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does anyone else think about how the akuma attacks and such would affect the lives of Parisians.  On an everyday basis, beyond the odd risk of being akumatized.

Like.  Traffic reports.  “And if your route happens to take you past the Eiffel Tower today, we strongly advise you to take an alternate path; Ladybug and Chat Noir are currently engaged in battle nearby and there will be severe delays if it collapses across the road again.”

  • For the past 24 hours on my feed I've had to deal with people using cryptic fancy vernacular, outright sadism, or 3 minute graphics to tell me that we don't deserve the media attention and overwhelming international support we've gotten here in Paris. They tell me I'm wrong for grieving Paris today and not Beirut the day before, or Baghdad or Ankara. You know, if the god damn blood puddles on the street were dry yet, I could probably accept this accusation. They're fucking not. The most frustrating thing is, the people telling me these things were not grieving Beirut yesterday either. None of the sudden activists cared/knew/shared/grieved or shined light on the unspeakable crimes against humanity occurring around the world until JUST AFTER there was a tragically convenient political platform to hoist their trendy opinions on. Do you really think anyone thinks Parisian lives matter more than anyone else's? Do you really think that? Any decent person knows and accepts that it isn't fair that Paris drew such widespread sympathy, while nearly simultaneous tragedies were zipped up in one large unidentified body bag of silence yet again. Of course every life matters equally in every corner of the world. But this is not the way you go about proving that. This is not how you spread that message. This is in no way an acceptable response to such a tragedy. Even if I hadn't been in Paris that night and was watching from the outside, I would be ashamed to suddenly start comparing and contrasting the tragedies of the world as if I knew a damn thing when I'd stayed silent and clueless so often in the past. I'd truly be ashamed if I believed I had a universally valid opinion minutes after stepping onto the JV team of followers of Polity. Let me advise on what the decent way to handle this would have been. The decent response to when you realize that such tainted coverage is an everyday affair, you process that and take it into account for your future enlightened self. You understand that the media sources you're following don't provide you with enough, so if you really care you must dig deeper in the piles of irrelevant sensationalistic news of our time to see what's really going on in the world. By doing this, next time you will be able to react on time and reflect intellectually the way you wanted to but failed this time around. But of course, that's not the cool way to go about it. Instead, 99% of people think it's somehow acceptable to turn this tragedy into a body counting, skin color examining, moral righteousness crusading caring contest of sudden political enlightenment. I won't fucking have any it of it. Your timing is filthy and your intentions questionable. Do not push your agenda on our broken back. Do not use these wounds to make a trendy political statement. Not when dozens are still hanging between life and death. Not when we can still see our reflections in the puddles of blood on the streets because we realize all too well that it could have been any of us instead. Not when it's been 48 hours since, but it's still November 13th for most of us. By all means, call us terrible people in a few days. Wrongly accuse us that we think our lives matter more than everyone else's. Tell us we're wrong for committing the human sin of grieving our own more than something we're physically out of touch with. But Jesus wait until the god damn puddles have dried.
Complications: Part 5

Author’s Note: I should be studying for my finals, but no, I want to write about my OTP instead. If you missed any part of my story, you can find it on AO3 now, my user name is Kelleyghostgirl! Thanks again everyone for your support on this story!

This is not how they expected things to go. Who could have predicted this? Sitting next to each other on Adrien’s bed talking about their double lives as Parisian superheroes was something neither of them could have seen coming. But they both wanted to clear the air. They didn’t want any more secrets between them; they were partners after all. 

“So…” Marinette murmured, rubbing the back of her neck.

“So…” Adrien repeated, chuckling lightly. “S…sorry…” Marinette apologized.

“This is just…really weird. I don’t know where to begin.”

Adrien brought his hand to Marinette’s forehead and pulled her bangs out of her eyes, making her cheeks turn bright shade of pink. His fingers were soft against her skin and she could feel that heat radiating off his body. He was just so kind and inviting, it was hard not to feel happy around him.

“Relax, Marinette,” Adrien cooed. “It’s me. You can ask me anything.”

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