park and slide

Day Ninety-Three

-At 12:58, I clocked in. At 1:00, I passed several other cashiers on my way to the front end. At 1:01, I took a register at the far side. At 1:04, I turned around. At 1:05, I was entirely alone.

-An elderly man bought a travel-sized stick of deodorant. I thought to myself that it would not last long. I looked at the man and realized that he might not either. This may have been his intention all along.

-Today, there are children everywhere. These are the only guests I actively welcome to my lane. These are the ones I’m here for.

-A soccer mom stood at the end of my lane, sternly staring me down without a word. This is a nightmare crossing over into the real world and I am in no way alright with this.

-Hundreds of unidentifiable birds swarmed the parking lot, circling, slowly sliding closer and closer to the door, readying to mount their attack and begin phase one.

-I saw a child, curled up, hiding under a couple’s cart. I hope that it is theirs. Otherwise, everyone is in for a surprise tonight.

-I told a woman her change. The woman told me she loves me. Neither of us spoke again. I am okay with this.

fluttering bright eyes, overalls, giggles, music in the car, woodchips at the park, sunshine, swingsets, swirly slides, blowing bubbles, scraped knees, bandaids, grass stains, zoo pals paper plates, sippy cups, car rides, jumbo coloring books, color coded crayons, stickers on everything, playdoh, washed hands, colorful utensils, plastic plates, full tummies, heavily loved stuffed animals, watching your favorite movie, footed pajamas, yawns, “I’m not tired"s, sleepy eyes, peaceful dreams