“Roots to heaven” he said when I showed him the galactic border image. Pokeweed is a traditional healer from this land that Indigenous people shared with enslaved Africans. Like many healing medicines, it is very poisonous (even deadly) unless you use it right. Chris learned to prepare the young greens from his Grandpa Parise, who said to cook it in several changes of water. He heard the root is good as a topical poultice (never ingested) for arthritis, so we have some research to do. How do you use this plant? The root? Beginners and experts: please do not experiment with eating the roots or berries of this plant, and I’m not even recommending to cook and eat the young greens. Swim at your own risk! #reallifepokeman #pokeweed #phytolaccaamericana #pokeroot #poisonousplants #healingplants (at South West Philadelphia)

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Seninle öyle bir sevişelim ki eyfel kulesinin altında görenler de sevişsin Parise Türk akımı yayarız fena mı olur hadi hazırla pasaportunu .

kardeş benle niye uğraşıyonuz amına koyim adsgfhdhdg

ناكل بتنجان مخلل وبعدها تارت شوكلاته من parisal ونروح نعمل غسيل معدة قبل ما القولون يشتمنا 😂