park benches and cigarettes

If the voltron team were to live in our time, I feel like Keith is the kind of kid that could get good grades in school if he wanted to but ends up dropping out because he feels lost with no sense of direction. He’s that one selfish prideful kid that doesn’t like to cry but he’s also extremely insecure about his life and his future. He probably in the middle of the night drives out to the very edge of town in his beat up truck, and sit on a random park bench and think for hours on end while smoking a cigarette until morning comes. The moment before the sun rises, where the whole town is silent and the entire park is bathed in blue, is when he feels most at peace.

Ian fixed up his black hat and brown jacket, sitting down on a bench in the park with a cigarette between his lips, looking over at the pictures he’d taken in his camera with a grin, eventually taking a long drag and blowing out the smoke.

Stasha the old fashioned way

Steve sat on a park bench by a coffee shop near SHIELD, smoking a cigarette and people-watching those around him. He sipped his coffee between drags and sighed quietly as he enjoyed the sunshine. He didn’t know where his teammates were, but he hoped they’d come back. He missed Natasha the most, though he would be hard-pressed to say so out loud.