parisian attitude

8isabelle8  asked:

I've been obsessed with your beautiful blog! As I was reading about how you make your wonderful living, I wondered if you have any funny or interesting stories from the many jobs you've done?What has been the weirdest experience? Is it dangerous nannying for strangers across the globe? Thanks again. Your blog inspires me to travel as much as I can in my future. :)

Thank you! 

It’s insane because you have so many diff cultures and if you REALLY want to experience them you’ve got to work with & surround yourself with the locals to truly appreciate how unique every place is.

The only horror story I have is when I was Au Pairing for the 2nd time in Rome and 1 month later the family kicked me out SAME DAY because I overslept Sat morning. I was wasted the night before so yeah lol :( BUT I’m 100% positive they were just looking for an excuse because I once overheard the mom & dad arguing in Italian how she thought having an Au Pair was too expensive and they didn’t need one. They were trying to fit in with their friends (who all had Au Pairs) and hired me without being sure they wanted one. After that happened, I made sure to get assurances from future families that they did want an Au Pair. 

In Madrid, AS SOON AS A KID WALKS OUT OF CLASS all the parents/nannies waiting outside shove cakes & juices in their mouths. SHOVE. And partying in Madrid literally consists of drinking to get buzzed and then eating a shitload all night. They’re honestly obsessed with food, and day-drinking is totally acceptable (people in bars at 10 am). Also, the mom I worked for in Madrid spoke English well and was obsessed with Rom-Coms and the word “awesome”. Like, she begged me to teach her kids it lol

Paris is amazing but it’s been an adjustment understanding the Parisian attitude. They’re very serious people so if you wanna work here you’ll find a few more hoops to jump through than you would in Spain or Italy where no one gives a shit about anything (it’s wonderful)

I don’t think it’s anymore dangerous  being a Nanny in Venice or your own city. Always have an emergency fund (whether that’s cash or your parents generosity), write & skype with families to get to know them, ask for references, choose a big city to live in so you can meet people easier etc. My experiences have been 99% AMAZING. And most parts of Europe are significantly safer than the USA (I’m from Vegas). Biggest crime is picket pocketing, like lol.