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While I was on vacation cavorting with lions and sharks in Africa- my homeboy (aka tech nerdcrush)  MG Siegler bounces (sort of) from Techcrunch to become a VC at Crunchfund.  He will still be writing for Techcrunch, but just about Apple.  He says that this is NOT because Ariana Huffington gave Mike Arrington the bum’s rush, but it must of felt kind of good to give notice after all that garbage drama

I am happy we will still get his POV on Apple from Techcrunch and happy that he will be a part of bringing legit tech start ups to life- but part of me is kind of sad to not have him in full force on the editorial side.  His cranky, yet spot on reporting is one of the highlights of my day.  Hopefully will continue to bring us news about Apple and all other tech goodness/crapness.  Either way, a big good luck to you MG! 

WOW. This is huge news.

MG Siegler writes for Techcrunch that LinkedIn is now their number two traffic referrer, surpassing Twitter.

As I wrote a few months back on this blog, it’s the huge potential in LinkedIn Today and Signal, adding context and direction to the clusterfuck of info that is Twitter. To see it eclipse Twitter as a referrer this quickly for a news destination like Techcrunch is simply mind blowing though.

To better understand the web’s new unfolding discovery matrix, I highly recommend this read (also on Techcrunch funny enough) from Mahendra Palsule, who is a Techmeme editor, and self-described platform-agnostic tech geek.

We are entering the AGE OF RELEVANCE. Hurrah!

The Social Problem

I was browsing through my archives , and I chanced upon parislemon ’s post on Facebook, and their new feature, Timeline. This one particular passage just struck me. Brilliant insight, I think.

There’s one massive problem in the social space: everyone is competing for the same user time. But most services compete by piling on features that erode that time even quicker. They’re offering up services that if I use, it means I’ll have even less time to actually enjoy life. That’s not a sustainable model. Being “social” online has become far too much work.

Facebook has clearly been thinking about this problem. And now they have a way to tap the power of social without thinking about it. That’s the future of the space. It’s not about needing a share button. It’s about not needing a share button. “

Here’s the link to the complete article -

P.S:Also, notice how he’s quoted Steve Jobs in between;his famous quote about ”how I skate where the puck is going to be". And I chanced upon it on the day of Steve Jobs’ death, today.

And now it’s time for some horn-tooting. In December of last year, we were all over this still-developing story. And it was surprising last week to find out just how dead-on we were seven months prior to its launch.


Is that because you hate me or hate TechCrunch? I can never tell anymore.


Brag, complain, brag, brag, complain. Worst Twitter user ever?

Does anyone else find the combination of these three posts slightly ironic?