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Reaction (AOA): They find out you have a crush on them

Choa: “Oh look at this. I like you too.” *does finger heart* *gives you a big hug* “Looks like we both have crushes on eachother.”

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Jimin: “You have a crush on me?” *you nod* “Well, guess what? I like you too.” 

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Yuna: “You have a crush on me?” *pauses for a moment and goes to get Seolhyun* “I have something to tell you also* “1…2…3… I like you too (Y/N).”

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Youkyoung: *when you admit your feelings* “Awe, I love you too. See, this is how much I love you.”

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Hyejeong: “You have a crush on me?” *teases you* “Is it big enough to make you want to kiss me right now?”

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Mina: “Don’t worry (Y/N) I got you. I think someone likes you back, very much.”

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Seolhyun: “Aigoo you’re so cute (Y/N).” *blows you a kiss* 

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Chanmi:*claps happily* “Ooh yay, I have a crush on you too.”

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