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Essential tips to stay sophisticated in an tacky world

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How often are you impressed by individuals whose physical appearance and personal sense of style stand out for all the good reasons?

I am not talking about people spotted at a high profile social event or at a fashion show, but rather those that we see in ordinary daily circumstances.

Having always worked in the fashion industry, I will admit that my standards are on the high side- so in my case I would have to go with “rarely”.

In a world where there is more access to information than ever before, why is there such a "laisser aller“? 

This particular point, I believe, is at the root of the matter.

Too much information means that our focus needs not only to be selective but also inquisitive.

In our fast paced environment, time is of the essence and we tend to simplify our lives by relying on familiar sources that are easy to access.

Before we know it, our reflexes and habits are set.

Our aesthetic preferences become an extension of what is already out there, no questions asked.

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As subjective as it can be, the concept of sophistication does not seem to be a primary reference point anymore.

Which brings us back to the title of this post.

In spite of all this confusion and aesthetic brouhaha, how can one stay sophisticated?

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  1. Be selective : from the sources of information you follow to the way you shop
  2. Expand your horizons : shake your routine and engage into more cultural events
  3. Understand who you are : dress for your body shape, in doubt keep things simple
  4. Invest in quality rather than quantity
  5. Be aware of trends but don’t follow them unless they resonate with you

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Paris street style. Parisians are all about being who they are and wearing what makes them feel comfortable. I do have to say that is just one of the many reasons why I love Parisians. They aren’t afraid to take risks in their style. They love to layer and mix different patterns together. Be sporty but also very chic at the same time. They also love to add a POP of color to their wardrobe. So next time you go out on the town, don’t be afraid to be you and dress how you want and wear what makes you comfortable. I mean come on have a little fun with your fashion. Fashion is suppose to be fun it’s a way to express how you’re feeling. Have fun be you and don’t stick to the status quo…