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walking back from a lover’s apartment, it’s 1 am, and you don’t know how to say you’re not in love. the sky is purple and you sit down on a bench outside. 

it’s between autumn and winter, the skies are gray, and the leaves are golden and crimson. the boy you love brushes your hand. you want to lay in his bed and listen to the wind. 

you’re an expat in paris. you drink coffee at a cafe on the seine and watch beautiful parisian women stroll by. the air is crisp and sweet. 

July 4, 1917 - American Troops Parade Through Paris

Pictured - And we won’t come home til it’s over over there!

Parisians had become used to the sight of soldiers marching through the city. Long gone were the jubilant days of August 1914, the old men and young women had cheered the dashing soldiers who were off to die in at the Frontiers and the Marne. The war had gone on too long.

Yet on July 4, 1917, enthusiastic crowds gathered again in Paris to watch soldiers parade through. The French government had requested a contingent of American troops to march though the capital on their Independence Day, as a way of celebrating the arrival of what was both an old and new ally. General Pershing, who commanded the American Expeditionary Force, was reluctant. Most of his soldiers were untrained volunteers, not smart professionals. Yet he relented to pressure from Paris.

The battalion that Pershing chose, the 16th infantry, part of the the First Division, the “Big Red One,” did not let their commander down. The unit had fought in the Philippines and in Mexico and was one of the most well-disciplined in the US army. It made a five-mile march through Paris to the Picpus Cemetary, where Pershing and several officers made a short speech. A large Parisian crowd watched the march, cheering the Americans and showering them with flowers.

At the cemetary, the laconic Pershing made few remarks. History remembers most Colonel Stanton of the 16th, who walked up to the grave of the Marquis de Lafayette, a hero of the American Revolution, and spoke briefly:

“America has joined forces with the Allied Powers, and what we have of blood and treasure are yours. Therefore it is that with loving pride we drape the colors in tribute of respect to this citizen of your great republic. And here and now, in the presence of the illustrious dead, we pledge our hearts and our honor in carrying this war to a successful issue.

Lafayette, we are here!”

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ok please imagine shaving H. Like, standing in the doorway of the suite's bathroom in this super luxury Parisian hotel and watching him stand in front of the mirror, brushing his teeth in the morning being, as the usual, absolutely naked. He'd smile at you, clean his mouth with the rinsing water and say "Mornin' love. Can yeh' help me with this?" and hold up his shaver. Because he knows that you are definitely better with this thing than him since you don't tend to accidentally cut him.. (1)

so you’d stand right in front of him, placing a hand on his cheek and start to slightly shave around his mouth. He’d start smirking every now and then because of the incredibly focused look on your face. You’d tell him to close his mouth and stop otherwise you’d hurt him but he’d just mumble a “could never hurt me, pet” and place his big hands on your bum. You’d have to smirk eventually because he’s such a tease. When you’re done he’s like “thanks love, now let me give you a big morning’ kiss.”

Oh man… I was going to say I think @little-black-dress-24 has a fic like this, but I’m also pretty sure it’s all in German (but if you speak German, you’re in luck! Lol). Either way, I love this concept, and it’s going to haunt me. 

In Heat 💓

So…I’ve started trying my hand at writing ML sin…?  [Nervously leaves this here]

  • Rated E (for explicit sexual content throughout and language)
  • Aged-up Mating Cycle/Pheromones AU + Chat Noir with Feline Tendencies

Summary:  It’s the one-year anniversary of when Ladybug and Chat Noir received their powers, and Marinette learns from Tikki that it marks the beginning of the mating cycle: for the next 30 days, Ladybug and Chat Noir will be drawn to each other by powerful pheromones generated by their miraculouses.  The more time they spend in each other’s presence, the stronger the effects will become, until they risk being completely overcome with lust.  And so, Ladybug and Chat Noir have little choice but to brace themselves for what is bound to be a month of intense sexual tension and frustration…but what they don’t know is that they unknowingly cross paths almost every day, and so not even their kwamis can prepare them for how profoundly their heats will affect them.  Will their partnership survive if they give in to temptation?  And what will happen when Hawk Moth figures out what’s going on?

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Chapter 1:  Summer Fae

Marinette had never looked forward to the first day of a school year, and she was pretty sure she was in the majority; did anyone look forward to the end of summer break?  Even so, dreading the coming of September 1st so much that it caught Hawk Moth’s attention and got you akumatized?  This seemed a bit much.

“Now that I’m here,” proclaimed the supervillain calling herself “Summer Fae,” “Nobody ever has to go to school again!  I’m going to make today–the last day of summer break–last forever!”

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statue removal’s

I just want to say that i don’t understand the logic behind removing these statues.

all of the founding fathers were racists and drafted a constitution and laws that specifically gave america to white people. should we remove all of this as well? should we remove the american flag?

if the reason behind their removal is racism on the part of the people they represent, why not remove all statues of all american founders and big leaders? Lincoln said blacks and whites could not live together.

and isn’t secession a right in the constitution? so how is that “treason” to secede?  The very purpose of the statue is to remain there to commemorate the culture and people who fought and lost a war.

These monuments are becoming lost because they are deemed offensive by some people in power. What arbitrary threshold of offensiveness determines whether a building, statue, the name of a road, etc… is destroyed? Its not like this was put to a referendum, or even formally debated over. 

id like to show you a picture 

The stony gaze of the statue upon his executor says it all. Most of the bronze “men” that once watched over Parisian streets and public squares of the French Third Republic met a most undignified end many years ago, snatched from their pedestals and erased from the history books.

 During the Nazi occupation of France in World War II, the co-operating Vichy government ordered the removal and destruction of all metal monuments and statues for the purpose of remelting, unless considered to be of “historical or artistic interest” to the new regime. In other words, sculptures that symbolized democracy, liberal policies, progression, the avant-garde and generally anything that might have offended the Germans, was deemed “ugly” and radical and sent straight to a hellish grave of twisted metal and fallen statues.

 it disgusts me to see kids in college tear down a statue of a man that all they are told is “he was a racist, he had a slave, he was southern” ect. this needs to stop right now. YOU ARE NOT DOING JUSTICE BY REMOVING A PIECE OF HISTORY YOU ARE DESTROYING SOMETHING THAT HAS MORE MEANING AND DEPTH TO IT THAN YOUR BRAIN CAN THINK


and before any of you say im just a dumb white person that is crying

native american and jewish. you people disgust me

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"ladybug i can believe you love adrien" "yeah i mean were married" "I'm in SHOCK MARINETTE" "I'm also married to you"

so i uh… was not going to write this but it sort of happened

i am so tired.

A Moment In The Cold - on ao3

“Ladybug,” Chat Noir said as he let out a sigh and leaned back against the cracking brick of an aged building. They were up above the streets, taking a moment’s rest from patrol to warm up after a run through the cold. The air outside was brisk, and with each breath that blew past their lips came a cloud of frost which reminded them that soon they would need to head home. “I can’t believe you’re in love with Adrien Agreste.”

A snort rose from beside him. Green eyes met blue, and Ladybug’s pink lips twitched upwards into a small, curious grin. “Of course I am,” She laughed, “that’s why I married him.”

Chat found it hard to repress his giggles, deciding to discretely cover his mouth with his hand so that his partner wouldn’t catch sight of his dopey smile. “I’m in shock, my Lady. And here I was with the impression that you liked bad boys.”

Ladybug burst into laughter as he gestured to himself. “You, a bad boy? Oh, please.” Rolling her eyes, she shook her head and gave him a gentle shove on the shoulder, cheeks flushing from something other than the weather. “Just yesterday you cried when holding kittens at the shelter because we couldn’t take all twelve of them home.”

“I have no idea what you’re talking about,” Chat replied with a shrug. He crossed his arms, unable to hide the smirk that split his face. “That wasn’t me.”

“Oh, excuse me,” Ladybug snorted, “it seems I have you confused with my husband.”

Chuckling, Chat wrapped an arm around her shoulders, feeling a gentle warmth blossom within his chest as she pressed herself up against his side. She was toasty and soft; it took all of his self control not to wrap her up in a huge hug and cuddle her right there, just for the sake of her closeness (and body heat.) 

“He seems like a nice guy,” Chat said after a moment. He pressed a kiss to the top of his Lady’s head and nuzzled his face into her hair, taking note that she must have used some of his shampoo rather than her usual strawberry-scented kind. Had she run out? The store wasn’t far, he could pick her up a new bottle on the way home if needed.

Ladybug nodded. “Oh, he is. He’s kind, and selfless, and the sweetest person I’ve ever met.” She paused to rest her head atop his shoulder, fingers entwining with his own and giving his hand a squeeze. “He’s my best friend.”

Her words made Chat feel positively giddy. With a quiet laugh, he pulled his wife into his lap and wrapped his arms around her petite frame, burying his head within the crook of her neck and smiling at how warm her skin felt against his own. She responded by returning the hug, a small giggle rising up from her chest as she rubbed a hand up and down his back. 

Had Chat not been so cold, it might’ve made him purr.

“Well, I’m glad you married this guy,” He whispered, “you seem really happy with him.”

Ladybug hummed. “I am. Very happy. Except, there’s just one thing…”

Confused, Chat’s ears perked up at her statement. Had he been doing something wrong, and if he had, why hadn’t she mentioned it before? “What is it?”

With a muffled snort, Ladybug pulled back from their embrace to gaze at him, mirth sparkling in her eyes. “He has an awful sense of humor!”

Chat guffawed, trying his best to act at least a little offended. “Aww, Mari, come on! That’s so unfair! My jokes are purrfect!”

“Moment ruined,” Ladybug said, voice shaky with laughter. “That pun spoiled it. And to think that I was going to kiss you!”

Chat looked at his partner with a fond smile and, after a moment of deliberation, squeezed her in his hold and peppered her freckled face with plenty of little kisses. She squealed in response and kicked her back legs, body squirming to get free of his affections.

She was absolutely adorable.

“Adrien!” She groaned, although her smile told him she was anything but disgusted by his lips. “Oh my g- stop- that tickles!”

“As my Lady wishes.” Pulling away from her face, Chat let her free, grinning as she sat down next to him with her legs dangling over the edge of the roof.

Ladybug huffed and crossed her arms. “Why did I marry you, again?”

“Simple,” Chat said as he bumped her shoulder with his own. “We love each other. That’s why I married you, after all. That and many more reasons.”

“And some those reasons are?”

“Well, for one, you’re the only person who can tolerate my puns.”

Ladybug met his eyes with a smile. “Sometimes they’re funny.”

“Only sometimes, huh?”

A crisp breeze blew past them, chilling the pair straight to the bones and causing them to shiver, arms wrapping around themselves in an attempt of protection from the freezing wind. It was getting later, and they were quite high up; it was no wonder why it was so icy, especially in December.

“Time to go home,” Chat said, “it’s too cold.”

Ladybug nodded and grabbed his hand, pulling them up so they both stood. “We should make something warm for dinner tonight.”

Chat hummed in approval and pulled his baton from behind his back. He extended it, green eyes watching the city they protected with appreciation.

A warm dinner sounded nice. Maybe some soup, or pasta of sorts?

Whatever it may be, Chat didn’t care. It was far too chilly to stay outside, and he did look forward to cooking dinner with his wife—his Mari. “You know what else sounds good?”


“Hot cocoa and a movie, with that heated blanket your mom gave us.”

“Ooh.” Ladybug’s eyes lit up at the idea. “Yeah, I like the sound of that.”

Smiling, Chat leaned over to place his lips upon her cheek before whispering into her ear, “First one home gets extra marshmallows.”

Ladybug’s placed a hand onto her hip, clearly accepting the challenge. Smirking, she leaped across the alleyway with a whizz of her yo-yo, and Chat followed closely behind, tail whipping in the breeze and face alight with pure affection for his Lady.

From below, Parisians could only watch as the city’s beloved superheroes chased each other across the rooftops and filled the air with laughter, letting those who happened to see them know that they were undeniably happy, and undeniably in love.

Marichat May Day 8: Dancing


Okay 3 things:

  • Yes this is late but it’s also double my normal word count, and
  • Today’s prompt (movie night) will be combined with tomorrow’s prompt (nightmares). You interpret that how you will >:)
  • I love this song and I will fight you

Note: this takes place in the same universe as day 6 (link), and they are at least 18 here

Also: shameless self promotion:

ao3 link

Word count: 2805

Paris in the daytime is certainly beautiful, but once night settles over the city, it becomes something else. Something… undefinable. Something magical.

And that magic can bewitch anything and anyone.

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Puzzle Pieces [7/??]

Series: Miraculous Ladybug
Word Count: 1,021
Summary: (soulmate AU) Marinette always dreamed of what the ability to see color was like once she met her soulmate. Never had she imagined that the colors she had once longed for would haunt her like this.
Notes: The cute cinnamon roll Adrien has returned! Also, no one saw me update that to the wrong blog… Ahahaha ^^;

Part 1 | Previous: Part 6 | Next: Part 8 | ao3



     It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that Marinette’s been acting strangely as of late. In fact, Adrien almost scares himself because of just how fast he picks up on it. Today in particular, his friend is feeling extra down. Her hands aren’t as lively; she’s sighing and rubbing her temples when she thinks that there’s no one looking. Alya and Nino notice her lack of enthusiasm as well, but are simply brushed off when they try to ask her what’s wrong. It hurt him to see Marinette shut everyone out like that when it looked like she really just needed one really good hug.

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Marichat May Day 6: “I Like Someone Else”



I now realize that this kinda conflicts with Day 19: Eavesdropping, but I’m getting pretty good at thinking c r e a t i v e l y, so I’m sure I’ll pull something out of my ass think of something.

ao3 link

Word count: 1311

Chat Noir landed on the balcony with a big smile on his face. It was late afternoon, and he usually didn’t come by this early, but he had had a photoshoot that had been cancelled, so now he had the whole weekend to himself. And maybe with his Princess.

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This is what I’ve always imagined Paris to look like; sunlight sparkling on windows framed by elegant shutters, with pretty, delicate flowers blooming in front. Underneath, Parisians lay languidly in the wicker chairs of a café, elegantly smoking long drags of their cigarettes, trails of smoke billowing in magical shapes behind. You will notice, in Paris, that the chairs usually do not face each other across the table, but face the street. I reckon this is because Parisians love to people watch and simply witness the world go by while daintily sipping on wine and smoking. The French are a social bunch; the use of phones escapes my view always, and the continuous hum and lull of voices is almost a song in he background. It bends and folds, whispers chase each other in the air and murmurs and mumbles twist and turn with each syllable. The low bass of the men provides a partner for the higher pitch of feminine, harmonising perfectly. It’s a very relaxing scene; I know I could sit down and simply watch as they go about their beautiful Parisian way.