On Saturday, after going to the TD Farmers Market and getting pooped on by a bird (thanks, bird!), I picked Carrie up and taught her how to drive a stick shift at Furman.

Afterwards, we went exploring. She’d mentioned this overlook on Paris Mountain that has an incredible view of Greenville and Furman at night. It wasn’t dark enough, so we walked around. 

The overlook is at this semi-abandoned radio tower site. There are antennas everywhere, and possibly an SC-ETV building on-site. According to Carrie (who is a GVL native), the area has long been a favorite for high school kids looking for someplace secluded to smoke pot. There’s graffiti everywhere—on walls, on the asphalt, on the radio dishes.

There’s a lookout tower on the property, and it looked fairly intact, if abandoned. We followed the chain link fence around until we found a section that had been clipped—you could roll up the fence and push it aside like a curtain.

In we went, and we ended up climbing up rickety, dry-rotted steps and rusted-out scaffolding. We didn’t get to the top level of the tower. The cab didn’t have a floor left, and there were more than a few sections of stairs missing steps.

More to come.


State Road S-23-505 // Greenville, SC // 6.21.2014