anonymous asked:

Love your site. And to form my feedback in the form of a question, doesn't it drive you batsh*t crazy that Kevin Spacey's tie in your site's hero picture doesn't line up perfectly with your centred lemon? Because I lose sleep over it.

It does indeed drive me insane on desktop every time I look at it. But on mobile it’s very close. We live in a mobile world, so I have to pick my battles.

kenrpapp  asked:

Do you have an RSS feed for your #500 posts? If not, I could probably filter your @lemonfeed by using "[500 Words]." Thanks.

Sadly, I do not. Perhaps if there was enough demand I could fairly easily set one up. Then again, it is RSS. Maybe better to make a separate Twitter account?

Update: As a number of you have pointed out, Tumblr actually makes this quite easy as there is an RSS feed for your tags by default! Here’s the link to the 500 Words RSS feed. Thanks all.

anonymous asked:

top 5 blogs on tumblr.

Hard to limit it to just 5. I like so many. They rise and fall with the tide. At the moment though, I would have to say parislemon and laughingsquid for techy/cultural stuff, steampunkxlove for aesthetics, bobmcbobbertson posts tons I like, and then I would have to put raywoman and maymonsturr for being sexy, cool woman who post awesome varied things. (I know that’s 6, but deal with it)

There are countless other blogs I love and some are real close to making this list, but I kept it short.

Do I make your list anon? I can’t imagine, I don’t post too much awesomeness. Haha.

Google+ [Advantage]: Location Services

Google+ has spread past 10 million active users and while doing so they launched their iPhone app.  Although the app is in it’s first version and, in my opinion, very slow, there are some very exciting features.  One in particular seems to be facing off against location based service companies like Foursquare.  

Want to see what is happening “Nearby?” From the “Stream” all you need to do is swipe the screen to the side until your Nearby action shows up in the middle of the screen! 

What if you wanted to “check it to a location” like you would on Foursquare or Facebook.  On Facebook if you did that, then everyone would know where you were. Dont you want control over who can see if you are out of town, or out of your house? With Google+ check in you can choose which “Circle” you want to see what you are doing.  Pretty nifty!

Check out the early description of this service from MG Siegler here:

Here’s how it looks to check in:

Once you click that button, then you choose where you are at:

Choose your location and then it’s time to choose a few things…

1. Which “Circles” do you want to see this? Or do you just want to send it to “Public?”

2. What photo’s do you want to load? (You can load a MAX of 4 at once!)

3. Leave a message

And then…POST!  The location features are very cool with the multi-uploading of photos and sharing to your choice group.  By checking in and sharing it to “Public” this feature now is crossing over to the Twitter realm allowing you to share with individuals you dont even know.  Google is creating their product from the ground up with functionality that other platforms lack. So far I approve.  

Is there anything Google+ wont be able to do?