notkingtriton asked:

Tag, you're it! The rules are that you must post ten random facts about yourself and go to ten blogs to say that they are it. :)



  1. i desperately need more shelves in my room because i have piles of books and dvds everywhere please send help
  2. this is old news but i collect copies of les mis and the divine comedy :o
  3. speaking of the divine comedy i have to read purgatorio for my ap english summer project and im really lazy and lacking inspiration
  4. did you know that les mis isnt on the college board’s approved ap english book list!!! im taking up the challenge of petitioning that this year im gonna change the world
  5. i always say this one but i have a freckle on the inside of my eye
  6. also i collect mini top hats but theyre really expensive please help me omg
  7. i have a box of twilight sweethearts like the valentines candy on my dresser and theyre from like 2010
  8. i never read any of the assigned books in english his year but i got a hundred on everything because im really good at essays
  9. speaking of that my english teacher has the link to my blog i wonder if she has a tumblr
  10. !!!! on the last day of apush i got bubbles from the happy bag :oooo

ok so im really indecisive so i tag everyone 

Okay so for the past week Ive been getting really into meditation and yoga. Every night I take a bath with no light on; just 5 candles. I sit in the water and just meditate. Breathe. All of the water is the negativity I collected during the day. And then Ill drain the tub; my negativity along with it and keep on meditating. Then when the tub is empty, ill just stand up and do some yoga. Ive been feeling so good. So appreciative. I love life right now. Nothing has ever been so good in my life. Ever.