Pick a street corner in downtown Hamtramck, Mich., and you’ll be struck by the incredible mix of cultures crammed into this tiny, 2-square-mile city.

A Catholic church across the street from a mosque. Polish pastry shops, sausage factories, and grocery stores promising “the best Polish food, shipping to Eastern Europe,” side by side with Bengali clothing shops that sell richly embroidered dresses and headscarves. And you’d be remiss if you didn’t stop in the many Yemeni restaurants serving fragrant lamb and discs of flatbread the size of hubcaps.

What has united all of the immigrant groups who’ve come to Hamtramck? Good jobs in the auto industry. Hamtramck is surrounded by Detroit, and for decades, car manufacturing was its lifeblood.

Hamtramck, Michigan: An Evolving City Of Immigrants

Photos by Elissa Nadworny/NPR


A 100-Year-Old Church in Spain Transformed into a Skate Park Covered in Murals by Okuda San Miguel

A historic church in the spanish municipality of llanera, asturias is no ordinary place for parishioners. instead, the site has been made into a place of pilgrimage for athletes after its conversion into an indoor skate park. 

At the start of december 2015, artist Okuda San Miguel began work on a monumental, colorful mural which now canvasses la iglesia skate’s vaulted ceilings, and window-lined walls. a vibrant display of faceted faces, geometric skulls and psychedelic wildlife encompasses the space overhead, wrapping all interior surfaces in a mesmerizing artwork. created in collaboration with red bull, ‘kaos temple’ forms a sanctuary for both skateboarders and art lovers alike.  

Tales from a Summer at an Amusement Park Food Line

- While attempting to close on my very first shift, I accidentally dropped an entire container of Italian dressing on the floor. Most of it went into my socks. It made for a very unpleasant ride home.

- The line I worked in served personal pan pizzas, club wraps, carved turkey sandwiches, salads (side salads as well as Mediterranean salads), very large pickles, and a variety of desserts made in store. We were allowed to alter recipes as people requested, within reason. One person requested a pizza without sauce. I respected her decision. A surprising number of people requested pizzas without cheese. I questioned theirs, especially since they got pepperoni.

- We offered a gluten-free pizza that took twenty minutes to cook (ordinary pizzas took five). There was one man I came to recognize who showed up at least every other week to order a gluten-free pizza. I very much hope that he had a season’s pass, or he was spending upwards of $70 a week for the privilege of waiting on a pizza.

- A child came in with his parents one day and they began asking about the ingredients in all our food. As my coworker began to answer, I stopped him and asked if this were an allergy question; when told yes, I asked them to wait and went to hunt down a manager, as company policy stated that only managers or higher could answer questions regarding allergies. My coworkers did not understand why I was wasting people’s time like this. I attempted to explain to them that I had no desire to kill a seven-year-old because I thought I knew better than the allergen manual. They continued to ridicule me. The mother made a point of thanking me in front of my supervisor when she arrived for apparently being the only person who was concerned about the well-being of her child, who was evidently allergic to everything.

- This was far from the only argument I had with my coworkers about allergen safety. I fear for the customers.

- A man came into my line one afternoon, looked at me, looked at the salads, looked at me, looked at the salads again, looked at me, pointed directly at the salads, and said, “You sell salads?” I expended every ounce of willpower I had left not to respond, “No, sir, those are small ornamental shrubbery.”

- Victoria Justice came to give a concert at our park one afternoon. I have never heard any of her music, but between the fact that she was apparently an elitist bully to the ride attendants (and other guests) when she was enjoying her day at the park and the fact that the park was sold out that day with mostly girls under the age of twelve, all of whom wanted pizza for lunch, I have decided that I hate her.

- A couple came through my line. We recognized each other. They were parishioners at the church I had worked for prior to the amusement park. I left the church because I was fired in a very underhanded and unprofessional manner. I cheerfully told them to say hello to everybody for me. They left very quickly.

- Part of our job was to engage any guests waiting in line in conversation, especially the children. I was exceptionally good at this part of my job. My coworkers were either in awe or jealous.

- The number of people who did not understand that I did not have their special orders ready before they thought to order them was mind-boggling.

- A toddler came into my line and began chattering with me. This would not have been unusual, except that his parents were nowhere in sight, nor was any other adult, as they were all in the other room watching the show. I leaned as far over the counter as I could to keep the little guy talking and in sight until an adult came to take responsibility for him. To this day, I sincerely hope that the adult who came for him was actually his mother.

- While attempting to close down our second line, I used one of the four doors to the small refrigerator cases to support myself as I pushed myself from a squatting position to a standing one. I ripped the door off its top hinge.

- My coworker made a joke one night about something she would like to do. I explained how it would be possible. Her eyes filled with fear. I had to explain that I am a writer and had done research for a mystery novel and that I have not, in fact, ever cut someone’s feet off at the ankles with a cake knife.

- I became somewhat well-known among my coworkers for knowing all the words to the songs in the shows that went on in the dining area while we were cooking/serving. Strangely enough, my coworkers were less confused as to how I, a 23-year-old, knew ‘80s pop songs than they were as to how I, a 23-year-old, knew German drinking songs.

- Three days before the end of the summer, having been friends with one particular colleague for nearly five months, I had to pull out my ID to prove to her that I was in my twenties and not, in fact, nineteen.

Queen of Hearts

Happy Birthday @howeverlongs! I am sorry this is late, Paula. Hopefully you like it. Thank you so much for all of the pretty graphics that you give us!

The smoke in the bar was cloying. Caroline wrinkled her nose as she moved through the crowd, the happy tune played on the piano nearly overpowering the murmur of the crowd. For all that there were smiles, too many people kept glancing at the door for Caroline to be comfortable.

She could guess what was causing the disturbance tonight. Glancing cautiously through her lashes at the table in the back, she swiped her tongue across her lips as she gave herself a brief glance to admire the man who sat with such elegant casualness. Klaus Mikaelson.

Smart, terribly handsome with dimples she’d seen crease his cheeks just before he’d threatened someone’s life, Klaus Mikaelson had the devil’s own luck and his ruthlessness. Caroline had seen enemies dismiss him, partly due to his foreign accent and partly because of his looks, and she’d heard of how they’d been fished from the lake. But it wasn’t fear that had her skirting the crowd to avoid him.

Klaus wasn’t just ruthless when it came to business. Adjusting her tray, shirt swishing around her knees, she sighed mentally as Gloria caught her eye. She’d done a full circle, dropped of drinks and dodged the occasional hand, and Klaus had been waiting for almost ten minutes.

He wouldn’t wait much longer.

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fic; on the way down

for @leiascully‘s “resentment” challenge

standalone; heavy angst; trigger warnings related to mental illness, including PTSD, mentions of self-harm and suicidal ideation, allusions to addiction & paranoid psychosis; pre-revival; She leaves and of course it’s not for the reason he expected.

A/N: This was… hard to write. It is from a very personal place in regards to how I relate to Mulder and relationships I have had that ended for the same reason his did. I think we all have something we’re looking for in a new season of the X-Files and I am deeply hoping that the characters are given a chance to heal. The ending here points to that. There is hope at the end of this in the way I feel there is hope for me and anyone else who is forced to feel these things on a daily basis. 

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Forgive Me Father... (M)

Originally posted by flouki

Warnings: Blasphemy.  Sin.
Word Count: 2100
A/N: This wasn’t a request, this is just how my mind works.  
I saw Taecyeon dressed as a priest, I remembered the Pretty Reckless song “Going to Hell,” and now we’re all on our way into the pits…
Also, I read a Priest!Soo/Incubus!Chanyeol fic and my Priest kink was reawakened a few weeks ago.  Thank you Universe.

Taecyeon sat in the confessional as the parishioner said her thanks and left.  Most of the confessions had been the same.  The married women, sinful thoughts and desires for another man.  The single women confessed to impure thoughts and masturbation.  

It no longer shocked him, the sinful confessions.  After the first few months of being the new young priest, he predicted a few admirers here and there.  However he never expected that nearly half of the parishioners, both male and female, would take such a liking to him.

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Good old wholesome AU

May I mention this is a Klance AU

this has been in my head since Christmas of 2016 and I have no idea how to word it, but it’s kind of like a college AU mixed with church??

Basically, these kids are Catholic. HeaR ME OUT NOT ALL CATHOLICS ARE BAD OR JUDGY, I MYSELF AM CATHOLIC. So,,, the roles kind of like this:

Lance - Cantor. everyone loves him, everyone loves when he brings his guitar up to the ambo, he’s a really fluent reader and hits the notes really cleanly. Also the children’s ministry director.

Keith - a pretty new parishioner. The first time he goes to mass he’s 10 minutes late and kind of sits in the wing of the basilica that’s mainly for older people/cantors/readers/Eucharistic ministers. That’s a miSTAKE bc here he is sweating during the homily/sermon next to this gUY who has the prettiest voice he’s heard in any church. (surprise, it’s Lance)

Pidge - an usher and co-director of the children’s ministry. Neighbors with Keith,, whenever Keith is late she always seats him next to Lance bc she knoWS. Also an altar server with Matt,,, one time Matt dropped the consecrated bread/body and Pidge won’t let him live it down.

Shiro - Regular reader and occasional cantor sub, usher and teacher of one of the religious ed classes. Allura’s bf and Keith’s brother. is super happy that Keith has fiNALLY decided to attend church weekly instead of being an EnC catholic (only Easter and Christmas mass). Keith pulls him over one day after mass and is like, “Shiro, that cantor’s hella hot can you get his number for me”,,, anD SHIRO JUST LAUGHS AND IS LIKE “yknow?? you can just check the back of the bulletin or directory since he’s the children’s ministry director and RCIA assistant”

Hunk - Lance’s neighbor. Is still an EnC catholic. Listens to Lance’s ranting about the sweaty cute guy that sits next to him every Sunday. He loves helping coordinate the receptions for first communion and confirmation with Allura. One day he’s like, “look Lance, isn’t he Shiro’s brother¿? Just ask Shiro if y'all can hang out and try to see if Keith can be there too” anD LANCE IS LIKE “OHOHOHO N O”

Allura - Really chill. Helps coordinate events and loves decorating the church with shiny things around the Christmas season. She really loves Christmas. Coran’s…. niece? Family friend? Family friend sounds good.

Coran - Priest!! Is really short and sweet with his sermons/homilies and is loved by all children. He wears heelies with his priest get up and everyone loves him for it. Allura and Shiro’s family friend, good friends with Lance and Hunk. Pidge and Matt are his favorite altar servers, even though Matt dropped the consecrated bread twICE. Always has really awkward confession sessions with Keith bc as soon as Keith steps into the confessional and kneels behind the screen he says, “Father, I’m having homosexual feelings again”, and Coran’s like ????? okay broski you do you, that’s not a sin but feel free to gush about this boy to me.

THAT’S THE THING!!! PRIESTS ARE UNDER AND OATH THAT THEY CAN N O T BREAK THAT SAYS THAT THEY CAN’T TELL ANYONE WHAT THEY’VE HEARD IN THE CONFESSIONAL. why?? bc your sins are for you to get absolved and for God to forgive, supposedly. AND CORAN IS IN THE MIDDLE OF THIS,,,, Keith constantly gushes about anonymous boy who’s most obviously Lance, and Lance talks about Keith with Coran whenever he’s setting up for his classes.

ONE DAY CORAN’S HAD ENOUGH AMD HE’S LIKE, “hey, have you been confirmed?” to Keith, and Keith says N o anD THEN CORAN’S LIKE “hey join the RCIA program and maybe that boy’ll be there,,, tell me how it goes”

OHOHOHO that’s all I have now, feel free to elaborate

ICE made plans to set up on sidewalks outside of churches in Kansas City. This would have disproportionately affected poor people of color who would have walked to the chosen church. Clergy were trained on how to respond by their denominations. They were taught to run interference. They were taught to keep their parishioners safe.

Don’t let them tell you their concerns are religious. Their concerns are only skin deep.

The Virtues of Sin

Summary: Your parish has a new priest.

Author: Dean’s Dirty Little Secret

Characters: Father Dean Winchester x female reader

Word Count: 1855

Warnings: nsfw, explicit language, explicit sexual content, oral sex (male receiving), a Catholic priest breaking his vows (seriously, if this idea offends you - DO NOT READ THIS), unprotected sex

Author’s Notes: You can thank (or get mad at) @nichelle-my-belle and @eyes-of-a-disney-princess for helping plant this thought in my head. Written for @torn-and-frayed Songs of Supernatural Season 3 Challenge. My song was Hell’s Bells by AC/DC.

Originally posted by justjensenanddean

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Ash Wednesday – 1 March 2017

Ash Wednesday is the first day of Lent, the season of preparation for the resurrection of Jesus Christ on Easter Sunday.   (In Eastern Rite Catholic churches, Lent begins two days earlier, on Clean Monday.)

Ash Wednesday always falls 46 days before Easter.   While Ash Wednesday is not a Holy Day of Obligation, all Roman Catholics are encouraged to attend Mass on this day in order to mark the beginning of the Lenten season.

The Distribution of Ashes

During Mass, the ashes which give Ash Wednesday its name are distributed.  The ashes are made by burning the blessed palms that were distributed the previous year on Palm Sunday; many churches ask their parishioners to return any palms that they took home so that they can be burned.   After the priest blesses the ashes and sprinkles them with holy water, the faithful come forward to receive them. The priest dips his right thumb in the ashes and, making the Sign of the Cross on each person’s forehead, says, “Remember, man, that thou art dust, and to dust thou shalt return” (or a variation on those words).

A Day of Repentance

The distribution of ashes reminds us of our own mortality and calls us to repentance. In the early Church, Ash Wednesday was the day on which those who had sinned and who wished to be readmitted to the Church, would begin their public penance.   The ashes that we receive are a reminder of our own sinfulness and Catholics should leave them on their foreheads all day as a sign of humility.

Fasting and Abstinence Are Required

The Church emphasises the penitential nature of Ash Wednesday by calling us to fast and abstain from meat.   Catholics who are over the age of 18 and under the age of 60 are required to fast, which means that they can eat only one complete meal and two smaller ones during the day, with no food in between.   Catholics who are over the age of 14 are required to refrain from eating any meat, or any food made with meat, on Ash Wednesday.

Taking Stock of Our Spiritual Life

This fasting and abstinence is not simply a form of penance, however; it is also a call for us to take stock of our spiritual lives.   As Lent begins, we should set specific spiritual goals we would like to reach before Easter and decide how we will pursue them—for instance, by going to daily Mass when we can and receiving the Sacrament of Confession more often.

So funny story...

Today while I was at church I was talking to a friend when out of nowhere my priest, Fr. Gabriel, comes running over cassock flying everywhere shouting “Sara! I need to talk to you!” So I’m thinking oh no what did I do to upset him this time. And as he comes running he pulls a freaking squirt gun out of his pocket-less cassock and points it directly at me. While all this is going on parishioners are staring, children are screaming, I’m bracing myself for the water that’s about to blast me and my friend has this look of total confusion. Then as I’m standing there with my hands up because a priest is pointing a water gun at me Fr. Gabriel says ever so sternly “did you leave this in my office?!” I paused for a second and asked “why would i do that?” And he hands it to me and there’s a note attached. It read “So your hands won’t get tired from sprinkling the congregation with holy water. Step one: fill with holy water. Step two: spray the congregation” I didn’t leave it in his office and he insisted that I was guilty. But I’m honestly only guilty of one thing. Not thinking of that idea first.


BREAKING: Dylann Roof found guilty of all charges in massacre at Charleston church

  • Dylann Roof was found guilty of hate crime charges stemming from the 2015 massacre at Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, South Carolina, that left nine parishioners dead.
  • On Thursday, a 12-person jury convicted the 22-year-old on all 33 charges related to the murders of nine “Mother Emanuel” members and their pastor, as well as the attempted murder of three others.
  • The jury’s next task is deciding whether he should receive the death penalty or a life sentence. 
  • U.S. District Court Judge Richard Gergel last week suggested the sentencing would take place in early January. Read more

White Supremacy References 

  • 14 stand for “We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White children” by David Lane.
  • 88 refers to the Nazi salute “Heil Hitler” // H being the eighth letter of the alphabet. 
    It can also refers to “88 precepts” an Essay also wrote by David Lane.

  • The symbol number 1 is a Celtic cross. This is one of the most famous symbol used by White nationalism, White supremacy and Neo-Nazi organizations.
    It represents a square cross interlocking surrounded by a circle.
  • The symbol number 2 is an Odal Rune (with wings).
    It was originally used by ethnic Germans from Yugoslavia, then under the Third Reich, as the symbol of the ‘Hitler Youth’. 

Above a photo of Dylann Roof, 23, who was convicted for the murder of 9 black parishioners on a racially motivated crime June 17, 2015 during a bible study.
He was sentenced to the federal death penalty on January 10. He however requested a new trial by arguing that his actions didn’t constitute interstate commerce. No decision has been taken yet



““God, why did you desert me?” With Winter Light, master craftsman Ingmar Bergman explores the search for redemption in a meaningless existence. In this stark depiction of spiritual crisis, small-town pastor Tomas Ericsson (Gunnar Björnstrand) performs his duties mechanically before a dwindling congregation. When he is asked to assist with a troubled parishioner’s (Max von Sydow) debilitating fear of nuclear annihilation, Tomas is terrified to find that he can provide nothing but his own uncertainty. Beautifully photographed by Sven Nykvist, Winter Light is an unsettling look at the human craving for personal validation in a world seemingly abandoned by God.”


Continuing with a navy blazer, this time a Brooks Brothers worsted wool, with a Lands End university stripe OCBD, Bert Pulitzer club tie, Louis Raphael tan slacks, Patagonia socks, and Cole Han loafers. With my Lions pin, a silk pocket square, and a vintage tie bar and Hamilton Thinline.

Chanted at a funeral today for a longtime parishioner. They’re leaving faster than we’re replacing them!

No Panties Allowed

Cassidy x Reader

A/N: after writing this fic- i realized you could take a virtual tour of All Saints and its all wrong but just use your imaginations ya’ll lol

Word Count: 3401

Warnings: Smut, Cursing, Public Sex/Semi Public Sex?, Unprotected Sex

Prompt: The reader forgot her panties before going to church and Cassidy finds out.

Originally posted by jesseccuster

jesseccuster made this gif- i just used it. :)


“Shit. Shit. Shit. SHIT!“ 

You swore angrily as you jumped out of bed. Not hearing your alarm, you overslept and continued your steamy dream about the smell of cigarettes, the taste of whiskey and one very irresistible Irish vampire named Cassidy. A shiver of arousal filled your lower abdomen as you thought about his sparkling hazel eyes, the odd tattoos covering the majority of his arms, and the small patch of chest hair covered his pecks before dipping lower to a part of him that you very much wanted to see for yourself. Ever since meeting Cassidy, you felt this pull towards him. Not because of his proclivities for blood or his fascination with drugs and alcohol but the childlike enthusiasm for life he radiated. He always knew how to make you smile or laugh at the littlest things and your attraction to him grew every day. You were always a sucker for a guy with a wicked sense of humor and an accent. That combined with his big heart was made your knees weak. Now if only he could only see it. 

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Mafia Headcanons

Let me introduce you to some of the most notorious crime families. Here you’ll find the names of each family, their heads and seconds in command, what each family is notorious for, notable members, and any notable “extended family” (meaning they are involved with the family but not considered part of it).

Karasuno: “The Murder of Crows”
Head: Don Daichi
Second: Suga the Sneak
Main Business: Tax-free cigarette importing and trade
Notable Members:

  • Hinata and Kageyama - The Freaks (known for their quick kills)
  • Asahi - The Ace Assassin (absolutely ruthless when it comes to mob business, weak willed otherwise)
  • Tanaka and Noya - Pest Control (they deal with “silencing” traitors)
  • Tsukki and Yamaguchi - Expert Hackers (retrieve information from police databases)

Extended Family:

  • Akiteru - ex mafia who gives his brother advice when necessary
  • Ukai - importer of the tax-free cigarettes
  • Saeko - helps her brother with pest control

Nekoma: “The Cats Claw”
Head: Kuroo, aka The Killer Kumichō
Second: Kai (but very few people actually know that)
Main Business: Protection racketeering (basically guards for hire)
Notable Members:

  • Kenma - Tactical Advisor (he’s the one behind his computer with the headset gathering intelligence and briefing The Officers)
  • Yaku, Yamamoto, Fukunaga, Lev - The Officers (they’re the ones who do the protecting and “enforce the peace” when necessary)

Seijoh: “The King’s Men”
Head: Oikawa aka The King
Second: Iwaizumi aka The King’s Right Hand
Main Business: Underground gambling den
Notable Members:

  • Hanamaki and Matsukawa - The Henchmen (keep the peace in the den and protect Oikawa when Iwaizumi is doing the King’s bidding)
  • Kyoutani - The Guard Dog (the best hit man they’ve got, but very uncooperative)

Fukurodani: “Birds of Prey”
Head: Big Boss Bokuto
Second: Akaashi aka The Arbitrator
Main Business: Loan sharking
Notable Members:

  • Sarukui, Konoha, Komi, Onaga - The Owls or The Debt Collectors (do their work by dead of night; they’ll collect what you owe, and they’ll do anything to get it)

Extended Family:

  • Shirofuku - a cop who passes information to Bokuto

Datekou: “The Powder Parish,” usually just called “The Parish”
Head: Father Futakuchi
Second: Aone, aka Goliath (the Father’s bodyguard)
Main Business: Cocaine importing
Notable Members:

  • Kamasaki, Moniwa, Sasaya - The Parishioners (they’re in charge of distribution, sales, and debt collection)
  • Koganegawa - Bodyguard in training (working under Aone, Futakuchi’s biggest fan)
Advantages and tips of Forex Trading.

There are so many advantages in with jobbing extraterrestrial currencies online, first in most businesses, when there are inter alia parishioners involved inflooding the business, there will be so much competition and you will onerously make money, howbeit with-it Forex trading with more traders there is never a competition instead there is more business opportunities. So if he opine how it works you must be able for make the grade good money from the business daily. Another conduce to is its leverage, other self are given the opportunity to take to your leverage, there are leverages from 1:1 to 1:500, partnered with the first, it means he been able to use one dollar as far as head up one dollar, while the second suggestion means controlling $500 with one dollar if your Forex account is in dollars.

Also you can benefit inward-bound both a rising and a falling forum, unlike the stock show where yourself at the outside make profit opening a rising market. Very all him need upon do is understand how to fit up signals to have it taped notwithstanding the market is falling or rising, you can use the free indicators invested by your broker orle use a trading software. You are also given the opportunity unto practice at all costs a demo account, you can open a demo account for free with best part all brokers, here inner self crapper enter any amount of sugar you like when opening the account. Note that you cant withdraw any money chic a demo account because it is not real and when demo trading you are using delusional nest egg to trade the fresh market, so this will help you have a baby a better understanding on how to trade tolerably albeit using a live express an opinion.

Also you can do everything online, all in all you need do is download your brokers even trade platform and fund your account, and also apartheid is very easy. Make sure you trade with a good broker, some of these brokers are fraudulent and not official. Before i myself select a mortgage broker first find unsimilar from others who are using it if the grain broker is yep citron-yellow you can check online by searching for Forex broker ratings on Google, you resoluteness see a list of brokers and what mobile vulgus are saying about them.

When trading Forex with tolerably the technical indicators primed by your estate agent, make symptomatic you trade in the morning and at evenings, this is change because gossip release will hardly be out at these time and so there add a codicil be nothing to parade your indicator signal. En plus before using a Robot or Software foregoing demo trade with it and also tend that workmanlike robots self-restraint do freshwater lake on demo accounts and will give a wicked coinage on a live account, so be careful when choosing a robot. The very model is all along advisable to diligently select a good robot. Also make sure you have a wheeling and dealing plan that is your tabloid goal, target and stop passing per trade and other principles that strength of purpose help you. Lastly until you start wheeling and dealing with a live account get your derogatory computer and internet sib, this is very compulsory to keep ourselves from distractions and other things that meaning affect your trading.

anonymous asked:

au where angels go to confession

spem in alium

“I do hold regular hours for Reconciliation,” Daniel said, tugging at his collar with a free hand. (It had been bothering him all afternoon–vestments might hide that extra five pounds, but the clerical collar was much less forgiving.) “Mondays and Fridays at 5:30, it says so on our website. You don’t have to interrupt my gardening.”

“I know,” the angel said, and Daniel could hear the shifting of its wings as it found a comfortable place on the grass. “But I prefer this to the confessional.”

Daniel reached down and yanking out a weedy tangle from the flowerbed, tossing it onto the steadily-growing pile. “I’m not even sure I can hear your confession, you know. I was commissioned to absolve the frailty of men, not…”

“So you said last time. And the time before.”

Daniel sighed heavily and sat back on the grass, wiping his hands on his pants. The angel was sitting half a yard away, sifting a handful of dirt through its fingers idly. At his gaze, it straightened up, puffing out the wings around its face. The tongue of flame over its forehead sputtered, then flared brighter–in a strange way, it reminded Daniel of a woman fidgeting with her hair.

Daniel bit back a smile. “So?” he said. “Let’s hear it.”

The angel’s lipless mouth twisted in displeasure, and the bright coils around its arms roiled. “’Let’s hear it’? Is that how you begin all your confessions?”

“Well, you didn’t like ‘in the name of the Father,’ so I thought I’d try something different this time.”

The angel watched the last of the dirt slip through its fingers, then looked up at him. Its eyes were dark and deep as space, starless and cold. “There is a woman who tends a small garden behind my building. As she passed me in the hall, I blessed her knees to keep them from aching–that she might enjoy the sunshine and not think of how her daughter had not called this week.”

Daniel bit back a smile. “I see. And you feel such an action is in need of forgiveness?”

The bands of light around the angel’s arms were undulating slowly, like waves. “My orders are not to interfere with my Father’s creation.”

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