park ball

I’m gonna say some things and not everyone’s going to agree with me but fuck it: This is not Dean Ambrose

THE Dean Ambrose would not do this. Maybe I’m too fucked up right now, believe me I am by God I am, but this wasnt the time or the place for any sort of “heel turn”. I understand character development but this ain’t it chief. This ain’t it. I cant see this as anything other that character, maybe not assassination but that’s the ball park of what I’m trying to say. I really feared that with Roman out (not blaming him, his health and his family come first always)but I felt like as soon is it happened Creative was going to pull this shit. But this isn’t the Dean Ambrose I know. The Dean Ambrose I know would’ve after that deeds, when he was face to the ring crying and slamming his fists against the mat would’ve crawled over to his brother and tried to make it better. THATS the Dean Ambrose I know. And yeah people change but fuck that’s not how this should go. If you’re a heel supporter that’s fine, I’m not going to change your mind your views are your views brother, but this Isnt the Dean I know and love. And I’m not emotionally strong enough or stable enough to hand it. Sincerely, Mod grey


Lately iv been thinking about how a parks and recreation version of dbz would be the fucking BEST And this scene kept reminding me of these two, and how it would deffenitly happen so i had to draw it! Uncle Piccolo is very moved ; w ; Also i know gohan only wore this outfit a few times but i like it so thats the outfit i drew him in fhdjsj

Full view please!🐉
signs as badass girls

aries: imperator furiosa, faith lehane, sarah manning, sun bak, elektra, faye valentine
taurus: misty, kim pines, rey, toph beifong, chell, riza hawkeye
gemini: harley quinn, starfire, connie maheswaran, bayonetta, knives chau, botan (yu yu hakusho)
cancer: mako mori, sailor moon, katara, ororo munroe/storm, bee (bee and puppycat), elizabeth (bioshock)
leo: buffy summers, daenerys targaryen, chun-li, gabrielle (xena: warrior princess), cynthia (pokemon), rosalina
virgo: leia organa, dana scully, tina belcher, bulma, jill valentine, annabeth chase
libra: chihiro ogino, death (sandman), carol aird, princess bubblegum, violet baudelaire, cher horowitz
scorpio: april ludgate, jessica jones, raven (teen titans), mystique, android 18, beatrix kiddo
sagittarius: ellie (the last of us), ilana glazer, lisbeth salander, aerith gainsborough, sam dutton (the perks of being a wallflower), sabrina the teenage witch
capricorn: blair waldorf, hua mulan, poussey washington, leslie knope, motoko kusanagi, elastigirl
aquarius: misato katsuragi, gamora (guardians of the galaxy), samus aran, daria morgendorffer, princess mononoke, yumi (hi hi puffy amiyumi)
pisces: galadriel, nomi marks, kitty pride/shadowcat, max caulfield, luna lovegood, eileen (regular show)