+27 wandered into the Asylum

Andromeda licked his lips, the sound of the door opening seemed to echo around the entire building. The man looked up at the person whom was wandering down the hall.

Was it one of them? Had they noticed he was missing? Where they here to take him back?


Nick was down stairs, in the driveway of Paris house. They had things planned, today after all it was saturday.He looked up at Paris bedroom window, he thought he would see her at her desk. Maybe she forgot, he thought. He honked his trucks horn.

Reunion | Embry & Paris

It had been a while since Embry and Paris had seen each other. To be honest, Embry had really missed his friend. She seemed to be the only ordinary human in his circle of friends - something that Embry really appreciated. Embry had first met her in front of Bella’s home and she turned out to be her cousin. After some time, Paris hadn’t been aware of the whole supernatural stuff going on in La Push and Forks, she had started questioning things and got Embry to tell her why things weren’t just as they seemed. Embry knew that her knowlegde about the supernaturals put her in real danger, but he was somehow glad that he didn’t have to act different in front of her. Well, not too much - she still didn’t know what he was; Paris just knew that he was different. Embry wasn’t sure how long this would go well. 

A few minutes later after Embry had been told that Paris was back in town, he had called her and now waited with the boys at Emily’s for her arrival. They had been eating some muffins and were laughing about random stuff as suddendly someone approached the house. Quickly they jumped on their feet and ran outside in order to greet the human. “Paris!” Embry laughed and jumped off the veranda.