Isaac Lahey | “Let’s dance in the dark.”/ Paris

Count of words: 829

Warnings: none I believe, possibly a bit sad (??)

a/n: so someone ( @megsmorello I think) asked this  “Issac imagine Based off the song Paris and you two travel thereanswer; as in the chainsmokers ?” and my best idea for it is this here so I hope you like it 

writer: @lucifers-embodiment

After the tragic death of your best friend, Alisson Argent, Chris decided to engulf both you and Isaac, doing excactly what his wonderful daughter did, love you and protect you at all costs. When he decided to do that it turned out to be one of the best things he did in a long time. He was not left alone anymore; he had a newly found family there for him, someone new to keep fighting for.

Even though you and Isaac were supernatural creatures, Chris refused to take you with him on his trip to help the pack from the threat of the Wild Hunt. For a while you thought he just didn’t want to broken teenagers to be around him and slow him down, but it turned down the only reason he did that was his fear of losing the two of you. Something you would never expect that Chris had grown to love you and care about you deeply. This fatherly instict was showing up everytime he was around you. A lot of times, actually, he had stated that you reminded him of Alisson; strong, independent, powerfull and stubborn, brave and loyal. Usually you would brush it off until Isaac would burge in the conversation to tell you he was right, you were so much like her but so different.

Isaac was a copletely different case than Chris. Chris had covered both of you under his wing and cared about you since day one, but Isaac, Isaac was just distant with you. He had this warmth towards Chris before Alisson died, but he had cold feet when it came to you. He was cold and sarcastic; mean as well at times. It look as though he was afraid to open up to you, to help you heal, to love you. He deeply believed that he would lose you too if he got attached, just as he had lost everyone before. Now, though, Isaac was making small steps every time to start opening up to you as well.

It had been a couple of days since Chris left for Beacon Hills. You and Isaac were bored out of your minds watching the same movies over and over again and the night was getting darker and quieter. Something you could not quite explain was keeping the both of you awake and everytime you closed your eyes they would shot up again. For you it was nightmares, nightmares so horrible than any other you’ve had before, for Isaac it was the feeling in his gut that he had to protect you from those nightmares terrorising your sleep.

As the night had reached it’s peak you once again were taken out of your slumber. “You’re heartbeat is picking up speed again.” A soft voice said breaking the silence of the night. “Another nightmare?” He asked and you said a quiet yes. “Well, then, doll, let’s dance in the dark!” He exclaimed carefully making his way over to you, swiping of of your feet in one delicate move. That’s when he started slowly humming a song you heard the other day. 

We were staying in Paris
To get away from your parents
And I thought, “Wow, if I could take this in a shot right now
I don’t think that we could work this out.”

He sung peacfully, having his big palm on your waist, stopping for a second to tell you what the lyrics symbolise for the two of you. “We leave here now, Chris took us both away to protect us, to love us. You away from your abusive parents and me from my abusive mind.” He said swaying you again a bit and moving to the next lyric.

Out on the terrace
I don’t know if it’s fair but I thought, “How could I let you fall by yourself
While I’m wasted with someone else?”

“I remember all the times you would stand there thinking to end this torture of your mind, while I was out trying to forget while getting wasted thinking why am I doing this to myself and you.” He said swirling us around. You never spoke you just heard him talking and singing while laying your head on his torso.

If we go down then we go down together
They’ll say you could do anything
They’ll say that I was clever
If we go down then we go down together
We’ll get away with everything
Let’s show them we are better
Let’s show them we are better
Let’s show them we are better

“If you fall then I fall with you.” He simply stated stoping the both of you. For a  moment it was as if you were glued together but then his delicate hand pushed your face away and made you look at his eyes. “Cause I love you and I wish I knew sooner, but I do. And as broken as we are together we can do better.” He said before kissing you softly. “I love you.” was the last thing said that night as you continued dancing the night away.

Carmilla Survey Fanfic Results

By popular demand, here are the intriguing results of the post 30DaysofCupcake survey! My thanks to the respondents. I have SO MUCH MORE data but let’s be concise.

I’ve written 73 Carmilla fanfics primarily in sets of 30 straight days with 1 story per day. So there’s a lot. I started by asking about the most recent 30 day writing binge on it’s own. 

Most Liked Stories As Voted by You (30Days of Cupcake)

  1. We Chose Each Other
  2. The Golden Heart of Paris
  3. To Hope Beyond An Unfinished Melody
  4. One Fish, Two Fish
  5. Not Really A Royal Romance
  6. Wake Up With a Hot Wife

Interestingly, We Chose Each Other won by 20+ votes while the others are fairly close. Of the top 6 voted best, only We Chose and Unfinished Melody are in the top 6 for most kudos, comments, bookmarks, subs, and hits.These are both the longest stories from the entire series with We Chose a 23k oneshot and Melody a 9k oneshot. 

Although #6 in the survey, Hot Wife is #2 overall in kudos and hits while our #2 voted story can only make it into the top 6 in the bookmarks category. One Fish, Two Fish didn’t even make top 6 in any of the kudos/comments etc categories. 

Most Want Continued Stories as Voted by You (30Days Cupcake)

  1. At The Daily Planet
  2. Not Really A Royal Romance
  3. Sword in My Stone Heart
  4. Just a Girl and Her Dragon
  5. Fire in My Veins and Air in My Lungs
  6. Not A Superhero

Only one story made it onto both lists, Not Really A Royal Romance, so everything else on the To Be Continued (TBC) list is brand new. 

Here’s where it gets interesting


Two of the stories, Royal Romance and Superhero, made it into the top 6 for comments and three of them, Royal Romance, Superhero, AND Fire/Air, made it into the top 6 subs. But you’ll notice that the number one TBC story, At The Daily Planet, didn’t get a single top 6 in the ao3 metric system. basically what you’re telling me here is that the stories people most want more of, never would have shown me that if I hadn’t set up a survey to ask specifically. 

Now, pressing on to the 43 other stories that we have lurking about. 

Most Liked Original Stories As Voted by You (original 43)

  1. Silver and Gold
  2. Scars Inside
  3. Marriage of Convenience
  4. The Mirror Between Us
  5. Beneath the Boots and Leather
  6. Love is Orange

I’m not surprised. That said, I’m so so so happy that Silver & Gold and Scars Inside are still at the top. As 10k+ oneshots, you have to really have liked them to remember them because they’re not popping up all the time like multi-chap fics do. 

Stories 3-5 (MoC, Mirror!fic, BtBaL) are all multi-chap fics that people begged for in the last survey & it’s lovely to see them still on top. Love is Orange, however, was one that no-one asked for more of and I made an executive decision to finish anyway. Look at it now <3

  • Scars Inside is the only story not in the top six for kudos, comments, bookmarks and hits. Makes sense considering it doesn’t have multiple chapters to boost it’s numbers. The fact that Silver & Gold does so well on one chapter is amazing
  • If you cut the multi-chapter fics and JUST DO ONESHOTS (removing stories 3-6) then we add Missed Connections, The Mug Thief, Teach Me To Play, and Stalked By Cupid
  • I’m absolutely shocked at Missed Connections. That came out of nowhere. On none of the past surveys was that story listed as something liked. I mean, i love it but… wow

I was tired and i FORGOT THREE FICS. Two are just fine but I cannot believe that I forgot WISHING ON IMAGINARY STARS, my 12k darling. Go read it. 

so now let’s look at all 73 stories

Most Want Continued Stories as Voted by You (ALL STORIES)

  1. The Mirror Between Us
  2. Marriage of Convenience
  3. Beneath the Boots and Leather
  4. Not Really A Royal Romance
  5. Sword in My Stone Heart
  6. At The Daily Planet

Honestly, the Big Three (Mirror, MoC, and BtBaL) just win everything always. We’re seeing the continued strength of the recency effect as 4-9 are all from the most recent batch of 30days. Or I’m getting better. Or both. Let’s say both.

  • MoC & Mirror switch places for #1 while BtBal is always #3
  • Of the semi-old stuff, Queen of the Underworld and Stalked By Cupid hold strong 
  • Shockingly, of the really old stuff Powerless has the most staying power, leaping upwards in the ranking. 
  • Again, kudos/hits etc are showing a very very poor indication of what stories would want continuation by readers
  • The 6 TBC stories we listed from 30daysofcupcake above, ALL make the top 10 stories in this list with only the big three beating them. However, their order changes slightly.

Most Liked Stories as Chosen by The Author (ALL)

fine. i suppose it’s only fair but i’m not ranking them because they’re my children and I make the rules. i like them all for different reasons

So there you have it cupcakes, almost no link between want more and ao3 stats with a limited link between ‘i like this’ and kudos. This is probably due to the fact that when I asked people how they use kudos/comments /bookmarks /subscriptions, there was NO consistency in the answers. 

Cupcakes, this has been so much fun. Thank you for your time and thank you for reading my stories. I look forward to expanding on them in the future. <3 Always love hearing your thoughts and thank you for all of your kind comments in the survey. They make my day.