. They were both idols with expanding careers; they had theirs and EXO’s reputations to think about. And if Chanyeol was completely honest with himself, he didn’t know if their moments meant something to Baekhyun as they did to him, or if they were just fan service.

               Chanyeol turned to lean his forehead on the desk, groaning. “Stop thinking about it,” he told himself, his hands at his hair. “Stop thinking about it, stop thinking about it, stop thinking about it!”

               “Thinking about what?” he heard a familiar voice behind him say, and he jumped.

               He found Baekhyun standing there with a smile on his face and a raised brow, and for some reason, the younger found he couldn’t look him in the eyes.

               He turned back around, resting his cheek on the desk as he tried to focus on the clouds outside. “Nothing.”

               “Chanyeol,” he felt his chair lean back, and he knew Baekhyun was holding on to it. “I’m hungry. Let’s go get some burgers.”

               “No, thanks.”

               The chair shook. “Come on, I’ll get you an ice cream afterwards.”

               Baekhyun was going to have a wife. He was going to have a girlfriend. Maybe it was time for Chanyeol to push away the meaningless hope he had for the two of them.

               “I’m not hungry.”

               “Well, I am, and I don’t want to go by myself!”

               He was going to have to watch Baekhyun go on dates with other girls. He was undoubtedly going to show him a ring before he proposed. Oh God… he was going to be his best man.

               He shut his eyes. “Then, ask one of the others to go with you.”

               He imagined Baekhyun frowning. “But I want to go with you!”

               He covered his face with his hands. “Sheesh, Baekhyun! I’m busy, just take Junmyeon or Yixing hyung instead!”

               After a short while, the weight on the chair disappeared, and he was half-tempted to peer over his shoulder and see if the older boy really had left. But just as he had the thought, a heavy weight suddenly dropped on his back, and two arms wrapped around his waist.

               “Ah!” he got over having Baekhyun jump on him, and he groaned. “Baekhyun!”

               “What’s wrong, Chanyeollie?” he cooed, his breath warm against Chanyeol’s neck.

               He exhaled deeply, trying to act like the older boy wasn’t pressed down against him. “Nothing’s wrong, I’m just tired.”

               He felt one of Baekhyun’s hands go from his waist to his hair, patting it down. “That’s why you should come eat with me. What better break than having junk food with your best friend?”

               Best friend. That word played on repeat in Chanyeol’s head, and after a short while, it started to scare him.

               Baekhyun must’ve noticed the look on his face because before he knew it, he could feel the vocalist’s breath on his cheek.

               “Chanyeol?” he lightly brushed his hair from his face. “Seriously, what’s wrong?”

               Chanyeol opened his eyes to find Baekhyun’s face mere inches away from his. He should’ve shot back, shoved the older boy’s face away, laughed at him to mind other people’s personal space- anything that made it seem like he wasn’t flustered at how close they were. Anything that made it seem like however big or small the distance was between them didn’t matter to him.

               Instead, his voice went quiet, and his expression soft. “I’ve been thinking.”

               “Thinking about what?”

               “Your wife.” Baekhyun blinked at him, and Chanyeol instantly realized how that sounded. He tried to sit up, and when the older boy’s feet touched the ground, he moved to sit in the chair next to him. “My wife. The future. One day, we’re going to get married…” he trailed off, then his head snapped to Baekhyun, his face flushed, “t-to, you know, women, and everything’s going to change. We’re probably not going to hang out any more like we do now. It’s just kind of sad.”

               Baekhyun frowned. “This is unlike you, Chanyeollie. I’ve never seen you so bummed over nothing.”

               “Nothing? It’s our lives, Baekhyun.”

               “It’s a future that hasn’t even happened yet, and most likely won’t. I don’t ever want to get married to some woman.”

               Chanyeol looked up at him. “You don’t?”

               He almost rubbed his eyes when he saw how red the older boy had suddenly gone. Baekhyun looked away, clearing his throat. “I-I mean, you know, I don’t just want to marry anyone for the sake of getting married. I don’t think I should have to worry about that for a long, long, long time.” He glanced at Chanyeol and quickly looked away, and this time, the rapper was sure he was blushing as he muttered something that sounded a lot like, “neither of us should.”

               He kept his gaze away, but Chanyeol now found that he couldn’t take his eyes off the vocalist’s pouting face. His smile widened as the words ran through his head once more. He held Baekhyun’s wrist, and stood, tugging him along.

               “Where are we going?”

               “To get burgers. I thought you said you were hungry.”

               He smiled, then jumped up, his embarrassment gone as the two walked out of the studio.

               Maybe, Chanyeol thought, hope wasn’t so meaningless.

lethal ; (mafia) wu yifan

description; “hopefully god is still down to forgive us.” they were nothing but (lethal).

a/n; i love all my readers js unedited (@i-am-a-death-dealer @catching-the-galaxies @vicassa)

part; o | i | ii | iii | iv

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