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A Small Apartment With Lots Of Character | Gothenburg, Sweden

Lightflodded apartment with white tiled floor, double doors and a kitchen with a bistro-inspired look and feel.



Horizontal Sections of the Adult Male
Top-to-Bottom: Mid-section of skull, section at maxilla [hard palate between sections], section below mandible

Eugène-Louis Doyen was a revolutionary (if flamboyant and controversy-loving) Parisian surgeon who lived between 1859 and 1919.

Long before the Visible Human Project created its 1,871 “slices” of Joseph Paul Jernigan at 1 mm intervals, and created over 65 gigs of anatomical data (and later created 40 gigs of data with a female cadaver), Doyen presented a new way of visualizing the cadaver: longitudinal and horizontal sections, showing exactly how the human anatomy goes together in each area, without the context of seeing the full organs or bones.

Though the full usefulness of these unorthodox sections wasn’t truly appreciated until the advent of tomography in the early 1970s, they were noted to be helpful to early radiologists, and especially to the burgeoning fields of criminal forensics and forensic archaeology.

Atlas d'anatomie topographique. Eugène-Louis Doyen. 1911.

If the Stars Align - Chapter I

Summary: The Musketeers AU. Danger lurks around every corner in the French court and as a Musketeer in service of the royal family, Killian’s duty is to protect them from any and all threats. As his relationship with Queen Emma develops into something more than just friendship, threats against the queen escalate and place everything they both hold dear into jeopardy.

Rating: M

Content warning for the story: violence, mature themes, minor character death.

Thanks to my beta-reader @throughcnidarianeyes for letting me rant about this for hours and hours, and thousands of thanks to @hook-and-star-ink , @acaptainswaneternity and @seastarved for all the glorious artwork they did. 

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It’s the day Killian Jones has been dreading for weeks.

On any other occasion, he would be happy to spend the day in the French woods, under the canopy of birch trees with their quivering leaves and swaying branches, the sun filtering through the canopy and casting a soft, pleasant light all around. Though its only early April, the air is heavy and hot as if it were summer itself, and under the trees it’s not as sweltering as it was back in the palace gardens.

So Killian should be thrilled that his duty today is to escort the royals and several courtiers into the shaded woods for a hunt, a day where he’ll probably spend most of his time crouched in silence as the king and court wait for an ever elusive deer. But no, he is not delighted or relieved that today is going to be laidback because on the contrary – today is the day everything changes.

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