park avenue architecture

David Whitney building viewed at night from a height across the street, with views along Woodward and Grand Circus Park. Bunting in lower-story windows; crowd near entrance. Street blocked off, with people around marked section. Signs include: David Whitney building; English Woolen Co., tailors; T Garden; King Blair, clothes; Annis Furs; Tuttle & Clark, leather goods; Washington Arcade Bldg.; Browning & Co.; Cadillac Burlesque; Gateley’s Clothing; Cass Theatre; Weil & Co., furniture; Cadillac motor cars. Written on photograph front: “Photo by J.W. Hughes, Detroit.”

  • Courtesy of the Burton Historical Collection, Detroit Public Library

Looking up the tracks of the No. 1 Line.


A passageway connecting the 6th Avenue and No. 7 Line stations under Bryant Park.

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beautiful block of Moss Street (the 900 block, even numbered) Bayou St. John waterway, New Orleans DSC08334